10 Signs That Your Man Is Marriage Material

10 Signs That Your Man Is Marriage Material

This is the partner article to one written previously on this website: Is Your Woman Marriage Material? It’s only appropriate that we address the opposite side of the argument: how about the man? Women need to be informed as well. Marriage is a big deal! And it shouldn’t be taken lightly. But how does one know if their partner is ready for marriage and is even marriage material! There are a few things to establish before asking if your man is marriage material:

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One should know:

  1. Whether they want marriage in their own lives
  2. Whether they actually want to marry this other person
  3. Whether they’re ready for this next step

OK, if one has found the answer to all of these questions, and is ready to ask about their man and marriage, then take a look at the checklist below to decide whether the man is worthy of that sacred life-long commitment. In order to find out, ask the questions below:

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#1. How’s his patience?

Watch your man’s temper. Does it flare up at the slightest inconvenience? Or can he handle a lot? Watch how he reacts to frustrating situations and situations where he doesn’t get what he wants. If he is patient and can deal with the ups and downs in life, then he is definitely marriage material. Marriage is hard enough without being married to someone who can’t handle even little difficulties. Try this marriage compatibility test.

#2. How’s his sense of humor?

Is he funny? Is he able to make people laugh? Can he let things roll of his back? This is definitely something to look for. Now, he doesn’t have to be the class clown, but it’s a definite good sign if he can laugh at himself. That means he doesn’t take life too seriously, and he understands that everyone’s human and makes mistakes. It will also make the road of marriage a bit more interesting.

#3. How is he with money?

No one wants a cheapskate, but it’s also dangerous to get involved with someone who spends frivolously and in an out of control manner or who cares more about money than other important things. Keep note of how he deals with his money. Can he live within his means? Will he sacrifice something good just for money? Does he have savings goals in mind? Here are some facts about marriage.

#4. Is he kind?

This is a huge one! Sadly, it’s becoming rarer and rarer these days, but it’s important for one’s partner to be kind. Watch how he treats strangers, his family, and authority figures in his life. Does he know how to be kind? Is he able to be kind when things get tense or tough? Kindness is a classy trait and one that will make the stressful aspects of marriage a lot easier.

#5. How is he with stress?

Sure, everyone gets stressed in their lives, but does he let it get in the way of everything? Does he let it take over his life? Stress is inevitable for everyone, but it’s a good sign when a man can take control of his stress instead of letting it take control of him and bring him and the relationship down.

#6. Is he responsible?

This translates into so many different things. Does he take care of his body? Can he keep a clean house? Does he do adult, responsible things, such as have a bank account, keep a job, and take steps to improve his life: join a gym, get a higher degree, etc. A woman wants a man that they know they can trust and depend on. They want an adult partner who knows how to live in an adult world.

#7. Is he loyal?

This is another big one. This is definitely something that the woman should make sure of before she gets in too deep with a man. Can he maintain relationships? How does he deal with his friendships? Is he faithful in his romantic relationships? It’s impossible to know for 100 percent if someone is going to be loyal and faithful, but by taking note of how their man interacts with their other relationships, they can get a pretty good idea. Try this friendship compatibility test.

#8. Is he a good listener?

This is a skill that can be developed over time. But, it would be even better if the man had this skill beforehand. Is he willing to take the time to listen and be attentive to his partner’s needs? Can he take criticism and learn from it? Can he understand what his partner is saying to him? These are all good questions to think about. If each person has the skill of listening in a relationship, then it will make things go smoother and will help to develop a deeper intimacy.

#9. How does the woman’s family and friends feel about him?

This question was also in the previous article because it’s so important. Now, friends and family shouldn’t always have the last say in who someone dates, but if they are fully against this other person, then one should think about that. That’s something to be analyzed. Maybe they’re missing some big red flag that they’re unware of! Plus, family and friends are going to part of one’s life, and it will make things a whole lot easier if they get along with and like one’s partner.

#10. Are both people more similar than different?

Does he have similar views as his partner on important things such as religion and politics? It can make things extra tense and stressful if people are polar opposites on huge issues that matter. This is something that can easily be discovered in the beginning of a relationship through conversation and spending time together and interacting with others. Opposites supposedly attract, but those who are more similar have a higher success rate with marriage.

There are so many more things to think about when deciding if one’s partner is ready for the step of marriage, but these are the most important. Also, don’t forget to ask: Does the man even believe in marriage? Does he want to get married and make a lifelong commitment?

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Because even if he fits every other part of the checklist above, but doesn’t want to get married, then what’s the point? Never force a relationship. If someone expresses qualms about the ideas of marriage and doesn’t believe they want to do it, and the other person does, then it’s time to get out. One shouldn’t waste their time on someone that doesn’t even want what they want! They should go find someone who desires the same things.

Also, as was mentioned in the partner article, one should follow their heart and their gut. Follow their instinct. If deep down, they know this is the right person for them, or if it’s the opposite, and they know that the relationship isn’t right, then get out! Life is too short to waste it on relationships that aren’t satisfying or with the right people.

Also, it’s unfair to the other person if one knows that the relationship isn’t the right thing. But, if the heart says yes, then it’s probably a good lead to go with. Check with the other parts of this list, but in the end, follow what the heart says. The heart knows what it wants, and the gut knows when something isn’t right. So, if everything’s a go, when he gets down on one knee, feel the freedom and joy of saying yes!

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