Life After Love

How To Cope With Heartbreaks

When you find your “forever love,” the loss of that love is crushing. Young teens cannot see past the present when their love term relationship is over. Adults learn the stress and heartache when their perfect romance ends in separation and divorce. A widow or widower of 30-plus years spent their whole adult life together only to have it empty by death.

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1. Young Love

One does not have to follow the path of Romeo and Juliet if their relationship has to end. Adolescence is a time of discovery. Not only are teens learning about social interactions, but they have to learn about themselves. Girls may want to have the decades-long romance of their grandparents while guys want to play the field.

Forever yours

The opposite can also be true. Rather than take the dramatic role of a relationship marauder, learn from the ups and downs. It can determine how much you enjoy a conversation versus the physical relationship. That knowledge can take you farther into your next relationship.

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2. From Love to Lost

Some people go into a relationship or marriage with the best of intentions. They may have fallen hopelessly in love with each other. Impulsive decisions, lack of communication, addiction, and even extramarital affairs are part of the reason that the divorce rate in the United States is between 40% and 50%. Some couples unite with total love and adoration for their partner. Over time, they may find that they have grown apart and are better off without each other in their daily lives.

For some people, they will find love again. Yes, they thought they found their “forever love” the first time, but something happened along the way. Some individuals follow the same path that took them to their first spouse. Others reinvent themselves with the knowledge they gain as to what they truly want in a relationship.

There is love after divorce, and sometimes it takes maturity and reflection. The next long-term relationship may come with someone who has been through the same struggles. You may find that you have both grown which makes you closer to the love you seek.

Other people may find that they are happier on their own without a spouse. The love that they find in their reflection is self-love that was lacking before. Their independence takes them further toward reaching the goals that they could not achieve in a relationship. That life makes them stronger and happier.

3. The Love of the Ages

Death is one of the harshest thieves of love. Couples may be together for a short time or decades. The loss of the “forever love” is harder to deal with because there may be no one else who can fill those shoes. Those who have lost a spouse can and have remarried.

Love Tree

However, they may go into a relationship under different terms such as financial stability, friendship, or co-dependence. The spouse that is left behind may choose to live with someone rather than marry them out of respect for the deceased love.

There are yet widows and widowers who choose to stay in a relationship with their spouse. That means that they married and will forever be married to their one true love long after they are gone from this world.

They may have loved ones who suggest that they start dating again or they are approached by suitors. Some of those suitors just want to marry into money or to someone who will take care of their needs. Those with other intentions will find out quickly that you cannot break that bond between “forever love.”

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There is life after love no matter what stage of life you are in. It can take time as well as a better understanding of yourself. How you pursue the next stage of your life is up to you.

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