Dating a Pilot – 6 Ways to Succeed

6 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Pilot

Dating a pilot can be termed as “the survival of the fittest.” It can be very challenging, and people who are already in it can attest to that fact. If you are yet to date a pilot, then be ready for the inconveniences, commitments, and sacrifices.

They are mostly away, which means you will have to embrace yourself for lonely times. They spend less time at home. And, they can leave at any time with short notices and many other things that makes it very difficult to have a successful relationship.

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Also, there is a school of thought that most pilots are cheats and cannot commit to a relationship. People with such thoughts allude to the fact that pilots work around hot crew members and meet different people in their line of work. This makes it very easy for them to cheat.

But, what they forget to consider is that “individual differences” comes to play here. One doesn’t need to be a pilot to cheat or be unfaithful in a relationship. There are many people in other fields of professions who cheat on their partners.

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That said, you need to have thick skin to date a pilot. Nonetheless, some pilots are happily married. So, it means dating and marrying a pilot is possible. So let’s look at how one can succeed in dating and marrying a pilot.

1. Find Better Ways of Communicating

Every successful relationship thrives on communication. Communication is key in a relationship because without it, a trivial matter can break up the relationship. This is why, you need to find better ways to communicate with your partner when they are away.

This will enable you to bridge the communication gap when away. Pilots work in different time zones. So, where he/she may be at a particular time can be several hours different from yours. So, reaching them by phone can be inconvenient but still possible. Set aside the inconvenience and check on your partner.

Also, you can use Skype, Whatsapp video calls, and the many other available apps to have a real-time conversation with your partner. Through the video calls, you will know whatever your significant other is doing and who he/she is within their hotel.

Get to know what their plans are, when they are checking out and the next flight home. This can help you erase any form of mistrust. It will also show that you truly care about your partner.

2. Make Flexible Plans

Pilots have busy schedules. So, you need to make flexible plans if you want your partner to honor it. You will have to make all your plans around their schedules. Even though this can also be somehow difficult, it is the best way out. With their tight schedule, you will mostly be required to adjust yourself to suit them.

Also, the plans you make should be an open one — a plan that you can cancel without having to bear any cost. So instead of buying a movie ticket or booking a restaurant, you can plan a picnic in a park. But, you can make whatever plan you want when your partner is on leave or has some long days off.

3. Dating a Pilot means Being Independent

One of the best ways to enjoy dating a pilot is being independent. You have to be able to live on your own when your partner is not around. Thus, this can prevent the loneliness that comes with their long travels. To be independent, get a hobby, and enjoy a friendly life. Whenever he/she is not around, rely on your hobby to keep you occupied. You can also choose to go out with friends and have fun over drinks and a good meal. This way, you will never feel lonely when they are out.

4. Join them Sometimes

But most airlines have traveling bonuses for pilots and a special one. You can take advantage of such offers to travel with your partner. But, this can offer you the opportunity to explore the world, learn about your partner’s routines, hotels they sleep, and people he/she mingles with. Also, you will also get to spend some good time together away from home.

5. Get to Know What their Job Entails

By getting to know about your partner’s job is a great way to empathize with them. Pilots go through a lot of inconveniences in their line of work. Their job entails much more than flying from one destination to the other. But, they have their ups and downs, and it can be perilous.

dating a pilot

They sometimes have to maneuver through clouds to beat bad weather, having to make an emergency landing and many others. The more you know, the more you will get to appreciate your partner.

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6. Be Supportive if you are Dating a Pilot

Despite the inconveniences you may face while dating a pilot, you have to give them your maximum support. When they are back from that long trip, be their cushion, let them feel loved, and you can discuss issues together. Ask about their challenges and offer advice accordingly. Thus, this will always create a strong bond between the two of you.

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