10 Tips for Keeping the Sex Spark Alive

10 Tips for Keeping the Sex Spark Alive

Sex is one of the most important parts of a romantic relationship, but it can also be one of the trickiest parts. People are often shy to discuss these types of things and share their needs or desires. Therefore, they can end up having less than satisfying sexual relationships. Or, people neglect to have sex altogether because of tension, awkwardness, discomfort, or just the normal dwindling of sexual fire. But, having no sex and unsatisfying sex are two things relationships don’t need, and it can bring the relationship down in other ways.

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It’s normal to experience a downward flow to the passionate side of sex. Usually, at the beginning of relationships, everything is fresh and new, but after years and years, it can get ho-hum. Not to fear, most couples experience this phenomenon. But, if everything else in one’s relationship is going well, then there’s no way they can’t rebuild this aspect! If it’s someone you love, then follow these ten tips to keep the sex spark alive.

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1. Be Confident

Sure, maybe it’s been years, and the two people don’t look as good as they used to. Maybe there are wrinkles, gray hair, or extra weight. Don’t let that dull the sexual fire. Go into a sexual encounter with all of the confidence had previously, and it will help bring that sexual fire back right away! Nothing is sexier than someone being confident in who they are and how they look, no matter their age. If they show a desire for their partner, it will start the spark.

2. Try New Things

Don’t get stuck in the rut of always doing the same old stuff. What makes sex exciting is that two people get to explore new things together. They can enjoy each other in so many different ways. Keep things alive by getting creative.

3. Talk About It

Yeah, this is the part where people start to get uncomfortable. They don’t want to get to that vulnerable point where they’re sharing their innermost desires with another person. But, this is essential to getting a satisfying sex life! Each person should feel secure enough and comfortable enough to share these things with their partner. They should get to explain what they want and how they want it, and the other person should take the time to listen. Keep the conversation going throughout the relationship as the sex life grows and changes.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Everyone has their comfort level. And that’s ok. One’s partner should be understanding of the other’s comfort level and shouldn’t push them beyond it. Each person should evaluate what their boundaries are so that when the time comes to discuss with their partner, they know what they want and what they don’t. It’s ok to say no if something comes up that the other person doesn’t feel comfortable with. A relationship should be secure enough where each person feels like they can say no!

5. Take Time Out For Sex

This may seem simple, but often, people get so caught up in their busyness and their lives that they forget to take time to have sex. They get too tired at night, or they feel too stressed, or they have too many things going on. But, it’s so important to find time for it. It’s a sign of intimacy between two people, and it helps build and deepen the relationship. It’s essential to the health and success of the relationship. Don’t get too busy for sex! It’s so easy to do and will negatively affect the relationship.

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6. Go To A Therapist

Sometimes, couples would like a little of outside help. Don’t be ashamed to go and get it. There are plenty of licensed professionals who know just how to help couples with their sex lives. It also helps the couple to talk to each other, and by having someone else there, they can guide the conversation and help it be productive.

7. Create An Environment Of Intimacy

Find daily time that doesn’t include phones, TV, the internet, work, or other people. Spend time alone together just being with each other. This will help develop another layer of the relationship intimacy and can lead to deeper, intimate, sexual relationships. This is a great way to start out if they sex life has been struggling up until now. It can help reignite the intimacy which will lead to a better sex life.

8. Make It Fun

Sex is supposed to be fun and exciting. Try to make a game out of it. Look for fun ways to incorporate it into the schedule, and find fun ways or places to do it. Pretend that it’s like the beginning of the relationship, and everything is fresh and new!

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9. Perfect The Kiss

A lot of times, people get focused on the sex, sex, sex. They forget that there are other intimate things to do. One can relearn how to kiss one’s partner again with passion. People get into their one kiss a day robot routine that is boring. Stir up the spark with some intimate kissing action.

10. Ask Your Partner What They Want

That’s right. Everyone likes to be asked what their needs are, but in this situation, it can be difficult. Perhaps one partner is selfish, or they’re afraid of what their partner will say! But, it’s so important when learning to develop intimacy to be unselfish and ask this question. It will also help one get to know their partner on a deeper level. They can learn so much about them simply by asking this question. And, they can learn how to have a more satisfying sex and intimacy life with their partner if they know the answer to this.

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Sex is one way in a relationship to have intimacy. Intimacy is what relationships are all about. There is the emotional closeness, and the bond, and the intertwined hearts and lives. People love having that other person that they can trust, depend on, and be near to. As a result, sex is so important. Similarly, it helps develop this intimacy. It lets two people express their love and care for each other, and it acts as a kind of smoothing over the mechanism to ease the tension and stress that fall into relationships. But, there are also different ways to be intimate.

Spend time together. Laugh together. Enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, forget about everything else and be in each other’s presence. Take the time for the other person. Additionally, learn to woo them, to romance them, and to make them feel special. People think that this can take a lot of unnecessary effort and work, but then that means that they don’t think their partner is worth it. If it’s the right person, each will want to put forth that extra effort.

In conclusion, don’t be shy. Share each other’s needs and wants with each other to be able to build a more satisfying and intimate relationship. Don’t get too busy for sex or each other. Not only will it be less fun, but it will let the relationship fizzle out. Now that’s an entirely reasonable thing to happen, but there are so many ways to help bring it back on track! Follow the tips above to get that sexy spark back again!

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