Virgo Moon Compatibility

Virgo Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Virgo

The Virgin is a loyal, sensual star sign and a deeply loving person. Born when the moon is in Virgo, you are not as sexually frigid, it is a misconception. Virgo Moon sign you have normal sexual needs, and only when you are with someone special that you shed your shyness. Moon Virgo you are frequently misunderstood because you are a shy, private person. Your low self-esteem may cause you to be more prefer a low-key, simple relationship.

Despite your intelligence and good intuition, Virgo Moon sign, you like to work within your comfort zone, making you appear like an underachiever. You are very critical of yourself and others, and have the tendency to nag, as you stress yourself out easily. Moon in Virgo can be a perfectionist, and that can hurt a relationship when you try to micromanage via criticism. Virgo you will benefit from better communication channels that will avoid a negative response.

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Virgo Moon sign, you are a caring person who looks to a simple, little things in life. You find routines and looking after details comforting, with a good dose of gratefulness. You tend to bottle up your feelings, but during arguments, you will cut to the chase. Your habit to over analyze everything may make you indecisive, but your curiosity will enable you to find practical ways to tasks. Trustworthy and reliable, you may be the ideal business partner so some Moon Signs, if they can put up with your nagging ways.

In a romantic relationship, Virgo Moon is an earth sign, you appreciate an organized and detailed setting, and you work hard to attain it. You value good health and will look after those whom you care about. Often your methods are through actions instead of words, but your habit of nagging may cause some friction with your partner or family members when it comes to Virgo moon compatibility.

Best traits: loving, practical, trustworthy, reliable

Worst traits: critical, nagging, low self-esteem

Virgo Moon Sign Relationships

Virgo Moon & Aries Moon

Moon Virgo, you and Moon Aries can be good frenemies. You react differently to situations and have little similarities. When you are in a business partnership, your strengths and weaknesses complement each other. However, there are issues that needs addressing to create a harmonious love relationship.

Critical and analytic, Virgo you are opposite to Moon Aries’ impulsive directness. Aries likes to start things, and you will be the one finishing it. Ever the perfectionist, you are a worrywart and can be insecure. Aries moon sign may find your insecurity irrational. Your criticism will bring down the Ram’s enthusiasm. Your differences complement each other in a business or work partnership, as Moon in Aries will create projects and socialize, while you bring them into perfect completion.

However, in a romantic relationship, Virgo Moon sign will have to take care not to nag or criticize too much, putting a damper on the Aries’ passion. If you both work hard to find a common ground, you might last. But the Virgo moon sign compatibility with Aries will struggle.

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Virgo Moon & Taurus Moon

Cautious and analytical, these are words to describe Virgo Moon and Taurus Moon compatibility. You like practicality, and will create a home full of homemade items. Your similarities will promote peace and understanding among both zodiac signs. However, you need to address the differences.

Virgo Moon sign, you are perfectionist and a worrywart. But Taurus Moon will have no trouble sticking to a commitment. You will benefit from the bull’s steadiness, and you might have to adjust to their sloppy side. You are both slow at making changes, because you always second guess yourself, and Moon Taurus is reluctant to change. Together, you create a stable home environment, but your reluctance to move forward may be detrimental in a business relationship.

You and Moon Taurus are compatible, you will get along well and understand each other’s needs. There is much to gain from this partnership, and together you can form a long lasting relationship with little effort.

Virgo Moon & Gemini Moon

Despite your need to look after other people, Moon Virgo, you and Moon in Gemini do not have a lot in common. You both bring different things into this relationship, but there needs to be a compromise for this partnership to work. Together, you and Gemini Moon enjoy a good word game to stimulate your minds.

Gemini Moon sign is charming and witty sociable person who likes to be mentally stimulated. Moon Virgo, you are a perfectionist who has a good attention to detail. You are meticulous and this may annoy the Gemini. Virgo, you are a worry wart and realist, a contrast to Gemini’s optimistic view. You can learn much from each other. Gemini Moon likes to start things but have a short attention span. And Virgo, you will see through everything to completion; you may find yourselves stretched thin with work in this pairing.

