Cancer In Love

Cancer In Love

Cancer Personality

Cancer zodiac sign has a very complicated character and they are hard to get to know. As a water sign, Cancer in love is full of mystery and emotions. These people can be loving partners. Family and friendships are very important for the Cancer sun sign. They are capable of doing anything for the people they love.

Cancer star sign is also very sentimental and it is hard for them to let go of anything. These people can be forgiving but they will never forget wrongdoings. They can be very manipulative and selfish. Cancer is a very determined person and they work very hard to reach their goals.

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Cancer Man In Love

Cancer man knows his worth. This man loves the company of women, but he never takes the first step. Cancer man in love believes that women should chase after him. On many occasions they do, because this man is very understanding and emphatic towards others. He can seduce women by his way of talking. Cancer male has a very sensitive intuition. He will know exactly what to say and do at the right time.

This man has a need to always be the best. He is very ambitious and domineering. These qualities always push him towards his goals and help him reach the top. Cancer men also try to be the best in relationships. It is very important for them to have a partner who is beautiful, smart and successful. Cancer males will do everything in their power to show their partner how great they are in bed.

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Cancer man likes to be in control in everything. His partners will often feel helpless, because Cancer rarely opens himself up to anyone. He has a lot of secrets. When Cancer is in love, he can be an amazing partner. But this man often feels the same way for more than one partner. Even if he is married, Cancer often has a circle of girlfriends. Each woman he has feelings for is special in some way and Cancer doesn’t want to let go of this connection.

cancer in love

Cancer Woman In Love

True love sometimes requires letting go of self control. For Cancer woman it is difficult because she wants to control everyone around her. She likes to be dominating and she can easily manipulate her partner. This woman has a very complicated personality. She is vulnerable and emotional therefore she doesn’t fall in love quickly. Cancer is cautious about who she gets in relationship with.

The female Cancer in love does not like to publicly express her feelings and emotions. She believes that would be giving up her power. Cancer woman has a very sensitive body. Fort this woman her pleasure is the most important thing. Cancer lady sees her partner as an instrument for satisfying her needs. She expresses her feelings through sex. She expects her partner to understand how she feels without telling, which can be a hard task.

This woman is looking for a committed partner with who she can share her life. Cancer women always take care of emotional needs in the relationship. She can be very needy and insistent. They can be truly happy when she realizes that relationships are also about giving, not only taking.

Cancer Compatibility

Best Match For Cancer

The best love compatibility for Cancer is Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs and they are compatible with water element of Cancer. Taurus is a very caring and insightful personality. They have a strong power of will and determination. Taurus will understand Cancer and their always changing mood. This person is immune towards the emotional ups and downs of Cancer. They can be very supporting towards each other.

Cancer can bring out the best in Virgo. Virgos are not easy to get to know and they are very sensitive beings. Cancer has a strong intuition and they will know exactly how to act around the Virgo star sign.

Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs just like Cancer. Scorpio and Cancer make one of the strongest couples in the zodiac. These people have an immediate spark between them and it feels like they have known each other forever. Connection between them is very intense and this love relationship is likely to last forever.

Pisces and Cancer also make an excellent couple but they both have a tendency to be very negative. Nevertheless, they have a very deep understanding of each other’s character. Cancer and Pisces share passion for mystical things. They can get carried away discussing these matters. Cancer and Pisces have a romantic bond that doesn’t require words.

Worst Match For Cancer

The worst zodiac compatibility for Cancer is with Libra and Aries. Libra is an air sign. For Cancer these people seem too superficial and inconsistent. Libra doesn’t take time to understand Cancer’s nature and they end up resenting each other. In most cases these people will not be able to start a relationship.

Cancer can be very attracted to charismatic and powerful Aries. But they are likely to get hurt by them. Cancer can’t keep up with the speed of Aries. They have completely different values. Aries wants adventures, power and independence, but Cancer is focused on family and home.

Cancer Sexuality

Family is very important for people born under Cancer star sign. They often get married and have children at a young age. Sex is one way for Cancer to express themselves and feel pleasure. They can completely separate sex from their emotions. For this reason Cancer in love often has affairs.

These people become more sexual and intense with age. Cancer has a lot of experiences during their life. They develop more fantasies and their instincts become stronger. When Cancer is young, they might seem naïve and can blindly fall in love. With age they learn the importance of sex in their life and go after what they want. Cancer sexually is a very emotional being. And, sex with someone they have feelings for, can bring them extreme pleasure.

Cancer zodiac sign is a very sensitive being. They need constant reminding of how great they are. If Cancer is offended in any way by their partner, they will not forgive it. It is important for them to have romantic settings. The most sensitive part of their body is chest.

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Cancer sun sign is a very romantic and caring sign. They have a complicated character. Cancer in love is able of keeping all secrets and their partner can completely trust them. These people have a very powerful intuition. They will always know if there is something wrong with their partner and will do their best to help fixing whatever is wrong. These people love to take care of the emotional fullness and comfort in the relationship.

At the same time they are very needy. Cancer often has mood swings and they are very sensitive to all criticism. Cancer wants to be the center of their partner’s world. At the same time, they can also look for company of others outside their relationship.

Cancer in love can easily separate feelings from sex. Sex for them is a very emotional experience and gives them great pleasure. These people often cheat. It is easy for Cancer to lie and manipulate their partner to get what they want. Cancer can find someone they will be absolutely loyal to, but that doesn’t happen often. It takes patience to get to know the Cancer in love, but it can be a rewarding experience.

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