7 Compliments Men Love To Hear

7 Compliments Men Love to Hear

You know how they say that the way to get your man is to feed him? Well, I think you may want to keep that opinion but also revise it. Review it because while men love that their woman can cook them a good meal and give them home and hearth secretly, they want to know what we think about them. The men want to know that we appreciate what they do for us and want to know that how they make us feel is good. This makes them feel strong and loved. So what can we tell the men in our lives to make them feel loved and wanted and yes, complimented? Read on ladies and gentlemen.

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Before you walk down the aisle in holy matrimony-how, do you get the man to fall madly in love with you? You entice him by using your mind, his mind, your body and his body. As was stated in the play by
William Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet; “Go wisely and slowly.

Those who rush stumble and fall.” This is the best relationship advice you could ever get from anyone even a man who has been dead for years. Specifically, take your time at the beginning of the relationship to get to know them. Learn how to talk with them and what offends them. They will return the favor. Pay attention to what makes them happy and feel better. Repeat that for them constantly or at least when appropriate. In other words, compliment your partner.

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The definition of the word compliment is: “a polite expression of praise or admiration” according to Google.com. A compliment is what we say to the person we like to gain something from that person. The something can be attention, a date, a gift, a proposal of marriage. Anything. A compliment can also be used to gain entry into something as well. How do you compliment someone? You speak on their clothes, their manner of speaking, how they kiss you or whatever happens to come to mind. There are different types of compliments when it comes to people involved in relationships or married.

Those compliments are as follows:

  • Personal about their style of dress or style of personality and how they look
  • Parenting skills (even if they are just watching the kid)
  • How they work in an office or non-office setting and accomplish something set before them
  • The way they treat others
  • How they handle adversity
  • All of these compliments show up in a relationship setting and there are a few more as well. But basically, you can break them down into those five categories.

So many compliments on choosing from and not enough men for them to go around. Or is it too few compliments to choose from and too many men around? How about neither. As they say, there are a lot of men to choose from to date but not necessarily the one we want. Take it from someone who has to revise their opinion on dating and marriage because her opinion may very well get her singlehood.

So what compliment will make your guy swoon? How about something as simple as:

1.“Hey honey, you look great today.”

This shows the man that you pay attention to how he feels and looks. Feeling great isn’t just looking great it is also emotionally happy as well. If you tell him in the morning as he leaves for work that he looks good and happy that will go a long way to getting a smile before he goes out the door. He will perform better at work and who knows he may surprise you in the evening.

Also, you can tell your honey who is trying to lose some weight either one of these two:

“You look like you losing your fat and building muscle. Looking good, D.”
Or you can say,

2. “You look great “

Men like that. In my research, one author said that a compliment like that helps your relationship in several ways. It shows the man in your life that you are invested in his health and in keeping him around. This could lead to the two of you spending more time together and cementing your relationship as well.

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3. “I respect you.”

It is that simple. Those three words are like “I love you,” very powerful. You respect their thoughts, their health, and their lives. Equally, you want to make them proud, and in return, they too will respect you and want to make you proud. You may find that the man in your life may go that extra mile to make you happy. It shows that you value his opinion and want not to cause him pain.

4.“Thank you.”

Those two words, thank you for loving me, for being there, for asking for me, for waiting for me, for wanting me, for loving me, for thinking that I am worth your time, for thinking that I am part of your family and that you want me in your family to have your family. The thanks you give to the man you are with shows that you appreciate him. In return, he will appreciate you and will show it.

5. “I trust you.”

I trust you means that he values you and you in return value him. That he can trust you with his problems and his happy moments. What I have read is that the time to actually do this is right before sex. Now I am not sure how many of you follow this but keep it in mind.

6. “I’m listening.”

A relationship is built on communication as much as an attraction. I’m listening means, I trust you, I value you, I respect your opinion, and although I may disagree with you, we can discuss it. Those words show the man in your life that you want to understand him and be with him as more than window dressing.

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7. “Let’s have sex!”

It can happen any time of the day. An invitation such as this means I want your body, and I want to touch you. It suggests a desire to be closer and explore the man you are with and see him as nature made him.

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Now that you have the different things that men like to hear from their dating partner or their married partner you yourself can pick and choose what you may like to use or not. Some women prefer one over the other because it gets the best results and a happy boyfriend makes for a happy life.

In conclusion, the more you give a compliment, the higher the chances you will get it returned by the one who received the original. Plus a compliment also means that you might have a happy evening and a happy weekend. You will gain weight, eat more, look healthier, smile more and be a happier individual if you two both are happy. I will leave you with this advice:

A compliment a day keeps a fight at bay. A compliment 365 days a year may make it a marriage worthy year.

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