Why Getting Married Young is a Smart Decision?

Why Getting Married Young is a Smart Decision?

27 for women and 30 for men seems to be the new ‘right age to get married’. In earlier days, it was normal for men and women to tie the nuptial knot early in their lives, precisely in between 20 to 25 years of age. However, there has been a radical shift in the marital norms of the society. With changing times, the views regarding marriage has also changed.

While it is completely fine to get married at a later age, but the notion that getting married in your 20s puts a full stop to your life needs to be changed. Nowadays, people who are getting married earlier are being scoffed at and are being labeled as foolish, anti-feminist, old-fashioned etc. These stereotypes are downright unfair as firstly, there is no right age to get married.

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of your life and you should take the plunge as and when you find the right person. But, if you decide to get married young, you are not just breaking the stereotypes; you are also looking at life through a different lens. Let us take a look at why getting married young is actually wonderful:

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#1. All I want to do is Grow Old with You!

This is one of the most romantic lines every couple would have uttered at least once in their lives. Getting married young lets you experience this in its truest form. You and your partner are witnesses to each other’s transformation from a 20-something carefree child to a mature, responsible adult. As a couple, you learn to face the challenges thrown at you by life together and you evolve together. This togetherness serves as an inspiration to grow into a better human being and also instills a sense of respect for the other person.

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#2. Happiness Comes From Some Curious Adjustments to Life

When you are young, you are flexible; both in terms of mind and habits. In the early 20s, a person is trying to adapt himself/herself to the surroundings and is trying to figure out the life goals. During this phase of life, you are more vulnerable as well as adapting. The more you age the more independent you grow and it becomes tougher to change habits for the sake of someone else. But, when you are married at a young age, you develop habits together. You are not forced to make room for the other; it develops automatically as you start sharing lives.

#3. Handling Financial Woes Together

As a young couple, you get the opportunity to kick-start your careers together. You learn the value of money together and can develop smart money choices. The sense of responsibility brought in by togetherness also helps you handle your finances better. You quickly learn the art of investing in future.

#4. Fewer Expectations, Less Baggage

Marriage is a milestone in everyone’s life which gives a complete 360-degree turn to your life. Right from our childhood days, we grow up with dreams of an ‘ideal partner’ and a ‘happily ever after’. However, a 20-year-old is more receptive to changes than a 30-year-old. As a 20-year old, you are willing to see what life has in store for you and don’t have too high expectations. You are not spending a decade dreaming about your ‘Perfect Partner’. Hence, it’s easier to accept your partner who may not be as perfect as your idea of an ideal partner. At the end of the day, a young mind is able to handle a bit of disappointment but still choose to stay in love.

#5. Parenthood Can Wait

Societal pressure to become parents as soon as you get married is not there as most of the people consider you ‘too young to get married’. You get the opportunity to live your life on your terms, enjoy the moments with your partner rather than get burdened by the responsibility of having kids. As a couple in their 20s, you are healthy and vibrant and you need not worry about your wife’s biological clock ticking away. You have the time to enjoy life, build your career and then plan your kids. There’s no need to cram everything in a short span of time.

#6. Bridging Generation Gaps

Even if you decide to have kids early in life, it actually helps you befriend your kids faster. As a young parent, you understand the minds of your child better as there is a less generation gap between you and your kid. You have the beautiful opportunity to watch your child grow before you yourself grow too old. Younger parents are cooler parents as they are high on energy and can actually be more like a friend to their child.

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Also, when you start a family at a young age, you start to understand the importance of your own family and parents. When you and your partner decide to spend more time with your families, the emotional connect grows stronger thereby, helping you bridge the gap between the two families as well.

#7. Time Is By Your Side

Marriage compatibility is a crucial factor for the survival of any marriage. If unfortunately, your marriage goes haywire and you end up getting divorced, time becomes your biggest strength. You are young and have all the resources to start life afresh. You have learnt the finer nuances of marriage, you are aware of your mistakes and hence, you can make use of all these experiences to create a new life and better experiences.

On the other hand, if all goes well, you will find that your marriage was the best thing that could have happened to you. You and your partner have shared most of the ups and downs of life together, have crazy memories to look back to and a lifetime of happiness in front of you. All that matters is, time is by your side when you are getting married young.

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