Dating Someone Who Speaks a Different Language

Multilingual Dating: Someone Who Speaks a Different Language

Language is a unique way through which we communicate with one another. Without it, the world would be a silent one. But there is still a challenge. There are more than 6000 spoken languages in the world with 10 of them, which are widely spoken. This raises the issue of the language barrier. Many people are unable to communicate effectively because of the language barrier. This hinders business dealing, quality health delivery, and many others. Let me narrow this down to the relationship of dating someone who speaks a different language.

The most important tool to sustain a relationship is through communication. So, what if you met someone you are interested in, but language becomes a barrier? This can be a challenge, but here are ways to go about it.

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1. Try to Learn His/her Language

The permanent solution for language barrier in a relationship is learning each other’s language. This may sound difficult to achieve but has a long-term benefit. There are different ways to learn a new language.

a. Taking a Course:

The best and effective way to learn a new language is to enroll in a course. Aside from receiving tutorials from experts in the language, you will have the chance to practice it by talking to someone.

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b. Internet Courses:

There are many apps, which offers language tutorials. You can rely on them to learn a new language. The only difference is that you wouldn’t need someone to practice with.

c. Listen to Music & Read Books:

So, you decided to learn the language on the internet, no problem. You can improve your sentence construction and learn new words through reading books and listening to songs in the language you want to learn. Your partner would assist you in your quest to learn his or her language.

2. Use another mode of Communication

You are trying your best to learn his/her language to make communication much easier before you achieve that long-term goal. You can use another mode of communication. You can use non-verbal communications like making gestures.

Also, in this technology era, you can use apps for easy translations. So, let’s say your date sends you a message in his/her language, you can translate it BY using Google translate, and reply accordingly. Great idea, right!

3. Be Prepared to Repeat

You are learning the new language and picking up slowly. So, you would want to engage your partner in a conversation. Being a beginner, you wouldn’t have the command over the language, so take it slow. On the other hand, if your date is rather learning your language, take it easy when having a conversation. You should be ready to repeat yourself, as many times as possible if he/she finds it difficult to understand what you mean. The best way is to choose clear and words easy to understand.

4. Research on Your Date

If you want to have a long-term relationship with him/her, get to know much about your date’s culture. Every country has its own culture. So aside from the language barrier, cultural differences can be an issue. Having time to study your date’s culture can prevent petty mistakes. For example, giving out something with your left hand may be okay in your country but a form of disrespect in their country. Also, your expectations for the relationship may differ from what is done in his/her culture.

5. Be Clear and Straight

You are not in the academic environment, and no one is marking the kind of words you use. So, instead of using big words, which are difficult to understand, break it down. This will help your partner understand you easily without any ambiguities. Also, as a new learner, never try to impress your date by using words you don’t even understand.

6. Don’t Nod to Everything

Wait, you are using gestures for communication, so nodding has probably become the order of the day. So what do you nod too? Whatever does he/she say? It is imperative to know what you are nodding to, so if you don’t understand what your date’s gestures mean, let him/her come clear.

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7. Be Patient

The language barrier is going to make your date very difficult, but you have to be patient with one another. You will need time to know each other well and find a better way to communicate, so take heart. Have time for each other during conversations. If your date doesn’t understand you, come clear.

8. Don’t be Serious when dating someone who speaks a different language

Communicating with someone with a different language can be difficult. But don’t get all serious during a conversation. There are times you would have to laugh at your inability to pronounce certain words. This can calm your nerves down and make your communication lively.

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I believe I have made dating someone who speaks a different language sound very easy for you. Once you decide to do something, you can always find an easy way out. Never allow any barrier that affects your relationship with someone you truly love. I wish you all the best in your love life.

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