5 Signs That You Are Stuck On the Friends-Zone

5 Signs That You Are Stuck On the Friends-Zone

Do you have that friend that you always wish you were more than friends with them? Well, if you have someone in mind, then chances are that they placed you in the friends-zone long time ago. But, the question is, how did things get to this point? Did you notice any signs that you were being friend-zoned? If you never noticed anything strange, here are clear signs that things got way out of hand before you noticed it.

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He or she keeps talking about people of the opposite sex with you

Certainly, you should be wise enough to realize that the lady or man would not talk to you about other people they like or that they are interested in. There must be a valid reason why they keep talking about this. Truly, this means that they simply consider you are nothing more than friends.

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In other words, you are a harmless individual that would not ignite any interest in their eyes. Therefore, when he/she talks frequently about other individuals they are interested in, this is a red flag that you are on the friends-zone.

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They are not ashamed of revealing their disgusting habits when around you

If at all you are thinking of asking him or her out and that they are not ashamed of exposing their weird habits, then you need to think twice. This habit could mean that you are already in the friends-zone.

Take for example a lady friend that farts around you. If she is not ashamed of this then you should think of casting your fishing net elsewhere; she is not interested.

They drive your interest to other places

There is also a scenario where your partner might talk to you about other candidates you might be interested in. When the man you are interested in does this, rest guaranteed that they do not consider you as their potential lover. To them, you are just friends who go out with each other and nothing more.

Consequently, the next time you hear comments about how that man or woman could be an ideal partner for you. Take it as a warning sign that you would not be dating anytime soon.

They will avoid being seen publicly with you

The last thing that a handsome or a beautiful lady needs is someone that would ruin their chances of hitting the jackpot. This means that they would try to avoid friends who could destroy their chances of winning the love of whom they seek for.

Hence, if you are the type that he or she rarely wants to be seen with you publicly, think twice. There is a high likelihood that you are regarded as a friend with no additional interests. This is another clear sign that you have been friends-zoned. Consequently, seek for dating alternatives elsewhere.

Your relationship is not exclusive

Women are very clever. They can tell you in a thousand ways that they are not interested in you without having to say any word. Well, this is how this happens. Take for example you plan to meet for breakfast together. When a woman shows up with her friend, this speaks volumes about the type of relationship that you are having. Certainly, this could happen once or twice, which is ok.

Nonetheless, when this occurs repeatedly, you need to ask yourself some questions. In other words, she is communicating that she is not interested in a relationship. So, the next time you call her for a movie and she shows up with her friend, rest assured that your luck in winning her over have gone through the window.

All in all, getting friends-zone is quite frustrating. However, it is important to read the signs before things get out of hand. Understanding the direction that your relationship is taking would ensure that you free yourself from future disappointments.

Thus, with the above mentioned signs, you ought to be aware of whether he or she is the right man or woman to date.

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