Which Is More Important – Love Or Money?

Which Is More Important: Love Or Money?

It’s been said that money makes the world go ’round. The same has been said about love too. So which one is more important? There is a strong case for each of these aspects of life. Is one more important than the other?

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It’s All About The Money

In the modern age, money is an important necessity. You need money to provide for our food, clothing, and shelter – the things we need to survive. You need to work so that you can make money so that you can provide the necessities of life. Gone are the days in which we build our home by hand, farm our crops, and sew our clothes. We live in a society of services to help us obtain those things.

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Money keeps us connected. We interact with our friends and neighbors at work. We pay for our phone, email, and internet connections so that we can stay in touch with friends and family. Everything that we do in our society revolves around money. You can’t get married without paying for the license. Where are you going to live if you don’t have money?

its all about money

What are attracting features when you are looking for a partner? Financial stability. People will wait to get married until they have enough money to pay for the ceremony or move in together. As costs increase, money will take away the stress of living so that you can do more loving.

It’s All About Love

Love has been around longer than anything of monetary value. Love is something that can be given freely. Without love, how do you develop and grow as humans? When you were born, your mother gave you love. Even in the toughest of times, love has been the strength that allowed people to forge ahead and persevere.

People who focus on money over love miss out on the true meaning of love. It is caring with all your heart and not your wallet or material things. Love is not about the clothes you wear, but about the smile on your face and in your heart. Love is the support that you give one another through the good and the bad. Money can pay the doctor’s bills, but it does not give you the help you need to heal or be well. Want to go on a date? Take a walk in the park and share your thoughts and feelings.

spending time together outside

Would you rather go to the movies instead? Check out a DVD from the library and stay in. Even though people work to earn money to support themselves, love is what people need to fulfill themselves for a lifetime. It is deep and true. Love is also more of the essence of a person than the exterior trappings of money.


Love does not cost a thing, but life has its financial demands. Even though there are people who seek out others with wealth and status to find love and happiness, they do not seem to grasp the full potential of being wholeheartedly in love. You can have money without love and you can have love without money. In the end, wouldn’t you rather have a balance of the best of both?

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