Virgo In Love

Virgo In Love

Virgo Personality

Virgo zodiac sign has a very steady and calm personality. As an earth sign, Virgo is reliable, determined and they keep calm in stressful situations. These people are perfectionists and they want everything around them to be just the way they want it. It is not easy to get to know the Virgo in love. They hide their true nature under a mask of coldness and unavailability.

Virgo wants to protect their feelings in love. These people are very conservative and it is hard for them to let go of their stone-set beliefs. Virgos often are unhappy in their relationships but they also do not have the courage to change things. If Virgo has been hurt in a relationship before, they will do everything to avoid this situation again.

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Virgo Man In Love

Virgo man usually blossoms later than anyone else. When they are young, they admire women and are intimidated by them. When they first start to date, they will do anything to please their partners, because Virgo considers it a true blessing to be with someone.

For this reason they often get hurt at young age. Many times Virgos first love will be their first wife, because they rush into serious relationships. Before getting married Virgo men usually don’t have a clue about their sexual needs and capabilities.

Virgo male tends to exacerbate how great their partner is. They don’t have anything to compare them with therefore they can’t judge how good the relationship really is. Virgo gets hurt because he doesn’t understand what women actually want. He can be selfless and adore his partner, but that usually doesn’t satisfy the partner’s needs.

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When Virgo men get older, they start to understand their sexuality. That usually happens when they are in middle age. At this point many Virgos break up with their long time partners and start to explore everything the world has to offer.

Virgo in love often regret all things they have missed. Some of them turn a new page in their lives and start to gain as much experience as they can. But some Virgos never let go of their prejudice and continue to wonder about what could have been.

After their first marriage Virgos will rarely commit so seriously to another woman. These men usually have a very complicated emotional world and it takes a lot of patience to understand it. If Virgo gets lucky, they will find someone who can ease their heart ache.

virgo in love

Virgo Woman In Love

When Virgo woman is in love, she is able to make her partner extremely happy. It is not easy to earn this woman’s trust and love, but it is worth the effort. This woman believes in monogamy, and she will be endlessly loyal to her partner. Virgo woman is what many men describe as the perfect partner – she is caring, independent, sexual and loyal.

Virgo female enjoys sex and with the right partner she can be very surprising. This woman is very confident about herself and that makes her even more attractive. She is always ready for new experiences if it means pleasing her partner.

For Virgo women love comes from the mind as well as the heart. They need to feel an intellectual connection with their partner. This woman is looking for someone who can be her equal. She is able to support her partner in anything and wants to receive the same back. Virgo will only develop feelings for someone if they are worthy her time. This woman can’t be impressed by empty words, she needs action.

Virgo female is rarely without a partner. This woman loves to have someone next to her. She requires a lot of physical closeness. Gentle touches and caresses is how she shows her feelings. If Virgo gets rejected she becomes very angry and mean. Virgo also will never forgive if her partner is not loyal to her. But her partners rarely feel the need to look for someone else, because Virgo woman can be called a perfect partner.

Virgo Compatibility

Best Match For Virgo

The most compatible zodiac signs for Virgo are Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs and therefore have an instant connection with Virgo star sign. These people share the same set of beliefs. They have similar temperaments and it is easy for them to be together.

Earth signs together sometimes lack the ability to develop a close emotional connection. But they have enough patience to slowly build deep feelings of trust and loyalty. Taurus will bring more energy and positivity in Virgos life. With Capricorn sun sign, Virgo shares love for work and perfection.

Scorpio and Virgo can have an amazing relationship. Scorpio will push Virgo towards greatness. They will warm up Virgo’s cold nature and bring out their emotions. Scorpio and Virgo understand each other deeply and they are loyal to each other.

Virgo relationship with Cancer can be everlasting. They complete each other’s personality and give exactly what their partner needs. Cancer zodiac sign is very romantic and they can make Virgo’s dreams come true. They both are family oriented people and can build a truly happy home together.

Worst Match For Virgo

Least zodiac compatible signs for Virgo are Gemini and Sagittarius. It is not likely that Virgo and Gemini will ever find a connection with each other. Virgo can be very annoyed by the always changing nature of Gemini. Virgo knows that Gemini is not reliable, because they don’t know what they want. Sagittarius can be interested in Virgo’s secretive nature, but they rarely have the patience to get to know Virgo. Sagittarius is all about new experiences, but Virgo doesn’t give in to quick flings.

Virgo Sexuality

Most sensitive parts of Virgo’s body are neck and face. Virgo sexuallyadores if these areas are kissed and touched. It usually takes a long time before Virgo allows someone to be close to them. These people are very cautious about their health. They will want to make sure that their partner is trustworthy before getting into serious relationship.

Virgo also doesn’t like to sleep around. Some of them have periods in life when they let go of all brakes. Mostly Virgo in bed are quite cold and control themselves. Behind their seemingly cold nature hides a very warm and caring person. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to know the Virgo sexuality. But when they let their guard down, Virgos can be surprising.

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Virgo in love has a very complicated personality that requires a lot of time and effort to understand. These people can be amazing partners if they are ready to commit to someone. Virgo will take care of people they love and cherish them. It is important for Virgo to be in a relationship, because they feel incomplete without a partner. For this reason they often get married at a very young age.

Virgo in love start out with having unrealistic expectations of their partner and they often get hurt when reality strikes them. These people find it hard to trust and commit to someone after they have been hurt. Virgos have a very strong system of beliefs and it is hard to change their mind on something. Their partner should have a lot of patience and emotional insight to understand their complicated character. If they find this person, Virgo in love can be an amazing partner.

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