5 Reasons You Never Forget Your First Love

5 Reasons You Never Forget Your First Love

Every person falls in love at some point of time in their lives. Love is a magical feeling, and every one of us wants to feel it at least once in their lifetime. But it is only a few whose first love becomes their last too. Most of us face heart breaks with our first love. But still, we believe in the saying ‘First Love Never Dies.’

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Many of us still reminisce about the time we first fell in love. Our thoughts are as fresh as the love we felt at that time. Somewhere at the back of our minds, we know what went wrong and why we ‘broke-up’ with the one. But we are unable to wash away the memories from our minds. Why is it so? What makes our first love so special?

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1. It was the ‘First’ Time

There’s a first time for everything. But none captures your heart and memories as vividly as the first love. A person gets to see ‘love’ in a new light when he/she falls in love for the first time. It is a new feeling; different from the ‘love’ one feels towards their parents or friends.

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We are grasped by this sudden urge and excitement but fail to know the exact reason behind that strange feeling. The lines between liking and loving are no more blurred, and we can see the difference between the two. First love is powerful because it sweeps you off your feet even before you can understand what exactly is happening.

2. Going from Heartache to Heartbreak

When we have a crush on someone, it is usually a one-sided attraction. Our heart pains if we lose our ‘crush’ to someone else or if the one we like does not like us back. But our first loves are rarely one-sided. Hence, when we lose the one who we thought to be our ‘perfect partner,’ our heart bleeds.

First heartbreak is the time a person goes through a varied range of emotions like pain, dejection, sadness, anger etc. The intensity with which we feel the emotions for the first time leaves a wound on our soul that becomes almost impossible to heal. You may realize later on that the two of you were not meant to be together and were not compatible enough; but, the pangs you felt during your first heartbreak stays with you for a lifetime.

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3. It Sets Standards for Future Relationships

First love and first heartbreak teaches one a lot of things about love and life. They act as the guiding light in a person’s life. Everyone tries to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them in the future. If a person regarded his/her first love as the ‘perfect one’, he/she wants their future relationships to match up to that expectation. In one way or the other, we make our first loves the benchmark for all our future relationships.

4. It Changes You as a Person

As we start to experience the feeling of love for the first time, we also find newer meanings to terms like ‘care,’ ‘compromise,’ ‘adjustments,’ ‘loyalty’ etc. We gradually start learning about life from a different dimension. It changes our viewpoints.

As a young person falling head over heels for someone, we experience an exhilarating feeling. We are ripe with emotions and carry our hearts on our sleeves without any fear holding us back. We love with all our hearts and with the innocence of a child. But with our first heartbreaks, we lose our vulnerability.

Our naivete and innocence are lost in the process and a barrier forms around us that prevent the free flow of love into our lives yet again. We refuse to love with the same intensity as caution, fear and guard form a protective barrier around us. Once bitten, twice shy!

5. It Leaves a ‘What If.’

Time flies, you move ahead in your life and so does your first love. But, you are never quite able to accept the fact that things didn’t work out between the two of you. You are always left with a question ‘What if?’ You have moved on in your lives and may be happier than ever. But, memories of them refuse to leave you. It is not love, but it is not indifference either.

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First loves are special because they are the first chapters of love we read in our lives. It is the small moments, and the feelings experienced that makes it portentous. It is a reminder of the times when we were young, innocent and loved passionately.

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