Aquarius In Love

Aquarius In Love

Aquarius Personality

Aquarius sun sign is usually very intellectual and eccentric personality. Aquarius in love are often very shy, although they might seem loud. Aquarius has their opinion on every topic and they are not afraid of expressing it. These people are natural rebels and they go against all the standards of society. These people often have a lot of friends because they accept people for who they are, with no judgment.

Aquarius zodiac sign knows what they want from life and they go after it. They don’t like to be in a crowd. Aquarius likes to be alone and they feel perfectly good without being in a relationship. When they decide to commit to someone it is important for them to keep their personal freedom.

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Aquarius Man In Love

Aquarius man often sees woman as innocent and weak creatures that need protection. He loves company of women and he usually has a wide circle of women around. Aquarius man often bases his opinions about woman on their looks and sexuality. Aquarius men are often very superficial.

The Aquarius in love is not sure how to express it. They want to show how serious they are about the relationship, but at the same time keep an option to quit. They are not good at communication. Aquarius male has a completely different view on what love really is. He might believe he is in love with someone and continue to also see other people. Being committed to one person only is something Aquarius men don’t believe in.

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It can be very difficult to be with a male Aquarius star sign. He takes many things way too personally and gets upset easily. At the same time he can be very indifferent towards his partner’s feelings. This man will not be someone who can comfort his partner and make them feel better. This man often has a lot of personal issues that he is not dealing with. If the Aquarius guy feels like his partner is disrespectful, he quickly becomes distant and cold.

Aquarius man believes that he is the best and doesn’t consider any other options. This man thinks that sex is something for young people and one can grow out of needing it. For this reason, his long time partners are often sexually frustrated and start to seek for the company of other men. Aquarius men can be quite selfish and not see when they are wrong.

aquarius in love

Aquarius Woman In Love

Aquarius woman usually has a very clear sexual individuality. She is not very passionate or cold, rather normal-tempered. This woman knows what she likes, but is never against having new experiences. Sex is an important part of her life.

This woman is very ambitious and determined. Aquarius is often creative and they strive for perfection. Sometimes Aquarius women can be very dismissive towards mistakes of others. Aquarius doesn’t like drama; she rather prefers to be with someone well grounded and responsible. This woman appreciates beauty and esthetics. For her it is important to always be well groomed and have good clothing. She expects the same from her partner.

Aquarius female always has the best intentions in her mind. Everything she does for others is meant to help them. Sometimes people don’t ask for anything, but Aquarius likes to help out. For some this quality can be annoying.

Aquarius woman accepts herself and everyone else just the way they are. She doesn’t allow her partner to see her slack off. Aquarius always tries to maintain a perfect image, even after being in a relationship for a long time. Her partner might not care about her looks that much, but it is important to allow Aquarius to be who she is. She is able to do a lot of things for the person she loves. This woman has huge amounts of energy and capabilities. The female Aquarius in love wants attention and she needs to feel appreciated.

Aquarius Compatibility

Best Match For Aquarius

Best relationship compatibility for Aquarius is with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Gemini and Libra are both air signs just like Aquarius therefore these zodiac signs have a good understanding of each other’s personality. Gemini and Aquarius can give each other the freedom they want together with feeling of closeness. Both of them usually have no idea what qualities they are looking in a partner, but they know that this relationship feels good and natural for them both.

Together with Libra sun sign, Aquarius can be who they are. They both share passion for truth and justice. For this couple, sexual compatibility is not as important as intellectualism. They are both very smart people and always will have something to talk about.

Relationship between Aries and Aquarius in love is going to be filled with a lot of adventures. Aquarius is one of the rare people who can surprise Aries. They share a very strong intellectual connection.

Aquarius and Sagittarius can be in a relationship and also work together. Aquarius is very creative and has a lot of ideas, and Sagittarius knows how to bring them to life. They make an excellent team and have a lot of fun together.

Worst Match For Aquarius

Least compatible in zodiac compatibility with Aquarius are Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpio has a lot of deep emotions and strong intuition. They are intense, controlling and jealous. These qualities are not something Aquarius is looking for. Although Scorpio can attract them with their intense sexuality, Aquarius will never be able to appreciate the intelligence and deep insight of Scorpio.

Taurus personality is very stable and determined person, at the same time being fun and joyful. Aquarius will not likely pay any attention to the bull. Even if they do, they find Taurus to be extremely boring.

Aquarius Sexuality

As an air sign, Aquarius is gifted with a lot of creativity. They enjoy sex a lot and have a big sex drive. At the same time, Aquarius can go for a very long time without having sex. They enjoy having sex in various locations and get excited about the idea of getting caught.

Although they want to have a lot of experience, Aquarius sexually can also be very distant from their partners. They enjoy fantasizing about sex more than actually doing it. Aquarius is not really a shy personality. They have their own system of beliefs based on what they choose their partners. Aquarius sexuality is quite hard to understand. But they can be a lot of fun.

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Aquarius sun sign is the loner of the zodiac. These people are very unconventional. Traditional family values are not something they ever appreciate. Aquarius is mostly busy with their ideas of saving the planet then with silly relationships. These people don’t care what anyone thinks about them and it is not easy to be together with Aquarius. They have their own beliefs of what is acceptable in a relationship and what is not.

Aquarius in love often doesn’t share their set of values with their partner. There is always a lot of confusion and feelings of hurt together with Aquarius. If they find someone they fall for, Aquarius can make a good lover and friend. Still, their time will always be divided between many people. Aquarius hates to feel tied-down or controlled. If they start to feel pressure, Aquarius will simply disappear from the life of person who is making them feel that way.

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