Aquarius Moon Compatibility

Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Aquarius

Born when the moon is in Aquarius, you are probably the most emotionally detached zodiac sign among the twelve. Governed by ideas and words, you have a stubborn streak when you have a clear idea of things. You are more open to fact and concept, instead of sentiment and passion. In a relationship, you offer clear objective and reason, rather than emotional support. Similarly, emotional drama is foreign to you, and you will feel annoyance rather than sympathy. Hence you may be a good business partner to have.

Aquarius Moon, you are a kind and compassionate person, you are more comfortable with philosophy or ideas, rather than taking action. You thrive in a community setting, your observation skill allows you to connect with various types of people in a group. This ability helps you become a popular person in a party, or a brilliant networker. You also have a sense of justice, believing in equality and will sometimes fight for it.

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Aquarius moon in love may appear shy or detached, because you feel like an outsider at times. You may feel awkward because you instinctively sense that you do not belong emotionally with a group. The outsider feeling may be your unconscious fear of closeness or rejection, lack of intimacy keeps you safe from emotional contact and possibility of getting hurt. This might have an impact on your romantic relationship, which will involve emotions. You are a trustworthy person, but can be unreliable when it comes to details, as you tend to focus on bigger picture.

Moon Aquarius likes freedom in relationships, and you have a strong need to be an independent person. You can be prone to temper tantrums, mainly due to your detachment with emotions and unable to handle them when they overwhelm you. When it comes to decision making, you can be stubborn when you want your way. Your optimism, sense of humor and playfulness helps you attract friends, and makes them easier to forgive you.

Best traits: friendly, optimist, humorous

Worst traits: emotionally detached, stubborn

Aquarius Moon Sign Relationships

Aquarius Moon & Aries Moon

Aquarius moon, you can be great friends with Moon Aries, because you love new experiences and challenges. Both Moon Aquarius and Moon Aries like to socialize and find new opportunities, which means that it will be a good friendship, with fun times ahead.

Moon Aries wants to be the dominant one in a relationship. This might not sit well with you as you are also a dominant star sign. Both of you will become rebellious if the other is in charge, unless you compromise. Aries Moon will let tempers fly but does not hold grudges, while Moon Aquarius, you will rationalize your feelings. Otherwise, Moon Aries’ need for action will pair well with your love of change.

You can be compatible Moon Signs if you work well to resolve your issues. In a business relationship, you will be a powerhouse of ideas and plans. In a romantic partnership, your reluctance to take a step back might cause relationship to breakdown. Fortunately, when Aquarius and Aries moon signs both commit to this relationship, it will more likely to last.

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Aquarius Moon & Taurus Moon

Moon Aquarius, you and Moon Taurus have different needs and desires, your outlook in life is distinct and will contribute to the longevity of the relationship. As you are both fixed in your ways, there will be issues when you try to work out a compromise.

Aquarius, you like excitement and new things, but Taurus Moon is resistant to change and prefers routine. They want a home, family is last on your priority list in life. Aquarius, your need to be independent and free does not sit well with Moon Taurus, who wants to be part of things. Your habit of stirring the pot disrupts Taurus’ need for a tranquil home. A traditionalist versus progressive, you will have many discussions around how you do things.

Aquarius Taurus moon compatibility for marriage is not good because you are different Moon Signs and do not share the same focus in life. There are a lot of issues that require compromising. It might be a big challenge for both you and Moon Taurus to find a common ground and get along.

Aquarius Moon & Gemini Moon

Aquarius, you and Moon Gemini can be best friends or great partners in general. You both have the same insights that motivates your actions. There is little compromise between the two zodiac signs to achieve a strong pairing.

Moon Aquarius, you and Moon Gemini love to socialize, and not shy to embrace change. Moon Gemini needs mental stimulation, and Aquarius your unpredictability keeps them alert and happy. You both like to have a good laugh. Both you and Gemini Moon are more likely to discuss your emotions and analyze them, you are detached in the same way. There is little that you do not have in common.

Moon Aquarius and Moon Gemini are compatible soul mates, because you have the same outlook in life and are not afraid to move forward together. As long as you are happy to talk issues out and solve them, this love match will last a long time, going stronger as you go.

Aquarius Moon & Cancer Moon

Aquarius, you and Moon Cancer will have a balance problems in your relationship unless you make an effort to find a common ground. Both you and Moon Cancer look at the world with different eyes, and do not expect the same things from a relationship.

Moon sign astrology shows that the Cancer wants someone to mother, because they put home the first priority. Moon Aquarius you hate to be possessed, you want to be independent and free, you also put family last. You are a progressive person, while  Cancer is slow to adapt change one committed. Moon Cancer is also an emotional Moon Sign, while Aquarius you like to intellectualize your feelings.

You and Moon Cancer are not compatible, because you run on different things in life. Both of you will struggle to find a common ground because you do not see eye to eye. For this zodiac compatibility to work, there are many issues you need to adapt to.

Aquarius Moon & Leo Moon

Aquarius, you and Moon Leo will have interesting times together. You have some similar traits but it will also be the cause of many issues in this partnership. As friends, you get along well because of your love for social life and change.

Moon Leo wants to be put on a pedestal, and loves emotional drama. Moon Aquarius you wants to be in a group, and have no desire to be in the center of attention. Leo wants to be the alpha in the relationship, Aquarius you have issues with authority, even if you do not need to be the boss. Your rebellious nature will not sit well with Leo Moon sign, who wants praise and devotion. Moon Leo will find it annoying when you place group and community before Leo.

