Leo Pisces Compatibility

Leo Pisces Compatibility

When fire and water signs meet in a relationship, there is a chance that one of them might drive the other nuts. In the case of Leo Pisces love compatibility, there is a huge challenge of making things fall in place for this couple. They both have different demands and that they are not willing to meet in the middle. Leo’s ego always yearns for appreciation and praises.

Sadly, this is not what they would be receiving from their Pisces lovers. Pisces is too busy in their own world and might therefore find no time to praise their royal Leo. In spite of all the negatives, they can sit down and find love in Leo Pisces relationship.

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Leo Pisces Compatibility: Positive Traits

Right from beginning, Leo and Pisces compatibility would certainly take a good turn. The feeling of togetherness would be mutual from both lovers. This would pull Leo Pisces in love closer to each other. Pisces would be attracted by the royal nature of Leo. Their sensitivity is a characteristic that would strike out at the first meeting. Pisces being the dreamer would begin to fantasize about how the love match might end up. Obsession is likely to creep in from the end of the Pisces lover. Undeniably, the charms from her king are truly alluring.

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Unlike other lovers within the zodiac circle, Leo and Pisces friendship would not face any power issues. This is a good thing for Leo Pisces compatibility as they would coexist peacefully. Leo is the king here and therefore they like to be in control most of the time. Pisces on the other hand does not care about this position. They are submissive to their kings. This is one of the attribute that Leo dating Pisces admires. As a sign of appreciation, the king would support the imaginative aspect of Pisces. Hence, they are more likely to support the wonderful ideas that would be coming from their ends.

Leo Pisces Love Compatibility would also take a positive turn in the way Leo offers protection. Pisces is the gentle lover and they are delicate. This means that they need to be protected in the relationship that they enter into. Fortunately, this is not a tough task for Leo to handle. In fact, it is part of their nature to dominate in any relationship. Their bossy and protective nature would be considered as a plus when trying to protect their loved ones.

Critics might be against this love match on grounds that Leo and Pisces are fire and water sign respectively. Well, partners can easily go against the odds and make things work for them. For this to happen, mutual understanding is required. Pisces would be making things easier for Leo as they are trustworthy and loyal to their kings. Leo would have to lower their egos and find a reason to respect their humble partners. This is a requirement that would ensure the fire and earth sign meet halfway in Leo Pisces compatibility.

Love that is bound to survive has to be complementary. This is what Leo and Pisces compatibility should be doing. They should find unique things to learn from those that they love. For example, Leo should find it necessary to calm down and learn from the creative dreamer that they have fallen for. If things would simply work for Leo Pisces soulmates, then expect a relationship that is full of creativity and raging passion. In fact, observers would admire how fire and water sign made their love to blossom successfully. Find your Juno soulmate sign.

Leo Pisces Compatibility

Leo Pisces Compatibility: Negative Traits

The incompatibilities that exist in Leo and Pisces sexuality may soon begin to haunt them. For example, Leo is the dominant individual in this relationship. They seek for a relationship where their lovers would take adventures seriously with them. Being the royal kings that they are, they also want a partner capable of handling being at the spotlight. Unfortunately, for the soft Pisces, they are not in a position to meet these demands. This could result in Leo Pisces break up.

Extroverted nature of Leo also differs from Pisces introverted nature. This also contributes to lovers having different perceptions to Leo Pisces compatibility. Pisces would demand for space and that they might not fancy engaging in any activities with their Leo lovers. The Pisces partner would in fact find it challenging to cope with the social environment that Leo lives in.

From the Leo’s point of view, they might end up concluding that Pisces is quite vulnerable. This is not the kind of lover that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. On the other hand, Pisces would take Leo as a pushy and an irritating boss. This means that the Leo Pisces Love Compatibility could find several challenges when trying to make things work.

The emotional facet of Leo and Pisces marriage could also be considered as a burden. Indeed, lovers are emotional but in varying ways. Leo being a fire sign would fight for what they love. Passion is what Leo Pisces in bed would be bringing into this love affair. On the other hand, Pisces believes on the notion that love should not be coerced. This infers that they expect things to fall in place without having to fight for them.

Ultimately, both lovers would end up concluding that they are not worth fighting for whatever they have between them. Leo’s ego would keep them glued to their ends while Pisces would deem Leo Pisces marriage compatibility a waste of time.

Leo Pisces Love Compatibility would also suffer from the fact that there are no shared activities between them. Finding harmony in what they do to excite the relationship would be nothing but a nightmare. Partly, this is because lovers are fixed and mutable signs respectively. When Leo yearns to stick to their regular routines, Pisces would more or less demand to try out new things.

The variation in the shared activities gives no space for Leo Pisces sexuality to thrive. Pisces would find no time to learn more about their lovers as they are always out in the crowd. Similarly, Leo would never fancy living behind the shadows where Pisces hide. In this Leo Pisces compatibility, meeting in the middle can thus be challenging.

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Do you think that Leo and Pisces would find a reason to trust each other in this relationship? Certainly not! The individual characters of the partners seem unreal and this makes Leo Pisces compatibility highly doubtful. Pisces is ruled by the Planet Neptune. This is a planet full of deceit. As a result, the royal Leo would always be worried that their lovers are doing something fishy behind their backs, which could be true. Test your Feng Shui compatibility.

Leo Pisces Compatibility: Conclusion

Nothing is ever difficult if lovers are willing to understand and respect each other. The bright side of this relationship is that there are instances where lovers appreciate each other honestly. Pisces lover admires the kingly nature of Leo and they expect to rule the world together. Well, this could happen if at all both of them are compromising.

Leo would have to understand Pisces weakness and not to take them for granted. Then again, Pisces should find a way of making Leo understand that they are not the social type. This is the best way that the Leo Pisces  Compatibility would work.

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