10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

Almost everyone (if not all) wants their partner to understand certain things about them. They deduce from hours of being together, what they want. Even without saying as much a word about it. A lot goes on in a man’s mind. But so many times, he chooses not to share them all with his woman. This is not because he’s extremely secretive or lying. It sometimes boils down to the fact that he’s too proud or abashed to talk about his thoughts.

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Men can be less expressive about their needs, compared to women. This makes them prone to a silent torture when their emotional thirst is left unquenched.Below are ten things they may not say they want but secretly wish you know:

1. Space

When women are troubled, they connect to close friends and family. They seek advice and find solace in hugs, a reassuring talk over coffee. However, men, when agitated, stay by themselves. They will rather sort out the chaos in their head by themselves, with little (or no) help from someone they trust.

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Give him space when you realize he needs it. Be sure to understand this before your presence starts to choke him. You may be concerned, so concerned you don’t want to leave him, but you need to.When he’s done figuring things out, he’ll be grateful you understood enough to have left him to.

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2. Praise

Men need constant reassurance about themselves. This is regarding their sexual doughtiness, attractiveness, and efficiency as partners.
It is common for them to appraise their partner’s beauty. Women should just wake up in the morning and praise their partner’s attractiveness. Calling him Handsome, the sunshine, bliss, and other beautiful names don’t hurt anyone, does it?.

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It is time for women to quit being the only receiving end when it comes to appraisal. Tell your man how attractive he is, what you like about him. When he accomplishes a task, buys you something or does something incredible, commend his fervor.

3. Emotional Intimacy

Men, from childhood, have been taught appearing weak is not ‘manly.’ Actions such as revealing concerns, expressing fears are in regarded as the genre of ‘weak.’If he trusts his woman enough, a man disarms himself of his uptightness and leans on her.
He needs to be sure that bawling like a baby before you will be welcomed.

Definitely not with tissue alone but open comforting arms. He needs to be sure that showing you the weak man within will not be accompanied by your jests, mock or wobbling trust in his strength. Pushing him away at this time when he needs you the most, may lead to his never trusting you with his emotions again.

4. Nagging

Women find it so easy to nag non-stop over fiddling things. These might be forgotten anniversaries, unpaid bills, unfixed damages, and so on. Men may not talk during your session of everlasting tirade. They may not even complain when you’ve collected yourself. Still, that doesn’t mean they are fine with it. I was brought up by a nagging mother. I know being nagged at is not exactly one of the twenty things you want to happen to you before you wind up dead. It is an annoying experience.

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Men with nagging partners soon will start to seek solace anywhere. But their home, and thus the relationship jogs towards its halt. To add on that, men hate nagging. It’s okay to be mad, but state your complaints in words clear enough, be couth about it and talk things out.

5. No Stalking

Additionaly, it is quite selfish to check up on your man every hour just because he’s away. You can’t have him to yourself all the time, and the sooner you understand this, the better. He had other relationships (non-sexual) before you met. Getting in the way of keeping them is not exactly good for both of you. Equally, just like you love shopping with your girlfriends, he loves it when he’s hanging out with his buddies. If your texts and calls keep him from having quality time out, he’ll probably switch off the phone, the relationship too.

6. Keep Your Grip on What Makes You Female

I don’t know what attracts men to tomboys. No offense is intended, but seeing a guy date such feels awkward. There are differences in sexuality, not every man wants to date a replica of them when it comes to wardrobe choices and mannerism.
Men care about the way you look, even if they say nothing about it. They appreciate you making an effort to look cute for them. Therefore,
hold on to the things that make you feminine, some heels here, makeup and lingerie there, they love it!

7. Respect

A man will have a hard time trusting and loving you if he discovers you disapprove of him, his beliefs, and career. Your disrespect of his mission in life may lead to him distancing himself from you.

Don’t tell him he’s incompetent (even when he is) Men hate to feel incapable; they don’t want to hear that they are unmanly, lazy or that they suck at fixing something. They want to be good at something because this attests to their power and superiority. Furthermore, they don’t want to be your puppet, but your guard from all and sundry.

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8. Sexual Connection

Men connect more through sex and women through verbal communication. Supposedly, sex can be his expression of love. Pushing him away or leaving him the task of initiating it every time might make him feel unloved. He wants the sexual intimacy from you because he wants to feel desired by you.

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9. Support His Club

To add to those, the first thing about men who are into sports is that they love their clubs. This is almost to the degree they love their women. It is important you let him enjoy watching games. Watch with him when you can. Learn about his favorite sport, celebrate each win with him and cheer him up when his club loses. Supporting his club will go a long way in making him stick with you.

10. Accept His Family and Mates

Finally, no man wants to date an unfriendly sociopath. Therefore, make an effort when he brings his friends home; homemade dinner and banter and they are cool with you. It is necessary that some of his friends and family like you.

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