7 Facts to Keep In Mind When Dating To Marry

7 Essential Tips Before Dating To Marry

Marriage is not easy. This is a fact that couples need to understand. Dating is easy, and when it comes to settling down together, this is where couples seem to give up. People date from time to time. There are those that date with good intentions in mind.

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Others date because they feel as though they are meant for each other. Serious lovers would date with the intentions of getting married in the end.

When you have such thoughts of dating to marry in mind, there are important considerations that ought to be kept in mind.

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1. Actual intentions

The most important consideration that should be prioritized among couples is the intentions that they have in mind. This means that lovers need to sit down and analyze their intentions with regards to the relationship that is ahead of them.

Having clear intentions on what your relationship holds for you is an important consideration. This is for the reasons that it gives each partner a reason to be committed to a particular cause. Here, you both have the intentions of getting married. Therefore, your goals and missions should be in line with your actions.

2. Goals and your dreams

Similarly, lovers need to sit down and discuss the goals that they have for their relationship. Relationship experts would argue that getting married is similar to purchasing a home. There are important considerations that should be talked about often.

For instance, you need to discuss an ideal location for your new home. Equally, you might want to mull over having a garage or not. The same case goes for your love affair. If you guys are dating to marry, certain issues need to be addressed.

Talk about the number of kids that you would want to have if you got married. Where would you prefer to live? Such issues might come in the way of a successful relationship in the future. Therefore, it is important to prioritize them while you are still dating.

3. Mark your boundaries

People often fall in love with each other and decide to settle together for all the good traits they share in line with this, set your boundaries as you think about dating to marry. Ensure that your lover fully understands your position and the hopes that you have in mind for your love affair.

4. Live in the present

If there are things that you do not like, make it known to them. The advantage gained here is that weeds that are likely to affect your relationship would be done away with. The earlier you do this, the safer your relationship will be.

There are instances where couples mount pressure on each other without actually knowing it. For example, if you keep reminding your partner of the fact that you need 4 to 6 children, you might scare them away. Live the present.

Enjoy the moment that you share today and let tomorrow takes its course. This is the best way of making sure that you enjoy each other’s company without unnecessarily mounting pressure on each other.

5. Rely on good advisors

We cannot deny the obvious fact that your relationship will be surrounded by friends and family. This could be your relatives, pastors, workmates, etc. you mention it. Dating requires that you surround your love with people that would give you good advice.

In this case, when your friends and family are worried about your relationship, this implies that there must be something fishy. This could be an indication that you need to do something to make things work. Thus, when dating to marry, lovers should find a way of surrounding their love with godly advisors.

6. Check your foundation

Just purchasing a new home, there are essentials that one would have to point out. For instance, a buyer would want to take a look at the wiring, bathroom installations, sewers, etc. These are the essentials that might deter you from buying a good house.

Dating to marry

With relationships, there are also certain essentials that one needs to consider. The foundation of your relationship should be solid. You guys need to reflect on the main reasons as to why you love each other. These reasons should be sufficient enough to guarantee that you can last through the test of time.

Keeping such considerations in mind will help you in the long run. Certainly, there is no doubt that you would have a valid reason to stick together over the long haul.

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7. Focus on what matters most

Dating to marry is not just any other run in the mill’s relationship. Some things are more important as compared to others. For example, you might see your lover’s compassionate attitude to be more important than their looks. We all know that looks can be deceiving.

Therefore, do not focus on things that are not important when dating the intentions of marrying. Love your partner the way they are and concentrate on making things work.

Final Word

From the information provided above relating to the idea of dating to marry, these are basic things that are not beyond lovers’ reach.

This infers that lovers ought to focus on the inner picture of their relationship rather than their outward appearances. Yes, you might be going through some problems in your love affair, but if love is the pillar of your relationship, then you can weather all storms.

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