You will have a strong moon sign relationship if you work hard to be on the same page. Moon Aquarius you will have to pay more attention to Moon Leo, and Leo will have to appreciate your need to be independent and free. You are not compatible Moon Signs and will have to compromise to reach a balance.

Aquarius Moon & Virgo Moon

Moon Aquarius, you and Moon Virgo can be good business partners or friends, because you have different strengths that will cover another’s weakness. There are issues that you need to address because of your point of views, but you will likely be more than friends.

Aquarius you love excitement and change, always looking into the future; Moon Virgo feels more secure in a common pathway, happier to be careful. Moon Aquarius you want to save the world, but happy to left your family behind; Moon Virgo puts family first, and will look after Moon Aquarius’ health and well-being as you go out to save humanity. Virgo Moon is also a perfectionist, and might find Aquarius’ flighty attitude disturbing,

Moon Aquarius and Moon Virgo in love can be a good pair, if you can find a common ground to share. You may need to be more open in discussion, and be willing to make changes and compromise for this relationship. While Moon Virgo has no issues with commitment, it is Moon Aquarius, you who needs to make the choice.

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Aquarius Moon & Libra Moon

Aquarius, you and Moon Libra may have endless conversation topics, because you can share ideas about many things. There is a good possibility that you can be more than friends, but your emotional detachment may be a potential deal breaker.

Moon Aquarius, you need to have more freedom and independence compared to Moon Libra who needs to have a romantic partner to feel loved. Libra Moon is conscious about social acceptance and being a good person overall. But Aquarius, you scoff at convention and tend to rebel for fun. Both of you like to socialize, but Moon Libra is family first, while you put family last.

Aquarius Moon compatibility Libra can be excellent because there is nothing you cannot talk about. You can talk about your feelings and emotions, and that can help you put relationship in perspective. If you can work it out and find a common ground, this pairing can last a long time.

Aquarius Moon & Scorpio Moon

Moon Aquarius, you and Moon Scorpio have little in common, hence you will have a rocky relationship. You have problems walking in each other’s shoes, as Moon Scorpio runs on emotions while you prefer to be intellectual when dealing with situations.

Moon Aquarius, you are emotionally detached, preferring to handle problems in a rational way. Moon Scorpio feels emotions intensely and will not hesitate to seek retribution. They can be possessive and jealous, which will make Aquarius feel restricted and make them rebel. Scorpio Moon is a private person, but you like to be in groups and community.

You have different needs in a relationship. Hence you do not share good Aquarius moon sign compatibility. There will be a lot of struggle for you to find a common ground. You will struggle to understand each other because you have different outlooks in life. It will be easier to move on.

Aquarius Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Moon Aquarius, you and Moon Sagittarius are good friends with hopes to be more. You have many common interests, and your differences are complementary to each other. Aquarius, you and Moon Sagittarius will have many fun times together.

Social butterflies, both Aquarius you and Moon Sagittarius you like to try new experience and have adventures. You both need to have personal independence and freedom, and do not care much about domestic issues. Neither of you are emotional people, and you tend to plan for the future rather than looking to the past or staying in present.

You have a lot in common, Aquarius you and Moon Sagittarius are compatible Moon Signs. There is little need to compromise to have a strong relationship. Although you get along well, outsiders may think that this moon sign compatibility is superficial, because emotions do not come into play.

Aquarius Moon & Capricorn Moon

Aquarius, you and Moon Capricorn are different people with different desires. You may make good friends, but you need to cooperate if you want a stronger relationship. Both of you have a good chance of a relationship beyond friendship.

Moon Aquarius, you like to socialize, wanting to change the world in one fell swoop. Moon Capricorn is more private and more down to earth, preferring to work hard. Your optimism might be put into damper by Capricorn’s cynicism. They are traditionalists, which may grate you, who prefers new things. Moon Capricorn likes boundaries, but Aquarius you like to test them, or break them if possible. Together, you feel inhibited by each other.

Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Moon are not compatible for marriage, because you will find it hard to find a common ground. You are fundamentally distinct people, and your priorities do not match. It will be easier to move on, as Moon Aquarius you are not as committed as Moon Capricorn is when it comes to relationship.

Aquarius Moon & Aquarius Moon

Moon in Aquarius, you both understand each other well, because you share similar zodiac personality traits. As you both have similar needs, you instinctively know what your partner needs. Unfortunately, this Aquarius moon sign compatibility might struggle to make this pairing last.

Both of you do not want to be tied down, as you want your freedom and independence. You also put family last, you want to be sociable and participate in various adventures. You are idealists, focusing on what should be instead of what is, and that may skew your perception of one another. Aquarius Moon, you are also emotionally unavailable, and you are out of touch with each other’s feelings.

In a business relationship, your level-headedness and ability to detach from your emotions is a plus. But in a romantic partnership, this spells disaster, there is little moon compatibility for double Moon Aquarius. You will more likely drift apart because of commitment issues. If you want to make this work, your partner will have to be your priority.

Aquarius Moon & Pisces Moon

Moon Aquarius, you and Moon Pisces understand the world differently, you do not have much in common and you both have different outlook in life. Both you and Pisces have needs in a relationship, but you will struggle to meet it.

Aquarius, you are a social person who likes change and adventure. Moon Pisces is more private and a bit of a recluse. They prefer to help a person, while you prefer to save the world in one go. You tend to intellectualize your emotions, but Pisces Moon is more sensitive to emotions. They like to dream and Aquarius like to plan.

While Moon Aquarius and Moon Pisces are not quite compatible, they can learn a lot from each other. You can gain insight to your emotions via Moon Pisces’ emotional intuition, whilst they can learn how to be more rational during situations in this Aquarius moon compatibility.

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