4 Tips On How to Bridge The Communication Gap In An Introvert-Extrovert Marriage

4 Tips On How to Bridge The Communication Gap In An Introvert-Extrovert Marriage

We all need love, but our ways of expressing love differ. The difference becomes visibly clear when in a relationship, one partner is an introvert, and the other is an extrovert. When one fails to understand what the other is trying to convey, it leads to misunderstandings.

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An introvert likes to spend time in solitude, but this may be perceived as a lack of concern by the extrovert. On the other hand, an extrovert’s need to be interactive can be seen as a self-centered approach by the introvert. Such misunderstandings can act as a big stumbling block in an introvert-extrovert relationship.

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Here are a few communication hacks that will drastically improve the connection in an introvert-extrovert marriage and thereby bridge the communication gap effectively:

1. Choose The Correct Moments

Introverts are the kind of people who need a substantial amount of time to reach to any conclusion. They are the thinkers in the relationship who like to process out things in their own time and pace. On the contrary, extroverts are spontaneous and take decisions without giving much thought. They don’t like to keep pondering on things throughout the day and then come to a conclusion. Instead, they prefer to get things resolved at that very minute.

Thus, before you give out some news or message to your partner, carefully think about the time you should break the news. Analyze the times they are in their best moods; especially if you are delivering some bad news or news that can anger them. Think from their perspective, not from yours.

Depending on whether your partner is an introvert or extrovert, choose the correct moment to talk. If he/she is an introvert, let them know the news beforehand so that they get time to think. For extroverts, communicate at a time when you will be able to sit with them and have a clear discussion over it.

2. Strike a Balance

Striking a balance between the needs and expectations of both the individuals is a must for surviving the relationship. In an introvert-extrovert marriage, the extrovert is always the more talkative one. They are quick to put their feelings and thoughts into words. But that is not the case with introverts. They need time to process their thoughts and the time can definitely last more than a few nanoseconds.

In such circumstances, conversations can become minefields if you fail to reach a compromise between the two communication styles. Introverts must understand that waiting for them to come out of their bubble poses a big challenge for their extrovert partners. They can’t have it their way all the time. Similarly, an extrovert needs to understand that their introvert partners require space. Hovering over their partner’s head all day long will not be beneficial. For example, after a fight or argument, an introvert will always incline towards taking their own time to analyze things and then try to talk things out.

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However, an extrovert’s behavior stands in stark contrast and he/she will work towards sorting things out instantly. In order to strike a balance, the two parties need to compromise. The introvert should avoid turning the problem over in their minds for too long while the extrovert needs to stop pestering their partners and give them their breathing space. It is indeed tough to strike a perfect 50/50 balance. But compromise can be achieved more realistically if the two partners merge their communication styles. Alternating between the two styles can prove to be a fruitful approach.

3. Find out Each Other’s Interests

This is the easiest way to bring the two of you closer and diminish your communication problems. Introverts hate talking, and extroverts are the chatterboxes are a completely pre-conceived notion and have been proved wrong many times. Introverts are not fond of small talks, but if you talk about something they are interested in, it will become hard for you to shut them up.

They are quite choosy with their interactiveness. On the contrary, an extrovert can talk a lot and are often thought to be as shallow people incapable of having meaningful conversations. But, it is a completely a wrong belief. In fact, extroverts can show you a completely different world through their words. Once the two of you are well aware of each other’s temperaments and interests, healthy communication becomes easier.

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Another noteworthy point to remember in an introvert-extrovert relationship is no one is a pure introvert or a pure extrovert. Most of us are an amalgamation of the two, better known as ‘Ambiverts.’

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4. Accept and Appreciate Your Partner

The most important aspect of an introvert-extrovert marriage is acceptance and appreciation. The excitement of two opposites coming together will die down after a while. If you do not accept the way your partner is and don’t appreciate their contributions and influence in your life, the relationship can become a harrowing experience.

Your partner with an entirely different personality introduces you to an entirely different world altogether. An extrovert can help an introvert make more friends by socializing more while an introvert can add more value to the life of their extrovert partner through their keen observations and insight.

A healthy relationship will have room for both the introvert and the extrovert. Appreciating the differences can enhance the life of both the partners. Once you form a deep understanding of each other’s communication styles and learn the ways of striking a balance, the journey on life’s road together will become smoother and more manageable.

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