Virgo Woman Personality Traits

Virgo Woman Personality Traits

The Virgo woman is usually born between August 23rd through September 22nd. If a woman is born on or around the beginning or end date for this sign, she should check what the dates for Virgo sun sign to know what her real zodiac sign is.

Virgo women are unique. They are the teachers of the zodiac sign. Virgo women like to do everything right the first time, which may make it take her longer to make her way through life than some of the other star signs. However, she will make sure that she is always making progress, no matter how slow her progress may be. She is constantly working to improve her life and the lives of the people who she loves.

Anyone who gets to know a Virgo woman is sure to love all the sides of her, from the analytical perfectionist to the caring family woman. Many qualities of a Virgo female may seem contradicting, but they all work together to make her one of a kind.

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Virgo Woman Love & Sex

Virgo woman traits suggest that they like to take things slow when they are dating. They will likely date someone for years before they agree to get married to someone. She will want to make sure that she is with the one. She will want to get married at some point in her life, though. She will need to be with someone who is trustworthy and who values commitment for the relationship to work out. The Virgo lady will be a loyal partner, and she needs to be with someone who can promise to be the same for her.

Virgo women like to wait until they are in a serious relationship to have sex. She likes to take sex slowly. She is a passionate woman. She tends to be submissive in bed, but she will take the lead if her partner wants her to. She is not typically kinky, but some Virgo females like role play, teasing, or other mental stimulation. She will try some kinks, so long as they are not degrading, if her partner is into them.

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Virgo Woman Work & Money

Virgo woman personality love two things in a job – being able to help others and being able to be as detail-oriented and organized in general. Some of the jobs that Virgo women will excel at is anything in the medical field, teaching, working in an office, working with animals, working with children, being an assistant, and owning her own business. All these jobs can work with one or both of her best business skills. The Virgo woman always makes sure to be on time. And, she will do what she can to earn a promotion, so long as she doesn’t need to play dirty to get one.

virgo woman personality traits

The Virgo woman personality traits show she is stingy when it comes to money. She is not a materialistic person, so she tends to save more money than she spends. She is likely to worry about money a lot, whether she is actually low on money or not does not seem to impact how she thinks about it. She may splurge once in a blue moon, but it is not likely. She conserves for the future instead of spending in the present.

Virgo Woman Health

Virgo woman characteristics suggest they are perfectionists. And this can sometimes impact their health for the better or for the worse. Virgo women exercise often to stay in shape will do well. Those who binge and purge will be in big trouble when it comes to most aspects of their health.

Mental health is a big concern for Virgo females because of how determined they are to do everything just right. Some Virgo women might be seen as quirky, while others may be diagnosed with OCD or something similar because of their perfectionist ways. Stress can also play a bad part in their mental health, possibly causing both anxiety and depression.

Virgo zodiac sign’s ruling body parts are the colon and intestines. This can sometimes make these body parts work better than they do for other star signs. But it can also make it so this area can cause more health problems in a Virgo woman. Virgo women should do their best to keep this part of their body healthy.

Virgo Woman Friendship

Virgo women care very much about their friends. They are loyal and dependable. All her friends know that they can go to her in a time of need. She will do whatever she can to make her friends feel better, and she does not ask for much in return. The Virgo female gives her friends all that they need, but she does not like to share her feelings unless it is very important. She will take in the burdens of her friends, but she will not burden her friends with her problems.

Virgo women are kind, but they are not highly forgiving. A person on a Virgo woman’s good side is in for a great time. However, a Virgo woman will act coldly towards anyone who hurts her. She can keep a grudge longer than most of the signs. A person who loses a Virgo female’s trust is likely to regret it for years to come.

Virgo Woman Family Relationships

The Virgo woman traits show that she always keeps her family on her mind, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. She focuses on her family when she is a child. Later she will likely focus on her career, and then again on her family once she gets married or becomes a mother. When her parents are in their old age, she is sure to do what she can to take care of them. She is likely to want to go to family reunions, even though she may feel uncomfortable with them sometimes.

When it comes to raising children of her own, the Virgo woman is willing to give everything she has to take care of her kids. She will want to make sure that her children grow up perfectly. She is likely to get her children into the best schools and extracurricular programs. She will plan doctor’s appointments, organize carpools for sport’s games, and do whatever else she can to make sure that she is there for her children.

Virgo Woman Style

A Virgo woman always likes to look their best. Her clothes will always be perfectly pressed and her outfits will be coordinated with grace. She never has a hair out of place and her makeup is subtle but beautiful. She tends to dress modestly, but she may throw on something alluring for a date. She dresses in what could best be described as business casual attire most of the time. When she is at home, she is likely to wear comfortable clothes, though.

Sapphire is the Virgo woman’s stone. For this reason, she will tend to be drawn towards jewelry with this stone in it. When it comes to other jewelry pieces, she will wear what matches best with her outfits. She’s not one for outlandish jewelry. Instead, she will aim for something classy and refined.

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Last Few Words About Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman may be a perfectionist at times, but that is part of what makes her so perfect! She does everything she can to make everyone around her happy. She works hard to make the world a better place. Anyone who knows a kind Virgo woman is likely to be better off with her.

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