Flirting Body Language for Men

How To Read Women’s B0dy Language For Flirting

Researchers believe that body language can tell more than words. When you correctly interpret a person’s body language, it can make communication easier for you.

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Body language can guide you towards a successful relationship. If you want to become a master at flirting and reading women’s body language, read and memorize these tips.

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7 Flirting Tips For Men

1. The stance

Pay close attention to her stance. If she is standing with her toes pointing towards you, it means that she is interested in what you have to say. If you are not able to see her feet (and better, don’t look down when flirting), pay attention to her shoulders. If she leans towards you when talking, it is a sign of interest. Don’t hesitate to flirt!

Sexy Stance

2. Pay attention to her hands

If a woman is sexually interested in you, her hands will be the first to show. If she is touching her erogenous zones, it is a sign of interest. She might touch her lips, thighs or neck.

Even she might not know what signals she is sending- sexual desire can work subconsciously. But she might also be flirting with you. By reading these signs correctly, you can surely move to the next level.

3. Gentle touches

A certain sign of interest is touching you, even if it seems accidental and only lasts for a moment. “Accidental” touching means that she probably wants to touch you more. What to do in case of this situation? If you are interested too- respond. Gentle and small touches can lead you not to let go of each other.

Gentle touch

4. Look into her eyes

Eyes truly are the mirror of the soul. By paying attention to how a woman looks at you can tell a lot about what she thinks. If she gives you a quirky look and then looks away, checks again- she will probably peak again to see if you have noticed her.

When you talk, look closely into her eyes – dilating pupils can be a sign of arousal. When a woman is looking into your eyes for a long while, especially in combination with a smile – she is flirting with you too.

5. Be mindful of your body language

When a person is interested in someone, they are likely to start mimicking this other person’s body language. It is easy to miss because we don’t always pay attention to our body’s position. But if you notice that a woman is mimicking your body langue – it surely is a sign of interest. She feels comfortable in your presence and is open to flirting.


6. Showing the best

A definite sign of interest is when a woman is showing off her best features. When sitting she might be crossing her legs to display them, or she is crossing her arms to pronounce her breasts.

But remember to read all of her body. If she is interested, she will usually smile and express other signs. She might be crossing her legs and arms as a sign of warning- “don’t come close to me.”

7. Playing with her hair

Playing with her hair means she is flirting with you. She can twirl them around her finger or run her fingers through them. She might also take her hair back to reveal her neck- this shows that she is feeling sexy.

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