Aries Woman Cancer Man Compatibility

Aries Woman Cancer Man Compatibility – Overview

Aries and Cancer are not the easiest relationship match to make work. This is due to the basic differences in personalities. This Aries Woman Cancer Man Compatibility could present initial challenges as both signs try to adapt to each other and work together to overcome differences.

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A Cancer man is very contradictory within himself. He is strong-willed and self-sufficient, yet relies on his partner for reassurance and support. Cancer men are one of the most sensitive of the signs, usually extremely loving and enjoy romancing their partner. They love physical contact and are of the gentle variety. Cancer men can sometimes seem quite high maintenance for those who are more independent. However, he is perfect for women who love to be cherished and enjoy being the main priority of their partner’s life. A Cancer’s assigned sign is a crab, which very much suits their Aries Woman Cancer Man relationship.

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A Cancer man will fight their corners and come out of their shell, then retreat at the last second. They are also easily hurt. So, they have a protective barrier that they tend to keep up with the initial Aries Woman Cancer Man dates. Aries women are among the most independent women you will meet. They strive for success, often having secret insecurities about failure. This can make them very defensive and argumentative, and heated debates are one of their favorite activities. This is not a bad thing, however, as Aries women like to be challenged and often find themselves respecting a good sparring partner.

Aries women are very energetic and have a thirst for adventure, preferring an active & fast-paced lifestyle. They can sometimes have a short attention span when it comes to projects as they are always looking for the next best opportunity that will come along. However, they are very dedicated partners and like their significant other to see them as the center of the universe. Aries women can be hard to pin down at first, as they are not huge fans of immediate commitment. However, they are dedicated and loyal to their Aries Woman Cancer Man marriage hurdle.

Much like a Cancer’s personality, an Aries Woman Cancer Man love compatibility can be incredibly unpredictable. It all depends on the individual people and how they cope with each other’s little quirks and flaws. In some couples, they will quickly learn to compromise and do things for each other’s sake that may be slightly out of their comfort zone.

On the contrary, many Cancer/Aries relationships are just too hard to work through. Eventually, it will end up in an amicable Aries Woman Cancer Man break up. This pair has the potential to be long lasting after the initial hurdles.

Aries Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Aries woman is often a very success driven person, while the Cancer man is more of a home-based soul. This could present a perfect opportunity for those looking for a “breadwinner/stay-at-home” dynamic. Aries women love to be out adventuring, making bold plans and carrying out daring projects. On the other hand, a Cancer man prefers to be at home cooking a meal from scratch for his family. The Cancer man will not feel particularly unmanly while home-making as it makes him feel as if he is doing something loving for his family. An Aries woman will love being given opportunities for success every day in their Aries Woman Cancer Man union.


A Cancer man profoundly cherishes his loved ones and throws himself wholeheartedly into an Aries Woman Cancer Man relationship. Often, showering his partner with gifts and attention. Despite enjoying the thrill of the initial chase, the Aries woman likes her eventual partner to be 100% dedicated otherwise she becomes easily jealous and angry.

Furthermore, Aries Woman Cancer Man love compatibility can also provide amazing experiences in the bedroom department. Aries women love excitement and passion, whereas Cancer men love gentle lovemaking. Hence, proving a very varied experience that can enlighten the pair of things they may not have tried before. Cancer men like to reflect and often keep their feelings to themselves, sometimes making them appear moody and sulky. However, in turn, this makes them extremely unpredictable to an Aries woman.

Aries Woman Cancer Man sex may come out of nowhere, especially when a Cancer man has been brewing on something. Aries women particularly like spontaneity, so when their Cancer man has been brooding for a little while they can be sure they’re in for a treat! Cancers are often the quiet, mysterious type, providing the surprise-loving Aries woman with twists and turns at every turn. As Aries women love surprises, this is a key factor in an Aries’ attraction to a Cancer.

Aries Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

This Aries Woman Cancer Man compatibility is perhaps one of the few with fewer pros and more cons. Cancers are incredibly emotional people, which can be too much for an Aries. Cancer men especially are very affectionate and loving, constantly needing physical contact, which can sometimes deter the independent Aries woman.

Cancer men also like to reflect on the past, reliving old memories and feelings on a regular basis. This can be slightly off-putting for the Aries woman as she likes to look ahead to the future for new fun & exciting possibilities. A Cancer looks for Aries Woman Cancer Man stability while an Aries looks for a challenge.

Aries women often prefer a casual fling to an Aries Woman Cancer Man marriage. This is because they are very independent people, who usually like to follow their lead. Cancer men, however, like to be closely interlinked with their partner, and work better with partners who don’t mind constant hand holding and “I love you’s.” Cancer men are often smitten by displays of jealousy by his partner, as it reassures him that his partner is still very much in love with him.

However many Aries women are reluctant to display huge acts of affection, as it’s just against their basic nature. This can prevent the Cancer man from getting what he needs in an Aries Woman Cancer Man relationship, making him struggle to feel completely satisfied. Cancer men need lots of constant attention and affection to feel like their partner isn’t going to leave them. This is due to a fear of rejection, which can aggravate the laid back Aries.

Cancers need constant reassurance that they are loved by the Aries Woman Cancer Man union. This is due to their reliant natures, which can be incredibly exhausting for an Aries woman. The Cancer man should attempt to learn that the Aries woman will probably never match his high standards for a highly affectionate partner. Therefore, he is to decide whether he wants to sacrifice his needs for his new partner. The Aries woman may frequently see her Cancer man as sulky and over-sensitive. The Cancer man will see his Aries partner as commanding, bossy and unreliable.

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Aries Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Aries women prefer to live their own lives with a co-pilot, rather than being dragged down by an anchor. This is the main reason that an Aries Woman Cancer Man love compatibility is perhaps not the most suitable. Both parties want different things from a relationship. Unless they are both open to excessive compromise, it is perhaps not one that will work too well.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and there are many successful Cancer/Aries relationships within society. This Aries Woman Cancer Man compatibility will be more successful if both signs are willing to come together and work things through as a team. After the initial hurdles, this relationship could be a lasting one.

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