10 Flirting Tips That Work

10 Tips to Flirt Effectively

If you have been single for a while and you are ready for dating, you might need to up your game. Flirting is the first step towards getting to know someone. Some might say that flirting is art. Continue reading to find out how to flirt effectively and get your love life going.

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1. Introduce yourself

When you see someone you find attracting, but you don’t know how to start the conversation, simply bump into them. You might have to practice this move for it to look natural. But when you do, simply say sorry and start the conversation going.


2. Always remember to smile

Smiling is one of the best ways to show your interest. Smile when you are making the first eye contact or when you are introducing yourself.

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Of course, if the conversation gets serious, you should never smile. But if the other person tells a joke, try to laugh, or at least smile.

3. Learn a good joke

Having a few good jokes up your sleeve is a good way to ensure your flirting success. Choose some good jokes that will fit any occasion. Try to avoid jokes that are too dirty or could offend someone.


4. Get Closer

When you are interested in someone, show it to them with all your body. Face them and get a little bit closer. Don’t break the eye contacts and lean closer to the person you are talking to. This way you are showing your interest and willingness to get closer.

5. Show interest

When you are talking to someone you are interested in, don’t hesitate to show it to them. If you are just nodding your head and saying “Mm-hmm,” the other person might start to think that you are not listening to them.

Instead of just making noises, try to repeat what they are saying, for example, “I am from over here”- “Oh really, from here, how great!”.

6. Compliment them

Complementing the person you are interested in can go a long way. It sets the conversation in a very positive mood. Better yet, use compliments as a way to let them know you are an intellectual.

Compare something in their looks with a famous painting, or with a famous actor/actress. Even if the other person is shy and doesn’t know how to take a compliment, they will have another topic to switch the conversation too.

7. Use your body

If you want to show your interest, your body should tell that too. When you are flirting with someone, try to touch them gently. Don’t cross your hands, because it signals the other person to step back. Also, study the other person’s body language, because it can tell you when to get closer or when to step back.


8. Ask questions

There is no better way to show your interest than asking the other person to tell about themselves. Let them talk and try not to interrupt, but in the meantime remember to say something about yourself too.

9. Give them space

When you have just met someone, it is always fun to get to know each other. Remember that if all goes well, you will have plenty of time to get to know each other. Try not to cling to one person all evening. Let them have some time to figure out if they are interested. Plus, playing hard to get can also work to your benefit.

10. Flirt while texting

If you have succeeded in getting the other persons phone number, you have the opportunity to flirt while texting. It is sometimes easier to flirt by using technology since you have more time to think about what you are going to say. Plus, try not to respond to every message straight away. Leave them hanging, and you will quickly find out how into you the other person is.

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