Dating A Nurse – 10 Things To Know

Dating A Nurse – Pros And Cons

My one-year relationship with a nurse has kept me well informed about their dating life. With this experience, I would want to treat this topic personal. That aside, I have two siblings who are nurses, and I know what is going on in their dating life. So, for those who are thinking of dating a nurse, here are some things to know before starting the relationship.

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1.  Treat You When You are Sick

So, in the space of one year, my girlfriend has given me ten injections, four drips, and a bunch of medicines to take. I hate injections but had no option. And behold in three days I was back on my feet to start work. Yes, she saved me the time and hustles of going to the hospital. Her treatment was just like what I would have received at the hospital. Thanks to her, I don’t remember the last time I went to the hospital.

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2.  Caring

Also, nurses are trained to care for the sick, and that is exactly what they do. I know there are some rude nurses out there, but that does not contradict the fact that nurses are super caring. They handle many patients daily. So, caring for you will never is a big deal.

3. Dating a Nurse means Tolerance

Thus, nurses can tolerate all the “nonsense” from a patient. I mean, some patients can be very mean and difficult to deal with. But, as per their training, nurses can stomach it all. My girlfriend goes through hell when trying to treat me. Nonetheless, she never gives up. If you are dating a nurse, she will tolerate your nonsense.

4.  Kind and Compassionate

Nurses show a lot of kindness and compassion when treating patients. This trait is essential in their profession and critical to ensuring patient wellbeing. This will be extended to you when you date a nurse.

5.  Undergo a lot of stress at work

Working in the health sector is demanding and very stressful. But, unlike other professions, there is no way a nurse can rest when there are patients to be treated. Nurses go through a lot of stress in the hospital daily; nonetheless, they can handle all. So don’t worry, they can handle the stress in a relationship.

6.  Be Appreciative if you are Dating a Nurse

They give in their all to ensure that a patient survives. But undergo a lot, including attending to emergencies, giving medication, showing care and kindness for the betterment of their patients. But, in the end, they appreciate the “thank you,” you say to them. You don’t need to buy them any expensive thing. Your sincere appreciation is worth to them.

7. Won’t Always Have them Home

Nurses work during the day and night according to their shift. If they have a day shift, “Hallelujah” you can have them around at night. But, when it is a night shift, be prepared to endure the cold night alone. Despite feeling that loneliness, be proud of them because they are out there saving lives.

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8. Never Try to Break Their Heart

If you play with their emotions, then they can cut your life short with an injection. Yeah, for your love, they can go through hell, but it doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. She will hardly intend to kill you, but human beings are unpredictable, and extreme provocation can lead people to do the unthinkable. Be careful when dealing with them.

9. They are not scared of Blood

They see blood every day. That means a very blessed day! They have seen horror, dismembered accident victims, and a whole lot, so they are used to them. So, something that you will see to shiver is something they see daily. So nothing scares them anymore.


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10.  Good communicators

Nurses are excellent communicators due to the nature of their job. So, this helps them in their encounter with patients for a successful treatment. Thus, you will have a partner who listens and communicates well when you date a nurse. There won’t be any communication gap as poor communication is the cause of many breakups. I already have a nurse girlfriend and am currently enjoying my relationship. If you are impressed with the points above, act fast and get yourself a nurse.

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