10 Common Relationship Arguments Nobody Can Win

10 Common Relationship Arguments Nobody Can Win

There are a lot of arguments that every couple has experienced. Some of these arguments can even tear two people apart. Learn about the ten most common arguments that couples have. Nobody can win them, so it is better to recognize them before your relationship gets damaged.

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1. Argument About Absolutely Nothing

Being in a bad mood is normal. Maybe something has happened during the day that just simply made your day terrible. In this case, you can become easily triggered by something and start a fight. In some cases, you just let out all your negative emotions on your partner with no apparent reason. You have to recognize what you are truly angry about and deal with these emotions differently. Or if your partner has started a fight about nothing, recognize that the problem could be something else. Just don’t indulge in the fight.

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2. What To Do On Holidays

Choosing where to spend your holidays can be a very frustrating thing. You probably want to spend your holidays with your family, while your partner wants to see his. This can turn out to be a big argument. Therefore, you need to find ways to compromise. Maybe the best thing is just to spend the holidays together.

3. Spending Money

“How can you spend that much money on a pair of shoes?” or “Did you lose all that money on sports bet?” These are arguments every couple will have. For you, it might seem that your partner´s expenses are entirely crazy. For them, it seems normal and necessary. Even if you don’t agree with your partner´s choice of spending money, you should learn to accept it. Remember that even these silly things can make them extremely happy.

4. Household Chores

“You were home all day, why didn’t you do something.” Sharing a place to live can requires effort from both partners. Although some people might choose to spend their day off by cleaning house or cooking, some prefer simply not to do anything. If your partner has just spent a day watching TV, although there is a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, don’t get too upset. They probably needed some time to relax and forget all about their daily duties. Starting a fight will only make your partner stressed.

5. What To Have For Dinner

You might want to order a pizza, while your partner rather prefers a gourmet meal. Someone definitely has to cook. The fight about food can be exhausting and frustrating. You don’t have to choose the same thing as your partner or spend hours in the kitchen. Maybe both stick to just having a bag of chips or a sandwich and leave the cooking for another day.

6. Arguments about “That One Friend”

You probably have some friends that have been there for you throughout your life, but your partner simply can´t stand them. There is likely to be a reason why your partner doesn’t like your friends, but you both have to be accepting. Trying to break up a friendship will only break your relationship apart.

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7. Spending Time With Friends

When the relationship begins, couples often forget about the rest of the world and focus on each other. Later on, they realize that they need to spend more time with their friends. When one part of the couple chooses to spend time with their friends and without their partner, it can be a cause for arguments. Remember, you can be a better partner to each other if you have some time on your own from time to time.

8. The Shopping Argument

You made a list of the necessary groceries, but your partner forgot the list at home along with many important things that were on it. Or they picked the wrong type of product. These seemingly small arguments can turn into a big fight. Remember that groceries are not something worth fighting for and simply go back to the store.

9. Getting Up And Going To Bed

Any disturbances in sleep can be a cause for grumpiness and arguments. One of you might have been up too late, while the other one wakes up early. These are some things every couple experiences when they live together. It can be a cause for a lot of arguments. It is silly to try to control how your partner spends their free time. Accepting each other´s differences is just a part of any relationship.

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10. Room Temperature

Another thing about sleeping many couples fight about is the temperature. While you would like to sleep under five blankets, your partner might think it´s too hot and open a window. Or they turn on the fan, while you can´t sleep with all that noise. It will certainly take you time to get past these differences, but it is not something worth having an actual fight about.

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Relationships are not an easy task. The longer you live together with someone, the more acquainted you will get with their personality. Some of these things are very annoying, but they make up the person you love so much. Accept and embrace your differences since getting to know each other is the most fun part of relationships. And small, everyday things are mostly not worth fighting for.

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