Letter to My Younger Self About Love Triangles

Words to My Younger Self About Love Triangles

Dear Younger Self,

I remember growing up and getting annoyed by love triangles. They were in every book I read because you had to have that kind of conflict. There were the book covers that showed one girl and two guys. Both guys were handsome and looked like a terrific catch, but they had to be as different as night and day. One was the rich guy who could give her stability. The other was the hard-working laborer who could give her love. One of them got the girl, and there was always a happy ending.

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I didn’t think that love triangles would happen in real life, especially in high school or college. Yes, there were plenty of guys to choose from, and you will have plenty of crushes. But do you think you will have to pick and choose at the same time? They won’t duel to the death or anything like that.


Still, you will find that your heart is ready to get closer to one guy when another guy FINALLY expresses interest. What kind of timing? Is our life that scripted? No, it’s not. You make the decisions. I know, we hate making decisions. And that is our advantage. We step back and analyze, think about the pros and cons. It’s also our disadvantage. Emotions are never analytical.

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You will find yourself on the cusp of a love triangle. You have interest in someone, and another one comes out of hiding to ask you out. If your first choice does not send back the same vibe, then your answer is clear. But what if you are already dating and the first one decides that they want to give a relationship a try? UGH! I know! The plot that books are made of!

That is when you have to decide if you are going to be loyal or go with your initial instinct. I know you are going to make the right decision because I have met all of those forks in the road. Yes, “forks.” Love triangles are all about paths, and I have made more than one choice. Not all of them led to your future husband, but everything you have learned about making choices leads you to him.

Yes, we hate love triangles, and we can’t avoid them. Yes, we will get our happy ending.

Your Older Self

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