The differences are not major, but is enough to make this Virgo moon compatibility very low. Moon Virgo you need to make a lot of compromises with Moon Gemini for this relationship to work. However, if you stick together, both of you can gain much from each other.

Virgo Moon & Cancer Moon

Both Virgo Moon and Cancer Moon are supportive people. Cancer the Homemaker meets Virgo the Healer, a relationship that will see both of you gaining much from each other. However, there are difficulties that needs addressing.

Virgo Moon sign show love via action and practical things in life: food preparation, ensuring that everything is spick and span. Cancer Moon will sympathize and have more empathy, providing emotional support for loved ones. In this love match, Virgo is more critical and self-punishing, while Cancer accepts you for who you are. The crab can be moodier than the Virgin, but is more accepting in situations.

Together, you have much to learn from each other. Moon Virgo you can learn self-acceptance while Moon Cancer will gain a partner who is health conscious. Both you and Moon Cancer have no problems with commitment, and you can work together to form a healthy, long lasting relationship. You will have a warm, beautiful home that your family will appreciate. Test your marriage compatibility.

Virgo Moon & Leo Moon

Moon Virgo, you and Moon Leo are opposites. Optimistic Leo is warm and expressive, while the realist Virgin can appear cold and calculating until someone cracks you open. In a work or business pairing, you and Moon Leo will look after different parts, allowing you to work together without problems. In a romantic relationship, you might face problems.

Moon in Leo likes to dramatize things and needs attention and recognition, something Virgo you might not be able to give. Critical and analytical, you will quickly shoot down Leo’s antics with facts. Your inability to put Leo Moon sign on a pedestal may cause friction as Leo will think that you are ungrateful. Simply put, you cannot fulfill each other’s needs if you are in a romantic partnership.

Even though you have no troubles committing to each other, you both need to compromise and learn how to provide for your partner. It might be easier to move on, as you and Moon Leo are not compatible Moon Signs.

Virgo Moon & Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon compatibility will mean that you understand each other’s needs well, but that does not mean that you will have a strong relationship. Your good and bad points will amplify in this partnership, and that may cause problems.

Both Moon in Virgo couple will be particular with your healthy habits, and will look after each other well. However, you both should avoid pestering each other over small issues. There will be trouble making decisions or sticking to it, as you both tend to second guess yourselves and worry over everything. If you do not learn how to commit in a situation, it will be difficult to accomplish things.

Despite the issues, Virgo Virgo Moon sign compatibility can be excellent. You know what each other needs and have the same values in a partnership. If you both learn how to not throw a fuss over small details, this will be a smooth sailing relationship.

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Virgo Moon & Libra Moon

Both Virgo, you and Moon Libra are people with distinctive outlooks for the same things: family and perfection. Both star signs might be able to make it work, if you can settle your difference or find a common ground.

Moon Virgo, you want everything to be in perfect order and detail. Moon in Libra wants a perfect relationship where it is harmonious and each partner is equal. You are critical and have tendency to fuss about everything. Libra focuses on balance and fairness and is less fussed about details. Moon Libra’s need for diplomacy and fairness might face a test when the Virgin criticizes and nags about things.

You have similar need, but your point of view may be different enough to make this love match slightly incompatible. Virgo you and Moon Libra can make it work through compromising. You partnership will result in a warm and unique home if you commit to it.

Virgo Moon & Scorpio Moon

Virgo and Scorpio moon signs are different. Moon Virgo, you are rational to Moon Scorpio’s emotional. You both have little in common, and you may be attracted to each other’s differences initially.

Virgo Moon sign needs order and logic. You make decisions based on information and details. Scorpio Moon reacts to situations with intense emotions, often hiding darker emotions and plotting revenge. They can be faithful and a devoted partner, but can also be possessive and controlling. Virgo Moon may be controlling in the physical aspects of the relationship, while Scorpio Moon will manipulate you emotionally. Both have habit of over analyzing yourselves, and the need to improve on things.

