9 Signs That You Are Moving Too Fast In Your Relationship

9 Signs That You Are Moving Too Fast In Your Relationship

We are living in a time where everyone is addicted to speed. As a generation who prefers to have the two-minute noodles, we apply the same rules to our relationships as well. We want everything to happen at the speed of lightning without considering the long-term consequences of such haste.

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Being in love is an exhilarating feeling, and the excitement of being in a relationship is enough to provoke us to move too fast in a relationship. The pace with which we move in our relationships can determine the success or failure of our relationship.


More often than not, moving too fast in love can spell doom on our relationship. It is often seen that couples who move too fast in their relationship are unaware of the fact. Do you also feel that you are moving too fast in your relationship? Listed below are a few signs that indicate whether you need to pull the brakes in your relationship or not:

1. Staying in constant touch

Apart from the time you are sleeping or having a bath, you cannot spend even a minute without seeing your partner or talking to them. Right from the first day of the relationship you meet each other regularly; even on your busiest days.

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When you are not seeing them in person, you are either talking to them on the phone or texting them. Your partner is the only person occupying your thoughts day in and day out. All these activities may sound romantic at first, but after a point in time, it becomes a clear indicator of over-obsession.

2. Get family into the arena

Meeting the parents of your partner is a dreaded time for many men and women. It is a time when you want to present yourself as the soul mate of their son/daughter. But are you planning to meet the parents within a few weeks of being in a relationship? You don’t even know your partner properly, but you are planning to show yourself as their soul mate. To put it frankly, you are jumping right into the lion’s den.

3. Become invisible for your friends

Are your friends complaining about your absence from meets and blaming you for not spending time with them? In the process of spending time with partners, many of us tend to ignore our friends.

You have started ditching your friends and many precious moments are slipping out of your hand just because you are too engaged with the one you’re dating. Losing connection with the real world is one of the brightest red flags of a fast-moving relationship.

4. Plan about the ‘D-Day.’

It is just a few weeks you have been in a relationship, and you have already started planning for the D-Day. You start talking about marriage even before you know the favorite color of your partner. Talking about marriage in the early stages of a relationship is a big NO. You should wait till the time you get to know each other quite well and then move onto the more significant decisions.

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5. Plan about kids

You have just started taking baby steps in your relationship, and you are already talking about having babies? There is a need to slow down.

6. Nosedive into physical intimacy

You quickly shifted from doing over the top romantic gestures to engaging in physical intimacy. Even before you have had your first coffee together, you have explored the sexual side of each other.

Well, you need to take a step back and reanalyze as it becomes more likely that you may move into a friends-with-benefits situation.

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7. Stun the Social Media

You have just said ‘YES’ to each other, and immediately the world knows about it. Your social media accounts are abuzz with photos of you together and love anecdotes. Though your friends may show appreciation for your courage to bare it all to the public, they secretly get irritated by your public display of affection.

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8. Start to live in together

Dating does not necessarily mean that you have to live together. Most couples believe that staying together will help them nurture their relationship better. But, at a time when you are not even aware of each other’s middle names, moving in together is a decision made in haste that will do more harm than good.

9. Manage each other’s finances

Money plays a crucial role in any relationship. In later stages of life and love, fighting over money can bankrupt your relationship. But in the early stages, it is essential that you do not let your partner know all about your financial situations.

If you or your partner are aware of each other’s monetary issues within a few weeks of dating and if either of you is planning to invest in the future of the other, it is time to stop right there. If you make money one of the pillars of your relation, you will never be able to figure out the difference between a true companion and a gold-digger. Hence, it is essential that you steer clear of monetary issues at the beginning of your relationship.


Love could be set in motion quickly, but true love needs time to grow into something strong and enduring. For a relationship to flourish, you need to give it time. Rushing into a relationship too fast will only cause it to crash and burn. Though it might be hard for you to keep a tab on your speed, it is essential to do it consciously to enjoy a fruitful relationship.

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