10 Things Guys Actually Want in a Wife According to a Guy

10 Things Guys Want in a Wife According to a Guy

In a relationship, partners have desires—what they want in their spouses to do—to ensure peace and happiness. Often, unnecessary friction is created because partners are unable to discern what their partners want. Many believe that a guy’s desire revolves around food and sex, and that amuses me. There are so many secret desires men want from their partners, but I’ll highlight ten desires that are common to every man.

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1. Great Sex

Yes, you saw that right, sex, and not just any sex. The sexy, steamy, exhilarating sex that takes you out of this world. We are not all about sex. However, it is still an important part of the relationship. We don’t want our wives to act like sex goddesses or porn stars; just someone who enjoys having good sex with us. Sometimes a bit of vanilla sex or special treat may just be what we need to get our motors running.

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2. A Listening Ear

Getting to speak about many of our troubles or worries is a lot harder than our wives think. Usually, we want to talk about it. However, we are unsure of what our wives reaction would be. For example, when we lose our jobs, we are afraid our wives will lose faith in us. It is our desire that our partners understand that while it may be hard to communicate our worries, they should accept that, but always be ready to listen.

3. A Little Less Nagging

Many consider the natural character of women to be nagging. Men understand that women sometimes may not be comfortable with the state of things, but nagging? It unsettles us, affects our psychological state and can get us moody throughout the day. Sometimes, a little less complaining, but agreement and understanding are necessary.

4. Communication

Silent torture sounds familiar? One of the commonest relationship breakers is strained communication. We want our wives to be able to talk when she’s bothered, sad, or uncomfortable. We want our wives to be able to tell us our faults instead of keeping mute and giving attitudes. A healthy relationship is achievable when partners can communicate to each other effectively.

5. Support

The support of a woman cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes we want to make decisions, follow a passion, or change course. We just want our wives to be patient, support and drive us into becoming what we want to be. At times, things will get rough, or a little messy, but the kind words, help rendered by our partners may just be what we need to pull through.

6. Trust

It is normal for people to get jealous. Men and women get jealous alike. However, it is when insecurity sets in that it becomes a problem. We want to be able to take our wives for their words and not have any reason to doubt them. In the same vein, we don’t want our wives getting mad at the lady they saw us working with, or doubt our excuse for coming home late. A lasting relationship is possible only when there are mutual trust and respect.

7. Bits of Surprises

No one likes monotony. We like partners who can spice up the relationship with bits of surprises now and then. We don’t like it that we can always predict what our wives will do on anniversaries, or what stories they’ll tell. Surprises keep the relationship interesting and worthwhile.

8. Smartness and Ambition

We want a wife who doesn’t just lie around all day, or hang out with friends all the time. We want our partners to have goals and ambitions, dreams they want to chase with us.

9. Quality Time

By quality time, we do not mean having you under our skin all the time. Rather, we desire that you spend time with us, and enjoy it. We want to know you enjoy having us around.  A good way is to plan a picnic or road trip for two. Even when a relationship is falling apart, creating time for each other may just be the tip that works.

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10. A Partner

We don’t want our women to be just wives; we want them as partners. Hence, being partners means accepting our flaws, our imperfection, and inconsistencies. We desire a lasting union with our wives because we care and love them. It may take some time to adjust. Ultimately, everything will work just the way it ought to be.

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