The Pros and Cons of Dating a Fisherman

Things You Need To Know When Dating a Fisherman

I continue to say in all my articles that, being in a relationship is nothing rosy. It comes with various challenges, having to make sacrifices, compromising and commitments and one needs to make an effort to keep it going smoothly.

This means every relationship has its pros and cons and nothing close to the Cinderella type of love we see in movies. So, in this piece, I am discussing the pros and cons of dating a fisherman.

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Pros Of Dating A Fisherman

1. They are the Outdoor Type

Fishermen love to be outdoors. They leave home early in the morning for their expedition enjoying sunrise and sunsets. Being the outdoor type, he will always prefer spending some good time out with you. You can witness sunrise and sunset during the day and moon or star watching together in the evening.

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2. Having to Enjoy Seafood

Dating a fisherman means you will enjoy assorted seafood, you can’t get anywhere. They catch all sorts of fishes and sea creatures during an expedition. He will surely prepare you the best seafood you enjoy.

3. No Starving of Fish

With the fridge loaded with fish, you will never go hungry with fish. Fishermen do not sell all the catch but bring some home for friends and family. You will get to enjoy various types of fishes and share some amongst friends and family.

4. That Nice Tan

They develop than due to their exposure to the environment. I mean the sun makes them have a bronze tan that you will love. Your friends will surely envy the skin color.

5. The Masculine Being

Though fishermen develop tough hands due to their work, it comes with strong muscles that you will love. Pulling heavy nets from the sea or river builds their muscles and makes them look good.

6. They are Positive People

Fishermen are optimistic people with a positive attitude. They go to the river or sea not knowing whether they can have a catch or not. Nonetheless, they go out there hoping to have a catch with patience and endurance.

7. You Can Have Your Independence

Fishermen wake up very early in the morning to set for sea. Any form of lateness means their catch will be affected. They leave early and return later in the day. You can have enough time for yourself in such instances. It is always great to have some privacy.

Cons Of Dating A Fisherman

1. Seeing Your Leave While You Need Him

Fishermen are mostly out of bed at 3 am to prevent missing out of a good catch. This is the time most couples share intimacy and enjoya good time together. Seeing your partner leave you to endure the night cold alone can be very annoying unless you are also a career woman who wakes up very early.

2. No Night Outing

They prefer to spend the night sleeping to gain enough strength for the next day’s work. So going on a date in the evening will be out of dating options. You will need to conceive him well to accept to go out with you in the evening. This will be when he has no plan of fishing the next day.

3. Smelling Like Fish

If you don’t like the smell of dead fish, then I am sorry, but you have to endure it once you date a fisherman. He will smell like fish all the time, and there is nothing you can do about it. Not by even getting him the strongest perfume.

4. He May Choose Fishing Over You

Fishing is their number one interest and would always remain so. A day without it is like a vegan staying without fruits. So he may always choose this interest over you. He may not be there when you need him much.

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5. Having to Entertain “Fishy” Chat

They encounter a lot of things whiles on a fishing expedition, and they are going to blow your eyes with conversations related to that. Be ready to listen to when the strong wind tried to blow his boat about to when that big fish slipped through his fingers.


But do the pros and cons matter when dating? I choose compatibility over such things. There is no relationship free from issues. Once you click well, just go ahead and enjoy special love with that special fisherman.

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