Pros And Cons Of Taking A Sabbatical From Marriage

Can A Marriage Sabbatical Act as A Savior?

We are living in a world where the term ‘divorce’ doesn’t raise many eyebrows. Instead, divorce is seen as a common outcome of marriage. Our beliefs on marriage are dwindling down with each passing day as we are being made to believe that happy marriages are a thing of the past. This happens more due to the increasing ‘put me first’ approach.

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Divorce rates are increasing as we treat our marriage as a thing and we are a generation who believes in throwing away broken things rather than fixing them. But, in the present day, many couples are trying to mend their differences by ‘taking a break’ from their marriage.

Term Divorce

The common word used for such breaks is ‘marriage sabbatical.’ Just like we take time off from our work to relieve the stress and get relaxed, a marriage sabbatical means taking time off from our marriage to relieve the tension built up in the relationship.

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Though the concept of a sabbatical from marriage is shrouded in controversy and many doubts are surrounding its advantages, more and more couples are opting to go for a marriage sabbatical rather than filing an immediate divorce. Here’s how a marriage sabbatical can act as a savior for your marriage:

Why I Took A Marriage Sabbatical

1. It gives you time to think

Instead of taking impulsive decisions in a relationship, it is always better to take time off to think. A simple reanalysis of the problems you are facing in your relationship can help you find the solutions to them quite easily.

When we are in a relationship, constant arguments and fights with our partners can influence our thoughts, and we start making mountains out of molehills. More often than not, the negative things will form a cloud over all the positive things and blur our vision.

But when we take some time off from our partners and our relationship, we get ample time to think about the good and bad aspects and make a decision likewise. Also, since the thinking process is done in isolation, there is no chance of your thoughts being influenced by your partner.

2. It allows the storm inside you to subside

When we are going through a rough patch in our lives, many emotions are going through our minds. It is as if a storm is passing through our lives and everything seems to fall apart. You are faced with emotions like anger, depression, sadness, frustration, etc.


Any decision made in anger is never sound. Just like we can’t see our reflections in boiling water. Similarly, it is impossible to see the truth clearly when we are angry. By taking a marriage sabbatical, we get the time to regain our composure and then make the decisions. Once the anger inside you subsides down, there will be clarity in your thoughts, and you will be able to take decisions which you won’t regret later.

3. It gives you a sense of independence

Marriage is a long-term commitment, and after spending so many years with our partners, we tend to become dependent on them. Subconsciously, we start relying on them for all our needs and wants. In the process, we lose ourselves, our identities.

One of the biggest reasons why relationships fall apart is in the process of loving someone else; we forget that we are special too. The sudden realization of our existence and our value can play havoc on our relationships. A short break gives the opportunity to assuage the impact of this sudden realization.

It also helps us learn the importance of ‘me’ time in a relationship. Hence, when you go back to your partner after the break, you will not repeat the mistake of losing yourself in the process of valuing your partner.

4. Sets aside time for self-reflection

Self-reflection is a way to assess yourself and take a better look at your flaws. In a relationship, we are quick to blame our partners for all faults but hardly do we realize our mistakes. The blame game ultimately takes a toll on our relationship.

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Taking a break from the relationship opens the gates for self-realization and introspection. At a time when we have no one left to blame but ourselves, we realize the follies we made and learn ways to correct them.

5. Breaks the habit

When we live with someone for a long period, we get habituated to them. We become so used to staying with our partners that we start fearing the mere thought of staying alone.


A marriage sabbatical helps us overcome this fear by keeping us away from our partners for a brief period. The time that we spend without our partners helps us realize whether we are living with our partners just out of habit or do we want them to be in our lives.


Thus, a marriage sabbatical can work magic for your relationship. It reinvigorates your relationship and helps the two of you gain a new perspective on your relationship. Taking time off from marriage can be a great idea to prevent divorces.

But don’t take a very long break as it can cause detachment between you and your partner and instead bring you a step closer to divorce. Sabbaticals are great as long as you understand the actual purpose of the break.

A marriage sabbatical will do more harm than good if you just see it as a way to delay the inevitable. Hence, before you decide to take a break from your marriage, be sure to set some ground rules for the same. To make the sabbatical a savior, be aware of the actual purpose of the break and make attempts to mend the cracks in the relationship.

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