Gemini Virgo Compatibility

Gemini Virgo Compatibility

Who said that love has to be all about the similarities that both of you share? Truly, love can even blossom when there are numerous differences between two lovers. Just like a magnet, these are the differences that would be pulling them together. In Gemini Virgo compatibility, lovers do not have a lot of similarities to talk about.

Nonetheless, they are both ruled by Mercury. This increases the chances of considering this kind of Gemini Virgo relationship as compatible. A closer look into the advantages and disadvantages of this relationship reveals the ins and the outs you should expect.

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Gemini Virgo Compatibility: Positive Traits

Communication is one of the good things about Gemini Virgo in love. Both lovers are good when it comes to talking things over. This implies that your relationship foundation will certainly be built on a solid base. The probability that the Gemini Virgo marriage might fail due to uneven forces from both ends is therefore reduced.

The intellect that the Gemini man has also contributes positively into the success of the Gemini Virgo compatibility. They are not hardheaded and they would make everything easy for their Virgo lovers. For the Virgo partner, they would once in a while appreciate the mere fact that they enjoy their freedom. This is attributed to the respectful nature of the Gemini partner. This is the individual that would always know the boundaries that lie between the union. Hence, expect a Gemini Virgo friendship where you would feel loved and respected.

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The best kind of a relationship is one that is organized and efficient. These are the attributes that would reflect the presence of a Virgo woman. They are also more focused on ensuring that the relationship is secure for future benefits. Engaging in this relationship guarantees the Gemini partner that they would also be focusing on the long haul. The future is certainly bright in the Gemini Virgo compatibility.

The flexibility nature of this compatibility is also worth commenting on. Gemini Virgo soulmates are flexible in the way they handle their issues. Adjusting to unpredictable challenges is an aspect that they would achieve with ease. For example, if financial issues might arise in the near future, then it is probable that immediate solutions to help save Gemini Virgo compatibility would be formulated. From this, surviving the deepest cut is somewhat easy for you guys. Find your soul mate sign.

The existence of love chemistry could also be appreciated by lovers occasionally. This is as a result of the manipulative nature of the Gemini Virgo sexuality. Gemini being the perfect lover in the relationship, they will find a unique way of expressing their love. One of their main goals would be to ensure that their counterparts are aware of how much they are loved. How does the entire relationship benefit from this? Well, certainly, hope is what Gemini would be bringing into the Gemini Virgo compatibility. The Virgo lover would certainly find a good reason to live.

Undeniably, it takes time to change one’s personality trait. In relation to the Gemini Virgo love compatibility, the Virgo partner will have to work on their serious nature. They are also considered as the perfectionist in any relationship. Gemini would not fancy this perspective of life.

Fortunately, being ideal lovers, they would try their best to tune the Virgo partners to understand the importance of relaxing. This would be helpful for the Virgo partners as they would be learning something new in Gemini Virgo compatibility. Life is never too serious! Test your Feng Shui compatibility.

Gemini Virgo Compatibility: Negative Traits

In spite of the benefits that could accrue to the Gemini Virgo compatibility, astrologically lovers here could be a big mismatch. The first date between a Gemini and a Virgo lover would easily tell the story.

Gemini Virgo Compatibility

Right from the beginning the conversation between partners might take a wrong turn. The first impression that would be gained from a Virgo male partner is that their Gemini dates are basically dominating. In addition to this, Virgo will find it weird that Gemini dating Virgo is constantly talking about adventure. What is the benefit of this?

Perhaps this is the question that they would be asking themselves. Gemini on the other hand would focus on wining, dining and making merry for the joy of life. These are two people with different perspectives about life. A lot of compromising is therefore demanded to avoid Gemini Virgo break up.

The flirtatious nature of the Gemini partner would also be a source of conflict in Gemini and Virgo compatibility. Virgo’s bossy aspect would not allow this to happen. They would simply want to feel that they are the only ones gaining the attention of the Gemini partner. This is a big challenge as the Gemini would have to find this as a big sacrifice.

Gemini Virgo love compatibility would indeed frighten Gemini considering the seriousness that Virgo would be demanding. These are those individuals that are normally seek for maximum commitment in the relationship. Something funny is that the Virgo partner might bring this seriousness on the first date. Remember, they tend to think more with their minds and less with their hearts. Gemini’s free-spirited nature will find it frightening that one would rush into commitment without getting to know each other.

In terms of Gemini Virgo sexuality, the Gemini woman is likely to get disappointed. This is because  the Virgo man lacks the thrill that she is out looking for. They are quite adventurous and therefore they expect their partners to be on the same level. This is something that they will certainly have to work on if this is to work. With Gemini Virgo in bed, they do not want to appear as though they lack the knowledge. Challenges are set to be experienced often in the bedroom section.

Assuming that the Virgo is the lady in Gemini Virgo love compatibility, they have a lot to expect here. First of all, they are into the conventional way of doing things. This means that they expect love to be the first achievement followed closely by marriage. Test this marriage love test.

Children would be the last bit in the relationship. Consequently, they are after individuals that would make this happen for them. Gemini man sees otherwise as they would have to think over each decision before implementing them. Honestly, getting to marriage and possibly having kids might not be feasible in Gemini Virgo marriage compatibility.

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Gemini Virgo Compatibility: Conclusion

To sum this up, nothing is beyond repair when it comes to relationships. Love is all about finding the strengths in a relationship and exploiting them. For this couple to work, they would have to focus on their strengths as a means of saving what they have for each other. A consolation that they should always have in mind is that: everything happens for a reason. Therefore, there is a good reason why you are paired in Gemini and Virgo compatibility. Find out what it is!

You might also want to take advantage of the fact that you are both excellent in communication. This infers that this would be the best channel to iron out issues that could exist in Gemini Virgo compatibility. Keep in mind that the other advantage that you bear is that you are both ruled by Mercury planet. Expect the best if at all you would appreciate the need to compromise each other.

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