12 Signs You Are Ready To Get Engaged

Are You Ready To Get Engaged?

Relationships are hard, fraught with all kinds of difficulties, stresses, and tensions. But, what can add a lot of extra tension is the decision whether or not the relationship is ready to move to the next level and start the journey towards matrimony. Plenty of couples stick together and tie the knot even if they should’ve broken up long ago. So, the decision to become engaged is a serious one, and should not be taken lightly.

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Unfortunately, there can be a lot of pressure from outside forces that can have a negative effect on the decision-making. Societal expectations are a big one. Sometimes, people are so desperate to please their family and friends, that they may get engaged to please them and fit into their surroundings.


Or, one partner may want to get engaged, but the other one just isn’t ready, but they don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. Both of these problems lead to hasty engagements and sad marriages. It’s important to take the time to assess the relationship to make sure its worth the decision to move forward and “put a ring on it”.

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How Do You know When To Get Engaged

1. There Is A Potential Future

A relationship will not be able to viably continue if there isn’t a future there. If both people can envision themselves being together for a long time, like getting married, having chldren, getting a house together, etc., then it’s a good sign It’s also a great sign if both members discuss future plans together. That means each person is ready to continue with each other into the future. It also shows the seriousness of the relationship.

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2. Important People Approve

It’s important to not live one’s life and make one’s decisions based solely on the opinions of others, but it is wise to take them into consideration. And, important opinions are from those that are important to the people in the relationship: family and close friends. So, it’s always a good sign and may help the couple to know if they’re ready, if everyone they love and respect is in support of the relationship.

3. Everything’s Out On The Table

Each person is comfortable being themselves, and they are open and honest with their partner. They’ve also shared their histories and pasts and even the “bad” part of themselves. Before entering into an engagement, it’s important to know the truth and go in with eyes wide open. It’s a great sign when no one’s feels like there are any skeletons in the closet.

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4. The Focus Is On A Marriage, Not A Wedding

It’s common for people to get all wrapped up in the excitement and stress of pulling off a great wedding, and then forget about the whole reason for the wedding. Instead, the focus should be on the work it takes for a good, satisfying, and happy marriage.

5. The Honeymoon Phase Is over, But The Love Is Not

The beginning of a relationship is the most thrilling part: the butterflies, the nerves, and the flirting. It’s where each person is putting their best face forward. Often, after that time, when everyone gets more comfortable, people get bored or “fall out of love” and want to leave the relationship. But, one can know it’s a good one if even after the honeymoon phase is over, they still want to stay in it.

6.The Couple Share Similar Views

This is a major one. There are important matters that the couple should agree on, so that they can head into their engagement and future marriage with similar goals. It would be a tough relationship if the two people had different views on money, children, sex, future goals, religion, and politics. One should get into a conversation with their partner in order to see where each person’s goals and viewpoints lie.

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7. The Other Person’s Happiness Is A Priority

Love is when someone wants the best for the object of their love. A relationship will be fruitful if each person is focused on the other’s happiness and will make sacrifices for that.

8. It’s Financially Viable

Yeah, money is an annoying fact of life. We need it to survive. Making the adjustment to getting engaged and getting married is stressful enough. It’s better if money isn’t a big part of that stress. So, it would be advisable to wait to get engaged until one or both partners have enough money to support the union and can help the engagement get off the ground successfully!

9. The Couple Is ready For The Big Stuff

Life has lots of curveballs. Marriage is tough, and when two people decide to spend their lives together, then they need to be prepared for what lies ahead. There will be bumps along the road, and both people need to realize that it won’t be all butterflies and rainbow. It will take work and hard work. If the couple is ready for that kind of commitment against the difficulties and stresses of life, then they’re ready to get engaged!

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10. It’s The Little Things

Sometimes people get all wrapped up in the big gestures and the romance of a relationship that they forget to enjoy the little things. But an engagement means that two people are ready to get married, and that means that there will be a lot of mundane little things: laundry, after school sports, meal planning, grocery shopping, walking the dog, etc. If each person can enjoy the little things and still love their partner through all of the difficult and boring aspects of life, then that relationship will make it to the end.

11. Elopement Would Cut It

If the couple is ready to get engaged, then that means they care more about the marriage and not the wedding. It’s, of course, normal to want to have a nice wedding, but if it came down to it, the couple could elope and still be happy. That means that they care more about the marriage and the future ahead than the wedding!

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12. They’re Ready To Give Up The Single Life

Yeah, the single life is a great time, but once one finds someone to be in a partnership with, it’s important that they commit to that partnership both in body and in heart. If there are any doubts about being ready to give up dating different people and ending their time as a single person, then they should not get engaged. It will only bring resentment and frustration. It’s a sign that the couple is ready to get engaged if they just want each other, and are willing to commit to that for the rest of their lives.

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It’s a tough decision to figure out the person to spend one’s life with. A life can be a long time, and no one knows what the future holds. One should be sure of the person they’re deciding to make that commitment with. Don’t take it lightly; it’s a serious choice! All of these signs are helpful to guide people in their decision, but, at the end of the day, go with the gut. If deep down, one feels that this is the person they’re meant to be with, and that the relationship will enrich their lives, then that’s it! They’re ready to step forward and tie the knot!

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