Gemini In Love

Gemini In Love

Gemini Personality

Gemini zodiac sign is a very fun personality. They love to talk and be the center of attention. Gemini is an excellent story teller and sometimes they will add a few details just to make things seem more dramatic. These people are always in a need for something fresh in their lives. For them, the world offers millions of romantic opportunities and the Gemini in love wants to take them all. These people rarely settle down for something because they feel like they can do better.

It might be hard for Gemini to find true love, because they lack patience to get to know people. Gemini focuses on superficial things. They do not have deep values, and they rarely know exactly what they want. Nevertheless, Gemini sun sign can be an amazing partner. They keep things interesting and if they want to. And, they can be loving and caring partners.

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Gemini Man In Love

Gemini man is a true romantic. He loves to be around woman and he usually has had a lot of partners. He loves romantic gestures and pleases his partners. But this man rarely commits to anyone. This man doesn’t feel deeply passionate about anyone. Gemini male is a master of changing his appearance and nature. In some periods of his life he can be calm and settle down with someone. At some point of his life Gemini will go wild and have as many partners as he can.

Gemini man is likely to get married and stay together with his partner for a long time. He is loyal to his partner. Gemini male doesn’t understand feeling of passion. He hears how some people go crazy because of someone, but he doesn’t know this feeling. For this reason Gemini doesn’t cheat on his partner.

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In his home there are always people around. Gemini men enjoy company. He is a very social personality. Their partners will have to be acceptable towards this quality. Gemini can never pay attention only to one person. His time is shared between his family and friends.

Gemini star sign likes to be in the center of attention. It is important for them that their partner expresses love and appreciation towards him. For Gemini sex is not as important as intellectual connection. If their partner shares the same interests as Gemini, they will have a lasting relationship. Trouble is that Gemini in love is not certain about what they want.

gemini in love

Gemini Woman In Love

It is very hard for Gemini woman to find true love and happiness. This woman is searching for her true love almost all her life. She sets herself to be unhappy and most of her relationships end up tragically. Gemini female often doesn’t realize what she has, because she is always looking for something better.

Gemini women in love always feel unfulfilled. Most men she encounters in her life do not understand her. Gemini woman can find someone she feels happy with and is close to her ideal. With this person she can live together for quite a long time and feel happy. Still, she will always be wondering if there is anyone more special out there. If Gemini finds her ideal partner, she will be in seventh heaven. That happens rarely, but it is not impossible.

This woman has most likely suffered through a traumatic personal experience, like the death of someone she loves. She often wonders about this person and that makes her feel sad. Still, she continues to search for love. This lady is very talented and sensitive. At the same time she presents herself as a suffering being. This is one of the ways how she gets attention. On other occasions Gemini can be very happy, sparkly and fun personality.

Gemini woman always takes care of her appearance. She follows newest fashion trends and always looks great. For this woman it is important to have a good emotional and physical contact with her partner. But she can pass on certain things for wealth. If her partner is wealthy and can provide for her, Gemini will choose that over emotional needs. Gemini woman often changes her partners in order to find something better. If she gets too carried away with looking for the perfect love compatibility, she might end up alone.

Gemini Compatibility

Best Match For Gemini

The best zodiac compatibility for Gemini is with Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Libra and Aquarius are both air signs as well as Gemini. They share a good understanding about each other’s characters. Together with Aquarius Gemini will get all the excitement and freedom they are looking for. For both it is important to feel free but also have someone close to them. For Gemini it can even be hard to keep up with Aquarius and their constant need for changes.

Libra is more down to earth than Aquarius. These people are very fun but responsible. When Gemini is together with Libra, it will be hard for them both to decide on something.

Aries and Leo are both fire signs. The Air of Gemini can either make this fire burn stronger or completely extinguish it. Mostly it can be a great adventure for them to be together. Fire and Air signs share the need for attention, socializing, personal freedom and sexual compatibility.

Worst Match For Gemini

Gemini has a poor astrology compatibility with Virgo and Pisces. The Earth and Water element rarely share anything common. They do not understand each other’s characters and mostly see only the worst in each other.

Virgo can bring some consistency in Gemini life and they have the best intentions in mind. But for Gemini it will feel like they are being controlled.

Pisces is too slow and emotional for Gemini sun sign to handle. Gemini is genuinely a positive person, but Pisces is very pessimistic.

Gemini Sexuality

Gemini in love is a very curious being. They want to experience all things life has to offer. The same applies for Gemini sexuality. Gemini will probably be the one who will suggest experiments in the bed. The perfect partner for them will be someone as curious as they are and with a lot of experience.

For the Gemini partners it is important to be open minded and take things lightly. It can be an adventure to be in bed with Gemini. These people can be very shocking and surprising. The erogenous areas for Gemini are the chest and arms. Caressing their chest can bring a lot of pleasure for them.

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As an Air sign, Gemini truly lives in the clouds. These people are searching for something amazing and special in their lives. Mostly they don’t have any idea what that is. Gemini believes that when they find their right person, they will feel it straight away. This rarely happens to Gemini, because they do not pay attention to important things. These people have very superficial values. They lack patience to truly get to know someone.

Gemini often commits to a relationship with someone for the wrong reasons and that makes them very unhappy. These people need to learn when to stop and take time to get to know someone. Gemini in love needs to figure out what they are looking for in a partner and focus on these qualities. It is likely that Gemini will marry for financial reasons. But if they find the partner they are looking for, Gemini lover will be the most loyal and loving partner.

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