10 Ways to Know the Relationship is a Healthy One

10 Ways to Know the Relationship is a Healthy One

Doesn’t everyone want a healthy relationship? It’s almost as if it’s part of our DNA. No one wishes for a soul-sucking, emotionally damaging, or hurtful relationship. We all want to love and be loved, respected, trusted, and appreciated. So, how does one know for sure if their romantic relationship is a good one? Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s actually going on in a relationship for those who are actually in it.

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It’s easy to be blinded by love, among other things. But, it’s important to get some perspective at the beginning of a budding relationship and along the way as well, to see if things are progressing as they should: healthily and positively that enriches each person’s life. Consider the following points when taking stock of the relationship:

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1. Trust

Each person believes in the other. Too often, people waste precious time worrying about what the other person is doing and thinking. Jealousy is like relationship rot. It kills it from the inside out before it has had a chance to flourish and be enjoyed by each person sincerely. No relationship is enjoyable when one or both of the people in it are constantly on the lookout for their partner to cheat on them or stab them in the back, etc. Trust is what healthy relationships are usually built on. Take a step back and consider whether each person trusts the other in the relationship and can put faith in them.

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2. Friendship

Sex is usually important, but that isn’t enough to sustain a long-term relationship. At the foundation, there should be a friendship where each person just enjoys being with the other. That’s what lasts a lifetime. One wants to be able to not only LOVE their partner but to also be able to LIKE them genuinely.

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3. Communication

Sometimes people overshare and over-communicate, but most of the time, people don’t talk enough! They let things build up for years and years, and are too afraid to tell their person how they really fear. What happens then is that things fester, the truth isn’t stated, and people end up resenting each other for reasons that they haven’t shared. Communicate during arguments, tell each other how each person is feeling. When something comes up, let it out before it’s too late. And, even if it’s not during an argument, take the time to share with each other what’s going on in life.

4. Genuine Fun Together

Each person has real fun together. Sometimes, in the beginning, when passion and sex rule the relationship, it can be easy to put aside the fact that maybe there’s no real connection. But, the whole point of a relationship is to enjoy one another and have fun together! So, if laughter, smiling, and fun isn’t the order of the day most of the time, then maybe the relationship is not worth it.

5. True Love, Care, and Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness isn’t forgotten. Love is about caring about another person and putting them first. So, when every individual puts their partner ahead and goes out of their way to do something special for them, then that keeps the relationship alive and healthy. So, if one finds themselves doing something extra for their significant other, then that’s a great sign! It shows real love and care. Think about what the other person needs, and try to get creative about some ways to be extra thoughtful!

6. Honesty and Openness

Sometimes it’s tough, to tell the truth, but it’s such a comfort when one can depend on their significant other, to be honest with them. There’s no reason to be harsh, but a relationship is a place to be open and to share one’s life and one’s feelings. And, it’s also important when each person can be honest if they’ve messed up or made mistakes.

7. Supportive Friends and Relatives

It isn’t wise to always take everyone’s opinions, but those of friends and families should most of the time be taken seriously. If one’s friends and families are honestly and sincerely against the relationship, then maybe it’s important to take some time to decide if they’re right. But, if they’re supportive, then that could also be a good sign! It’s easier to get a better perspective on a relationship when not in it. So, take others’ opinions with a grain of salt!
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8. It’s OK to be Apart

The great thing about relationships is that they’re so fun to be in, and it’s great to have someone special to spend time together. In the beginning, it’s hard to be apart, because each person just wants to spend all of their time with the other! But, one can tell if their relationship is healthy if they’re able to find a peace about spending time apart. It’s totally healthy AND necessary to take time away from one another and take some alone time, pursue one’s hobbies, or spend some quality time with other friends. When each person can do that, that’s a sign that there is trust and faith in the relationship.

9. Each Person is Supportive and Encouraging

As humans, we are all different. We have different personalities, different hobbies, and different ways of looking at things. It’s a great sign when each person in the relationship can support the other. They can be there for the other one even if they don’t have the same interests or understand the motivation of their partner. It’s also important that both partners take the time to encourage their partner to do what makes them happy. Love is all about being selfless and put their significant other before their own needs and wants.

10. Acceptance

The couple is made up two individual people. It’s so incredibly wonderful when two whole people come together to create an incredible union. Relationships suffer and often die if one or both people come to the relationship with a lot of baggage or insecurity that they haven’t worked through. It puts a lot of pressure on the other person to be something that they’re not. No one can live up to perfection. And, with that extra baggage or insecurity, it brings an air of negativity to the relationship that steals all of the joy it’s supposed to have!

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Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship, no matter in what capacity the relationship is. Whether it’s family, friends, or romance, no one wants a relationship that brings them down and doesn’t enrich their lives. The point of relationships is to enjoy intimacy with another person which gives the other person a feeling of love, safety, comfort, and joy!

So, check out these tips to make sure the relationship is a healthy one. These ten things are surefire ways to be able to tell the state of a relationship. So, take a look, and if many of these things are missing from the list, then maybe each person should take a step back and see if the relationship is worth continuing! No need to settle for something less, when a real, good, and healthy relationship is out there for each person!

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