Dating a Hair Stylist – Enjoy the Perks!

Things To Know When Dating A Hair Stylist

Hairstylists are one of the coolest types of people I have ever encountered. I personally like them for several reasons, and I can vouch for them at any point in time. Well, that is me. I don’t know about you. There are several reasons to accept the proposal of that hairstylist, but who has been pursuing you currently. If it is the other way round, go in for him or her and enjoy the sweet adventure. So, here are reasons for dating a hair stylist.

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1. They Can Help Your Hair

You cannot have a bad hairstyle while dating a hairstylist. That would put a dent in his profession and his/her reputation as a hair stylist. So, how can you date a doctor and be walking sick without being diagnosed! You should quit such a relationship right away. Or else, your partner would take care of your hair needs as much as possible.

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2. Hair Stylists are Trim

They live up to their name “stylish.” Count on him/her to kill it wherever they go with their up to date fashion sense. Be it hair or clothing, trust them to be on point. Then, you wouldn’t have a problem with their looks when taking them out on a date.

3. Creative

A hairdresser can revive a 1950s hairstyle by adding few touches and make it trendy. Have you ever thought of how they come up with new styles? It is just simple, but they are creative. But, they see things differently, and no matter how odd something may look, they develop it into a new style. Thus, his/her creativity can have an impact on you.

4. Good Communicators

Hair stylists are good communicators. This attracts people to their saloons through effective communication channels. They do this so well that you won’t be offended even if what they say seem offensive. No matter where they meet you, when you have bad hair, he/she would approach you and nicely tell you. Thus, they can tell you your hair looks dirty in a nice way, and you wouldn’t feel offended, but laugh over it. You will have great conversations when you date such a person.

5. Dating a Hair Stylist Means Patience

Also, they encounter people with different characters every day. Those with high temperament, passive, mean, and snobbish. But they can deal with all these crops of people and maintain them as customers. It takes a person with a high level of patience to do this. I don’t mean to say he/she would tolerate every nonsense you come up with. So, don’t take that trait as a weakness.

6. They Great Listeners

Can I use the word gossip or listeners, here? Ok, hair stylists are great in both! I mean they can listen to your conversations and contribute whether invited or not. But, thanks to the hair stylist, your private conversation surface in the public domain.

Well, this doesn’t sound good, right? Take a glass of water and read on. This particular trait is like a double-edged sword; it can also be of benefit to you. But, whenever they hear someone gossiping about you, they will tell you. Now, this sounds great right! So, if you don’t want your top secret to be made public, shush when the stylist is around.

7. They Know How to Treat People

Good customer relations is the number one way of keeping new customers. But, after having a great customer care experience, no one tells them to return the next time. Thus, a  hair stylist can keep its old customers and attract new ones due to how they treat them. Also, you can have a pampering experience when you date a hair stylist.

8. Job Security

Hair stylists have a generally secured job. One can choose not to buy new clothes for an extended period. But how long can they keep the hair without shaving, styling, or cutting? Just a few days, especially the women. No matter how broke people are, they would still want to look good. This always keeps them in business. Thus, they won’t be a burden on you.

dating a hair stylist

9. Dating a Hair Stylist Means Flexibility

Hair stylists have flexible schedules especially those running their own businesses. Those who work under others also have off days during which you can spend quality time together. So, you wouldn’t only have to spend time with your partner only after work but also in the daytime.

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10. They Love to Learn

To be in the business, hair stylists do not underestimate the essence of further training and skills development. They have to learn new styles as quickly as possible as they come if they want to be able to maintain and attract other customers. So, he/she would learn new stuff to keep the relationship working.

11. They are Hot

Also, hair stylists are hot. They are presentable and wouldn’t miss a chance to impress. All your, family and friends would surely love your partner.

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