5 Things Your Girl is Embarrassed To Admit to You

5 Things Your Girl is Embarrassed To Admit to You

When we were kids, embarrassment was all a part of growing up.  It did not take much to cause our cheeks to turn red or run home crying to mom and dad because in first grade the girl who you secretly liked, but outwardly had to pretend had cooties kissed you in the playground and now all your buddies are laughing and calling little Susie or Sally your girlfriend.

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As you grew up, you looked back and laughed at these moments, and who knows, maybe Susie or Sally became your high school sweetheart. But, more than likely, you moved on after high school, and the dating world became a plethora of choices, and you now wish for the simplicity of being a kid again. You are in adult relationships, and they are seemingly more complicated than ever. You find yourself dating a new girl, or maybe you have been dating for awhile and are puzzled by your partner’s lack of communication when you delve into certain topics. Likely, your girl is not intentionally trying to keep a secret from you; it’s just that she may be embarrassed to tell you and fears your reaction.

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Well, this is all part of embarking on the relationship journey, and you need to ask yourself if you are ready to delve into every topic with your new partner. Unfortunately, and due to societal stigmas, there are key things a woman may be less than happy to share with you.

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I have compiled a brief list of five key things your girl may be embarrassed to tell you. This is not a complete picture of every girl or woman out there, but throughout the years, I have learned there is distinct subject matter women may be less than willing to discuss.

1. How Much She Spends On Beauty Maintenance

Now more than ever, women and men are bombarded with certain beauty standards and the pressure to maintain a particular appearance. Well, beauty and body maintenance doesn’t come for free, and it also provides a certain social outlet for women. Do you know how much information a girl’s hair stylist actually may know about her life? Likely, more than her mother. Going to the salon is a ritual for women and a place where they can gather and discuss topics in privacy with the unbiased opinion/s of other women and her nail lady.

The point is, you noticed her because she was looking good in the first place and she more than likely is not about to divulge her monthly expenses for manicures and pedicures or certain beauty practices to you anytime soon. But beware, if there are financial issues on the horizon, and you are looking to save for a future, this can be a potential red flag. On the contrary, if she is a low maintenance girl, then this may not be a significant part of her routine.

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2. She Has A Specific Body Part That She Is Self-Conscious About

In relation to the pressures, women feel from society to look a certain way, no matter how gorgeous the girl is she will always have a particular body part which is her worst enemy. She may think her nose is too big, her hips are too wide, her tush is too round. Whatever it is, most girls feel this way, and she is not about to open up to you and tell you how she was teased in school because of said body part. But, truth be told, you may also be self-conscious about a certain area of your body. The fact is, and this is unfortunate, this is a part of our human nature. All you need to do is tell her she is beautiful and that you appreciate her uniqueness and that is why you fell for her in the first place.

3. How Much Food Her & Girlfriends Consume During A ‘Girls’ Night

Again, this is society’s cultural norm telling women that they’re supposed to eat a certain way and be ‘lady’ like when it comes to eating. But guess what; women like to enjoy food as much as you do. She and her girls or even her alone are going to have nights where they just want to chill out, put on the sweats, have no expectations and chow down on pizza and chicken wings. You know you are in the comfort of good friends or a loving partner when you can cook and eat together without the worry of being judged or how many extra calories are consumed. And, if you love her, you’ll be joining her on these nights. Women love food. Period.

4. She’s Afraid To Tell You About Her Family

Let’s face it. In reality, we all have that one uncle or aunt that is always the life of the party at social gatherings or the mother or father who is going through a mid-life crisis and has recently purchased a sports car and wants to introduce you to their new boyfriend or girlfriend who is half their age. Well, maybe that’s more soap opera than real life, but the truth is all families have their characteristics, and the thought of introducing a new partner into the mix can cause anxiety.

You likely have a family quirk that you’re afraid to mention, so just try to be supportive and remember you’re dating her and not her family. However, long-term relationships will often require time spent with the extended family, and you will have to decide whether or not you can handle future family matters that will inevitably cause tension.

And, last, but definitely at the top of the list…

5. How Many Sexual Partners She’s Had

As much as we like to think of ourselves as highly evolved creatures in and out of the bedroom, some women still feel a stigma when it comes to openly divulging her sexual partners of the past for fear of judgment or worse, that you will completely change your opinion of her. Listen guys, here’s the thing, she’s dating you, not her past partners. Her past is her past and vice versa.

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A partner that exhibits anger or jealousy of someone’s past is a red flag and can show a huge lack of confidence. If you choose to open that door, then you need to be open to your partner’s history. Be careful of your judgments as you wouldn’t want the tables turned on you, so why do that to her?

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This may not encapsulate the entire spectrum of what all girls are embarrassed to admit to you, but it provides a brief glimpse into the women’s psyche. Human personalities are so diverse, and we’ve come a long way in how we communicate and also the way in which communicate with each other and the world. What may be embarrassing to one person, may not be embarrassing to another.

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Many women feel liberated by the things that may have once ’embarrassed’ them. If you want your girl to be open and honest with you, then being supportive and providing an environment where she feels comfortable to discuss her traits will be the winning ingredient to a successful relationship.

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