Leo Woman Personality Traits

Leo Woman Personality Traits

The Leo woman is usually born between July 22nd through August 23rd. Leo women are fiery and fierce. Nothing can stop a Leo woman from getting what she wants once she has her mind set on it. Her intelligence, creativity, and determination help her to achieve her goals throughout her lifetime.

The Leo woman traits suggest that has a charming personality that helps her to make friends and lovers. She can talk her way out of trouble if need be. And she can talk herself into a higher position at work or something equally rewarding. The Leo woman has high goals and she is willing to work hard to accomplish them. She will aim for the moon, but she won’t be satisfied if she only lands among the stars.

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Leo Woman Love & Sex

Leo woman personality are independent, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be single forever. Leo women are charming and flirtatious. They are confident that they can be with whoever they want. For this reason, they will likely hint towards someone if they want to be with them. However, the Leo woman is too proud to chase a potential partner. She rather they come to her than her go to them. She loves a partner who can take charge, but who will also let her be in charge.

Leo women in love are highly loyal, and because of this, they are not likely to cheat. However, she is likely to flirt with others for some time after getting into a new relationship. She will need to feel loved and cared about. She will be more likely to cheat if she does not feel loved and respected. She will never forgive someone who cheats on her.

When it comes to sex, the Leo woman loves to be creative and in charge. She prefers to be on top, but she will bottom at times. However, she will never do anything degrading, no matter how much her partner wants her too. She is interested in a variety of kinks that she will want to try out with her partner. She is highly passionate and she is sure to give her partner a good time. All she really wants is to please and be pleased in return.

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Leo Woman Work & Money

The Leo woman personality traits suggest that she wants the best possible life for herself and the people who she has to provide for. She knows that she has to work hard if she wants to be able to do this, but she’s not afraid of this fact. Leo women are naturally hard workers and they are determined to get what they want. For their jobs, they are likely to do something respectable, something that will get them a lot of attention, or both. They aren’t ones to settle for retail jobs or another type of job that would make them do meaningless repetitive tasks all day. A Leo woman must work somewhere with the potential for growth for her to be happy.

leo woman personality traits

Leo females love the finer things in life. But she also knows that she needs to learn how to save her money if she wants to be able to afford all of the things she wants. She will likely save the money that she needs. Once she has enough cash to use as a safety net, she will likely spend her hard-earned cash on beautiful clothes, lavish furniture, or even a luxurious vacation.

Leo Woman Health

The Leo woman characteristics show they are strong and competitive. They love to work out both to stay healthy and so they have a body worth showing off. For this reason, fitness usually isn’t an issue for Leo women. They are great at taking care of themselves, especially when they are young. However, they do have a taste for decadent sweets, so they will need to try to avoid that temptation to stay healthy.

Leo zodiac sign’s ruling body parts are the back, forearm, and heart. These parts of the body are usually the strongest in a Leo lady, but they can also be more prone to injury as well. Leo women will have to do their best to avoid muscle strain in their arms and back, and they will need to eat heart-healthy food to prevent against any cardiovascular issues.

Leo Woman Friendship

The Leo woman personality may be independent, but that doesn’t mean that she likes to spend her time alone. Leo women seem to have the ability to attract new people towards her wherever she goes. Her charming personality helps her to make friends, but it is her warmth and loyalty that helps her to keep friends.

The Leo woman will likely have some friends who she keeps around for fun and another set of friends who she reveals her deepest secrets to. She will be loyal to both groups of friends, and she is sure to show them all a great time. The depth of their relationship will be the only real difference.

Leo Woman Family Relationships

Leo women aren’t usually highly family-oriented when they are young. Once they grow up they are likely to focus on their career, hobbies, and romantic life more than they will on their family life. However, during this time she will still be loyal to her family. They may not always be her first priority, but she will always be there when she is needed.

When it comes to having a family of her own, the Leo female will want to make sure that everything is perfect. She is not one to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mother. But instead she will try to do her best in both areas of her life. She will raise her children to be much like she is, and she will always try to make her partner happy. She aims to have a perfect life, and she wants her family to be able to share all that she has earned.

Leo Woman Style

The Leo woman personality traits show she loves the finer things in life, and her fashion style shows it. She is always dressed up in the latest trends, wearing only what flatters her body and avoiding everything that doesn’t. She makes it a point to look her best, and money is no issue to her. She may look like she is trying to be a queen, but that’s only because she thinks she deserves to look like a queen. A Leo woman never has a hair out of place and she won’t be caught dead wearing last season’s clothes.

Jewelry is the way to a Leo woman’s heart, as she wears it almost every day. The fancier a piece of jewelry is, the better. She loves diamonds above all. However, one of the Leo woman’s stones is the ruby, so she can also be seen wearing ruby jewelry often. Her favorite jewelry type is a necklace, but she will wear all other types as well. She lives to stand out from the crowd, and her statement pieces help her to do this.

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Last Few Words About Leo Woman

Leo women are one of a kind. Their creative nature combined with their intelligence and ambition makes them wonderfully determined women. A Leo woman can do anything she puts her mind to, and she’s not afraid to go after even the craziest goals. Anyone would be lucky to know a Leo woman.

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