13 Compliments Guys Secretly Love to Hear

13 Compliments Guys Secretly Love to Hear

“I love your car.” “You must work out. You’ve got a great body.” “Your style is awesome.” Girls often give out compliments like they’re candy, because A) they mean it and B) they want to flirt a little and get the guy interested. But, sometimes women aren’t complimenting or flirting in the right and most effective way.

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And, often, they pour it on a little too thick, and they give off an air of desperation and intensity that is oh, so not attractive. It’s important when dating to leave just a little bit of mystery and not to give too much away or be too over the top in the beginning. Because it’s important to make the other person feel comfortable and keep them around so that they can get to know you and want to get to know you.

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Guys are humans – even though they may sometimes pretend that they’re all hard and have no emotions and aren’t hurt by anything. They are. They are soft in the middle, and even they like to hear compliments. But because men are from Mars and women are from Venus, sometimes they don’t know exactly how to communicate.

And they also don’t know what kinds of things to say that will make a difference to the other person. Plus, for guys, not all compliments are essential. Some stick and some go in one ear and out the other.

Below are 13 compliments that guys secretly love to hear. Try one of these on the next date, and see that it helps your relationship.

1. “You’re really sexy.”

Giving compliments to men that are specifically are about the physical body and appearance are often forgotten. Most of the time, it’s women who get the praise about appearances, and men can get left behind.

And often, underneath it all, they are still very insecure about how they look. Remember to give compliments that are body-specific.

Sexy man

2. “I’m proud of you.”

Use compliments that show that his effort and skill are appreciated and recognized. This often goes unnoticed, so this will be very well-received. No need to use these exact words when first at the beginning of a relationship, but any compliment that acknowledges something that he has done and done well or can do well will go a long way.

3. “I trust you.”

Men appreciate respect and trust. They want to be seen to be strong and able to lead. So, if their partner recognizes this, it helps their self-esteem. Plus, no matter what gender, everyone wants to feel trusted, admired, and respected!

4. “You give me butterflies.”

Even if relationships are long-term, both partners want to know that the other loves them and is affected by their charms. Give the man a compliment that reminds him how his attractiveness gets to you and how it excites you and makes you feel.

5. “You make me safe.”

Traditionally, men are considered the protectors. These days, women don’t need anyone to help them live their lives, but men still appreciate feeling like they’re strong and proud. Men want to protect what is most precious to them. So, take it as a compliment if safety is felt in the relationship.


6. “Your genitals are…”

Men never tire of hearing how big they are or how great they are in bed. This is the part of their body that gets the most verbal abuse, most likely. So, throw him a bone and give him a few extra compliments in this area. Remind him that you notice.

7. “You’re so interesting.”

Everyone wants to hear that they’re interesting, but men especially enjoy this compliment. They want to feel smart and able to entertain someone with good conversation. And being boring is probably one of the worst things to be called. No man wants to feel like he’s BORING.

8. “You’re so funny.”

This is a HUGE one. It is said that women value a sense of humor over physical attractiveness because it entertains them and makes them feel comfortable. So, men want to hear this one.

They want to know that they can make their partner laugh! Laughter helps smooth over all the bumps and troubles of a relationship. So, even if the guy makes infuriate the woman, but can still make her laugh, that’s a great sign.

9. “You’re brilliant.”

Reminding a man of his intelligence and skill is good. This is a good one to slip into situations where he has had to use his intelligence for something that has helped someone, the relationship, or himself.

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10. “I like your friends.”

This is an excellent one to remember because men don’t like to feel like they’re tied down and can’t have their own lives. They want to do things with the boys and feel like that’s ok.

So, if his partner enjoys and appreciates his friends, that not only compliments his friend choices, but it also shows him that he doesn’t have to feel guilty about spending time with them.

Male friends

11. “You’re good to me.”

Everyone wants to hear these words, but it’s good to recognize when the man has been kind and sweet and patient in the relationship. It is a sign of safety and trust and respect.

12. “I enjoy our sex life.”

This is another BIG one. Men may often feel insecure about their sexual capabilities, so if they know their partner enjoys it, then it adds to their self-esteem. When people feel confident in their relationship, then they are their best selves as well as their true selves.

13. “You make me better.”

Everyone wants to hear this from their partner. Relationships should make people better. They should be able to bring their best selves to the relationship. And, if the man helps to make his partner their best self, then he should be told. It will make him feel like a right partner and friend.


Compliments are good things everyone wants to hear. Fake compliments are not worth it. Don’t say something nice if it isn’t true. People know when someone is fake. It’s a turn-off and unattractive.

Also, men like to be given compliments, but they don’t want them if their partner doesn’t mean them. But, compliments are a good way to help inject a feeling of joy and love into the relationship. Take the time to look for things that you will compliment.


The WRONGs or negatives in a relationship result to problems. It can be easier to focus on the negative and say harsh things to try and “fix” whatever’s wrong. But, that kind of negativity can bring the relationship down and perhaps even eventually end it.

And if it doesn’t end, it at least won’t be entertaining for either person. So, just think. If partners love each other, why not do whatever they kind to be kind and make their partners happy?

That’s what this article is about. Using compliments to make the man feel special, loved, appreciated, respected, and admired. It will make the relationship happier, more relaxed, and a place for each person to feel safe.

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