6 Reasons for Dating a Public Speaker

Why Should You Date a Professional Speaker?

Public speaking is an excellent art, and not anybody can succeed in that field. I have great respect for public speakers because the last time I tried it, it was a total flop and I’ve not been able to rise again.

This was not because I was dumb, no, I prepared a great speech but how to sell it out was the problem. This means public speaking requires more than making a great speech.

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It is an art, and not everyone has that qualities. They are confident, intelligent, organized and know how to pull the audience to listen to them.

This makes public speakers unique in their own right and dating them can be fun and exciting. It is worthy to know that every successful people speaker learns to “date” their audience. Dating here means getting their audience to follow and relate to them. So they already have the qualities that make a relationship successful. Now, here are some reasons to date a public speaker.

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1. They are Confident

Every successful public speaker has the trait of self-confidence, and that is one of the keys to the art. Without confidence, you can’t face more than 50 people, much more to deliver a presentation to them.

However, public speakers have through time developed a thick skin, they are confident and intelligent, and that makes them sure. So if they can meet and speak to a massive number of people, meeting your family and friends wouldn’t be a problem. You can invite your partner to any event or place, and they will surely reach the mark.

2. Communication

A relationship thrives on effective communication. Not just having a little discussion but one that seeks to the betterment of the relationship. It is through dialogue that couples can solve their challenges and place forward their expectations.

So, as public speaking is a form of communication, your partner wouldn’t have difficulties in bringing up a discussion. They engage people most often so having it with you would be a routine. Public speakers know the right time to say something.

They know when to crack a joke and when to get serious. You will always have something interesting to discuss, and that can spice up the relationship.

3. They are Hilarious

There is one trick about public speakers, and that helps them to maintain their control over their audience. That is being hilarious. A lengthy presentation can create boredom, and there are times some audience choose to sleep as if they were in their bed.

To prevent such occurrences, public speakers usually introduce jokes into their presentation to make it exciting. As the audience gets to laugh, it energizes the atmosphere and keeps them to follow the presentation.

If you have a witty person as a partner, they can calm your nerves during difficult times. They can make you laugh over your worries.

4. Organize and Thoughtful

Before they mount the stage, they make sure all their thoughts are well organized and prepare very well to prevent fundamental flaws. They do extensive research on the people they are going to meet and develop a presentation that suits them.

They don’t want to be taken by surprise. Being organized, they know what to say at every particular to keep the audience in line. This trait can help your relationship in various ways. Before they take a decision, they are going to think through very well. He/she will also organize things well so that work does not take over the relationship.

5. They Are Passionate

Passion is an essential tool for public speaking. To have a successful communication, you need to have a passion for the topic to be discussed.

dating a publicspeaker

This is how public speakers drive people along. Without passion a speech, it will be usual rhetoric, and there will be no call to action. They can bring such passion into their relationship. Just as he/she attaches passion for working, they will have a desire for you, and that can be a wonderful experience.

6. They are Great Story Tellers

Storytelling is part of public speaking and speakers have mastered it well. They know how to make a story interesting to listen to.

So your partner will always have something new to share with you, so there wouldn’t be a dull moment when you date a public speaker.

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