9 Surprising Things Every Wife Must Know About Her Husband

9 Surprising Things Every Wife Must Know About Her Husband

Getting married is like getting a long term roommate, except you had promised to have and to hold, for richer and poorer. If things go well, you have a partner for life. Husbands are part of you for he is a companion that you have chosen to share your life with. Even if you are in an arranged marriage, here are ten surprising things that every wife must know about her husband.

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When you know a person well enough, things like favorite food, color or car is something you pick up. Men do not always show what they want because he might be shy. Some men are brought up not to sweat the small things. But as a wife, knowing more about your husband can make him feel appreciated.

1. He Is Not You

To begin with, Your husband is not you; hence you cannot know what he is thinking and vice versa. He will be unable to do things the way you do: fold laundry, cooking and making coffee. Your husband is his own individual, with his habits. It takes getting used to, but him folding clothes differently from yours is still better than not doing it at all.

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People change and grow hence you and your husband are the same. He is not you, so trying to know your husband better is a continuous process. Enjoy unraveling the mystery that is your husband.

2. He Is a Big Kid

Even if he is old enough to marry and acts like an adult sometimes, husbands are big kids at heart. The childishness comes out when he is angry or sick. Looking after husband can be a challenge when he acts like a child, but he trusts that you will take care of him.

It is equally important to know when to cede an argument, fighting with a kid will result in an endless loop. As wives, sometimes you have to be the adult and lose the argument, especially when it is going nowhere. You are a bigger person by losing the fight, but you have won the war.

3. He Needs Space

While women prefer to have someone to connect to all the time, men need space to breathe. Work stress, family responsibilities and needs of children at home can drive a man to his quiet space. Men and women are wired differently; you needing connection may clash with his need for some breather.

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Give a man his time out, and he will come to you with full attention. It will be useful to work out cues for your husband when he needs space. Similarly, you can adopt his cues to take a step back during busy times. Having some breathing space allows you to become a better spouse and parent, because you are less stressed.

4. How He Fights

Does he fight dirty, or does he argue with logic? If you know how he fights an argument, then you can find ways to end the fight in peace. It is normal in a relationship to have disagreements; it is how you handle them that makes the difference. Prolonged fights can hurt not only a partnership but also create distrust. Knowing how he fights is a step closer to ending it.

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Another advantage of knowing how your husband fights, is realizing when things are extreme. At some point, you will realize that some arguments carry more weight. You know how to end a fight peacefully, and that is how relationships survive.

5. What Sets Him Off

Knowing what makes your husband tick is a valuable thing. Surprisingly, not many wives know the things that set their husbands off. If you notice that he is frequently upset when someone forgets the beer, it might be wise to keep a constant supply of it. When you have bad news, steer clear of issues or things that might set him off before hand.

If you know that it cannot be avoided, give him a heads up. Allowing him to be emotionally prepared for the inevitable can help mitigate the anger. Even a husband who has endless patience will have something that will make him blow. Understanding what makes him angry can be helpful because you can run and hide.

6. He Is an Action Man

Wives must know that her husband is either a word man or an action man. An action man is one who shows his love through actions rather than words. He might do all the housework on your birthday, but to shower your day with sweet words, too hard. The action man may do unexpected things to show that he is sorry, but he will never say it.

Understanding that which kind of man he is, makes you less angry when words do not come. If you are expecting the words, but you have actions instead, take it and be happy. Some men are programmed to be unable to express their emotions in words, so showing that they care can be the best they can do.

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7. When He Needs Support

Your husband may be the supportive person in your family, the pillar of the house. But men need support too. Equally, some require emotional support while others may require spiritual. Knowing when and which support he needs helps you strengthen your relationship as husband and wife. He might not ask for it. Nevertheless, giving a hand when he needs it is a priceless gift you can give him as a wife.

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Some husbands will ask for support while others will never tell you they need it. Learning how to read cues from their body language is also a valuable skill you will develop as their partners. If they need help disciplining the kids, stand on his side and show support as a unit. Husbands need a helping hand all the time, even if they pretend they do not want it.

8. How He Sees Himself As A Parent

You and your husbands are individuals but also a unit as parents. Knowing how your husband sees himself as a parent can help you be a wife and parent better. Some husbands are the good guys in the family whereas others prefer their spouses to be on the same page. He might not want to be a father as well. As a couple in a relationship, it is important to know this about your partner.

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Before having children, having a lengthy discussion about your future as husband and wife can help make the relationship stronger. Issues such as how to raise the kids, and what roles do you play as parents. These decisions might change when the children are born, but at least you know where each partner stands.

9. He Needs To Feel Needed

Additionally, men like to feel important and need to feel needed. As wives unintentionally rule the household with multitasking skills, husbands are left behind feeling useless. It is easy to do everything by yourself because husbands do things differently too. In the end, your Partner may become frustrated and stressed out.

Finally, make your husband feel needed by letting him help out. It might take some time and patience for the new routine to work; at least you will have a partner who is more involved with children. Better still, you still needing him is a great boost of confidence. Your husband might be a new man after that.

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