Dating A Leo

Dating Leo

So, you have been craving to live and have a majestic life? Welcome to the Leos world. They are the most dazzling and the only zodiac sign that hates to be bossed around. They are the real prima donnas in the astrology family. They are represented by Fire sign but it takes them more time for them to appreciate life. Find out more in this article about dating Leo.

At similar interval, they are slow paced and steady beings. They just have this undefined sticking leadership that makes them not to change anything. Disruption is one word that can’t be uttered or spelled by the Lion’s tongue. In all, don’t fear because they possess a superior trait which makes them to be more arrogant. Sure they are confident, straightforward and ambitious.

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Deep down their souls they know that are very decent as well as kind-hearted sun signs. If you love them to the core, you will love their transparency and fairly simple set of wants and needs. If you want a trophy and leader-like partner, Leo woman and man is here for you. But I have to warn you that this won’t be an ABC rhyme relationship. But who am I to judge? Let’s hear from the horoscope point of view more about dating Leo.

Tips On How To Date Leo

Much has been said about how to date Leo sign. As a side note, you need grasp that they put extra effort to do their best when in a relationship. At first, they might be careful and see where the union is taking them. As time passes by, they will commit to you fully. They are not the type of signs who just give up and walk away.

NO! The Leo lovers will fight tooth and nail for a successful union, even if they pass through test of times. So, don’t take dating Leo lightly. Getting a Leo to commit can be a difficult experience.

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So, Why Date A Leo?

Just like a LION craves to be stroked by its mane in the jungle and tickled on its tummy, so does the Leo. The good thing is that it doesn’t take long for him or her to embrace complete devotion. Before then, you have to first believe that the entire universe revolves around them. That’s what they want anyway.

*Leos possess an undefined magnetism and unmistakable charm, they will always be proud to show off their date*

Dating a Leo is a fun and unbeatable experience. They are the loveliest and have a huge craving for life. They always work hard as they continue to play hard. It is one of the sun signs that is most likely to make you enjoy your own life. Either a woman or a man Leo, dating them should be like dreaming to be successful. Leo compatibility defines everything as a high-key experience. At the end of the day, they want to remain the center of attention.

The reality is that dating Leo woman or dating Leo man is a handful experience. It is 100% as they are ruled by the Sun. This is one of the reasons as to why they keep radiating with eternal energy. After all, that’s the main reason why they still exist. For some star signs, this personality trait can be overwhelming while for some it can be over-boring. But if you can’t stand their sense of pride, it’s better to date another zodiac sign.

*Strong, natural leaders and determined are perfect adjectives for Leos. They have intense zeal for life and are very quick to forgive*

Pros Of Dating Leo

Big-Minded Leos

Leos are optimistic minded people who hate to be surrounded by negative minded sun signs. If you happen to have a bad attitude, tuck it away for the sake of the Leo woman or man. The motive is to have a realistic and balanced life. They typically use their leadership skills to build and encourage others. This gives them a chance to pursue their dreams without worry.

Leo Love Life

Leo woman and man love to party till dawn. Therefore, you have to create a fun environment for them. Make sure you have fun by spending more time with them. If you really want to capture their heart, then be a little playful and be a great companion sexually in bed.

Cons Of Dating Leo

The Fiery Lions

Deep within we all know that Leo is the fiery spirit of creation. You can never ignore the King of the jungle. They perfectly symbolize the intense heat of the mid-summer sun. They are impulsive, domineering and always want to light immense fire for other zodiac signs. You need to discover the Leo’s potential and hence get along without worry.

The Egoistic Beings

There is no a better way to put it but Leos are egoistic beings in nature. Their prowess traits flow in their bloodstream. Not to mention they are the most jealous sign in the zodiac family. Being over-possessive is just a part dating Leo man or dating Leo woman. They want to feel that they are in control of everything.

Impressing A Leo On Date

There are different ways that comes in every one’s mind when you want to date Leo. It can be a difficult way or simple way. In all, they perfectly know how to play hard to get. The only secret to win their heart is to master all their tips and tricks. Here are six surefire tips that you need to follow to impress a Leo man on :

Don’t Be Too Serious

It is very easy to impress a Leo, as long as you follow simple instructional rules. Let them know that they are the leaders in the relationship. They love to feel good and party to the fullest. So, being extra serious or bringing up constant arguments won’t help at all. To attract their admiration, you’ve got to dress to kill and don’t forget the latest fragrance.

Be An Active Listener

If you want to have a long term dating with a Leo, compliment them on first date. They love to be showered with complete affection. They will always like to know if you usually listen to their part of needs. Not to mention, listening to their domineering conversations. However, never try to compete with their need of attention. They hate it when someone pushes them into the sidelines. They will love you more if you give them a chance to be applauded by others.

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Don’t Get Obsessed

Leos are studs and impatient beings. When they start something, they want someone else to finish and on time. He or she will never believe in waiting but want to accomplish everything at the same pace. In all, their impatient nature allows them to achieve more in life. In that note, never get obsessed with a Leo. At this point it is better to understand their slow paced nature.

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Understand Them Emotionally

The most imperative thing if you want to date a Leo is to be open. This means that, you have to spill all your beans from the word go. They will also be free to do the same in return. At the end of it all, they just want to let someone know about their confessions and secrets. Therefore, you should understand their emotions at all cost.

Little Things Matter to Them

Being flattered and giving them lots of compliments is what they crave for. If you generously give the Leo star sign what they want, they will love you to the brim. Yes, they possess intense pride but they will never admit it. For them, their motive is to get a complete admiration and affection. This will act as a key to open their hearts when you are on date with Leo man or on a date with Leo woman.

Never Underestimate A Leo

Never expect a Leo in love to play a traditional or a submissive role. To attract them more, always be ready to take a second lead. They want to be the ones to have the final say as well as making arrangements. So, don’t ruin your chance by acting in an indirect way. You will win him or her more by getting along with their ideas. Don’t forget to bow to their superior nature when you are dating a Leo.

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