Pisces In Love

Pisces In Love

Pisces Personality

Pisces sun sign has a very friendly and kind personality. These people often have very different friends, some of them even a bit weird. Pisces in love likes to explore the mystical things in this life. They love to listen to people, but rarely give out any information about themselves.

Pisces are empathetic and gentle. These people live in a world that is full of feelings and emotions. Very often Pisces star sign is connected with the world of art. In relationships, Pisces in love always take care of all needs of their partners. They are also easy to hurt. Therefore, Pisces keeps their distance. They can charm their partner and make them feel special. Often their partners realize that they don’t know anything personal about the Pisces star sign.

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Pisces Man In Love

Pisces man is an introvert personality. For him other people are an instrument of self analysis. Pisces man usually has a very busy love life, and he satisfies all his lovers. This man rarely lets anyone in to show them his true nature.

Pisces male has a rich imagination. He loves to talk a lot about many different topics. He is charming, warm and very erotic. Pisces men have a lot of love to give and they are kind people. But this man often feels completely alone. He spends too much time analyzing himself and often let’s go of opportunities to be happy.

Pisces guy learns from all his relationships. Every time he falls in love it feels like the love of their life. Very often his partners don’t feel the same way and leave Pisces disappointed and hurt. This man is always ready to take things to the next level.

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If his partner feels the same way, Pisces man gets even more excited. Still, this man can at any time change his mind and decide to look for someone better suited. He has an image of the perfect partner for him and Pisces in love never stop looking for it.

pisces in love

Pisces Woman In Love

The Pisces woman is an incredible romantic. She is an introvert personality and never lets anyone know what she is thinking about. She often dreams about her perfect partner and creates unrealistic expectations. As a child this woman loves fairy tales and believes that she might have a happy ending with a prince one day.

The Pisces woman traits show that she can suddenly change for no apparent reason. In one period of her life Pisces will want to be together with someone reliable and calm. She can spend the rest of her life happily with this person. Sometimes things change and Pisces lady becomes very unsettled. She suddenly becomes a completely different person who is looking for sexual pleasure with no commitment.

Pisces woman feels best with emotional, psychologically weak men. She is very emphatic and caring being and she needs someone to take care of. Although she is fascinated by strong and powerful men, Pisces is usually intimidated by them. These men make her feel week and she allows herself to rely on their help.

Pisces woman loves to be needed by someone. She is often the wife of a public person. Pisces will create a safe and loving environment for her loved one to return to. She takes incredible care of her partner’s emotional and also physical needs. In return Pisces needs to be listened to and materially cared for.

Pisces Compatibility

Best Match For Pisces

Pisces has the best love compatibility with Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. Taurus is a very positive and stable personality. This person can fill the things Pisces lack in their character. Taurus can be the strong and reliable shoulder for Pisces to lean on. Together with Capricorn, Pisces will have a well balanced relationship. Pisces will emotionally support Capricorn. Both of them dream about a happy family and a beautiful home. Pisces will take care of Capricorn’s comfort while they will do the best they can to provide material wealth.

Scorpio and Pisces in love have a very deep and intimate relationship. Scorpio completely understands the emotions of the Fish. This couple communicates with no words. Scorpio is someone that Pisces can truly show their character to. Scorpio is trustworthy and understanding. Therefore, Pisces will feel safe to trust them.

Zodiac compatibility with Cancer for Pisces can be the love they were looking for. These people usually fall very deeply in love with each other. They will not care about anything else in the world as long as they have each other. They are both emotional and love to dream about their future together. Sometimes that can get in the way of reality.

Worst Match For Pisces

Least compatible astrology signs for Pisces is with Gemini and Sagittarius. It is not likely that Gemini and Pisces will ever find themselves in a relationship. These two people come from completely different places. Gemini is a social and extrovert personality, while Pisces tends to be quiet and dark. The best qualities of these people feel annoying to the other one.

Sagittarius will definitely be interested in the mysterious personality of Pisces. Sagittarius is looking to expand their horizons and every new person they meet helps this purpose. Pisces on the other hand is looking for love. They might fall in love with each other quickly, but usually Pisces is left hurt after the fire of Sagittarius burns them.

Pisces Sexuality

People born under Pisces star sign often are bisexual. They love to explore the depth of humanity and having sex with the same gender person can bring them new senses. Pisces sexually are very erotic beings. Usually they start their sex life in a very young age and have a lot of partners before they settle down.

Pisces sexuality traits show that usually they have very high expectations from their partner that they build up in their mind. Often these expectations are unreal and therefore make Pisces disappointed. The most pleasure Pisces feels with someone they are in love with. Emotions are a big part of their sex life. Pisces loves instinctive sex filled with a lot of touches and kisses.

Pisces in bed can be a little shy in the beginning. Having sex with someone for the first time makes them extremely nervous. Their partner needs to understand that and be patient. Pisces in love will open up soon and show all of their sensuality. Pisces are gentle and tireless lovers.

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Pisces in love is a very complicated personality and they don’t let anyone truly know them. Very often even Pisces does not understand why they act and feel in certain ways. These people never have bad intentions towards anyone. Pisces is accepting towards positive and negative things about humanity. They are looking for their one true love.

Pisces dreams about their future relationships and family. They believe in fairy-tale scenario. Since Pisces has so many high expectations from their partners, it often makes them feel hurt and nervous. They build up an image of how a perfect relationship should look and if something doesn’t go their way, Pisces gets upset.

Pisces falls in love quickly and deeply. They do everything to prove themselves how perfect the relationship is even if it is not. Pisces in love is capable of withstanding a lot of negativity, but at some point they realize how bad some relationships are for them. When they find love, Pisces gives all their effort to make it full of love and passion.

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