Together, there is a lot of ground to cover as you both have different needs. Moon Scorpio can help you feel emotions and you can help them see sense in logic. In a business partnership, Moon Scorpio’s suspicious nature will complement your need for details. Romantically, there is much to be done to have a long lasting relationship in the Virgo moon compatibility.

Virgo Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Moon Virgo, you and Moon Sagittarius may prove to be a tricky pair. You are polar opposites and can have issues that will be detrimental in a partnership. Initially, the relationship might be new and exciting, but your differences will start to grate on each other.

Virgo Moon sign, you need logic and order; Moon Sagittarius thrives on ideas and fun. Moon Sagittarius will find you constant nagging annoying, while Virgo you may find Sagittarius’ carelessness and inability to keep promises worrying. You may eventually learn to loosen up when you are with the archer, whilst they can learn to be more practical.

There is much to gain from each other, but you have to survive this relationship first. The different point of views may make Virgo and Moon Sagittarius less compatible. Through compromise and finding equal footing, this pairing may be beneficial for the both of you.

Virgo Moon & Capricorn Moon

Virgo, you and Moon Capricorn may have find a perfect partner in each other. Both of you have similar personal zodiac traits, so you see eye to eye in many things. You know what each other needs and can cooperate to create a harmonious home or work environment. You show that you care with your own ways, complementing each other’s desires in a partnership.

Both of you are realists and believe in logic and hard work. You may come off as a boring pair, but you make each other happy with responsibilities and being productive. Moon Capricorn’s ambitions pair well with your perfectionist trait, providing each other with fuel towards self-improvement and better future. Virgo you and Capricorn are not risk takers, steady people who will work with details and can be soul mates.

Be wary that all work no play can make you and Capricorn dull, even though you do not mind it. You should learn to take a break and relax before taking on a new goal. Virgo Capricorn moon compatibility is very high and will find a good friend and partner in each other. You and Moon Capricorn are highly compatible, as a work or romance partner, it is easy to fall into a routine with you.

Virgo Moon & Aquarius Moon

Moon in Aquarius can be a source of headache for the Moon in Virgo. There are differences between you and Moon Aquarius that will be hard to form a steady relationship, work or romance. Your personal needs are different and you will struggle to fulfill each other’s needs.

Virgo Moon, you are conscious about self-improvement and family. Aquarius Moon sign wants to save the world with ideas, family is not high on the list. Virgo feels more secure with logic and order, but Aquarius wants excitement and new ways to do things. Even though Aquarius might appreciate your loyalty, they might be unable to reciprocate the commitment. Your tendency to criticize will push them further away.

To keep this moon sign relationship, Virgo you will have to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Aquarius will need to put family higher on personal list. You are not compatible and will require a lot of compromise to make things work. If you do succeed, this pairing can see both zodiac signs become stronger.

Virgo Moon & Pisces Moon

Moon Virgo, you and Moon Pisces are like sun and moon, you delve in different aspects of life and will struggle to see eye to eye in many things. Pisces Moon is empathetic and intuitive, Virgo Moon are rational. This relationship will depend on how you settle your differences.

Moon Virgo you thrive on facts, living in the physical world, you look after the details. Moon Pisces runs on emotions and have loads of compassion. Virgo you may become annoyed with Moon Pisces’ generosity and lack of organizational skill; whilst Moon Pisces may feel threatened by your constant criticism and perfectionist trait. Although you are both passive people, Moon Virgo you might dominate in the physical world, and Moon Pisces will rule your emotions.

Together, you will have a better work relationship compared to a romantic relationship. Virgo Moon sign, you can take Moon Pisces’ imagination as well as creativity and make it real. Moon Pisces can help you be more in touch with your emotions. You might have to compromise in a romantic partnership, but there is much to gain from each other.

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