14 Tips To Charm The Man You Want

How To Charm The Man You Want

Finding the right man can be difficult. It seems like some women get lucky and marry their high school sweetheart and others struggle to find that connection with anyone.

First ask yourself: Are you open to love? Do you want to be in a relationship? There is a saying that ‘everyone has the exact life they want.’ Make sure you are open to receiving love and meeting new people. Get rid of your baggage from the past. If you are open to finding love, you will be more likely to receive it.

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Be open, honest and straightforward. If you are shy or antisocial, try putting yourself out there. Try a group meet up or go out more with friends to help you overcome your fears and get used to meeting new people.


Depending on your situation you might want to talk to a counselor. Sometimes there are things in our past that we need to deal with before we can be open to meeting people or making a connection. We continue to meet the wrong people because we are blocked, or we are hanging on to something from the past. Practice letting go, say positive mantras to try to open your heart and let love in.

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Remember when first meeting someone maintain eye contact and ask questions about them. To find men, you need to go where men go. Get out and try new things. You won’t find Mr. Right sitting on your couch!

Next, you want to be what you want to find. If you want a man who is successful, then you need to work hard yourself. Go to school or work in the business world. Work on yourself. If you want a man who is fit and attractive, then make sure you put your best self out there. Men seek women who enjoy doing what they do. They seek what they are interested in themselves.

If you found the man you want but need help making a connection or getting him to notice you, some tips can help:

14 Tips To Be Irresistible To The Man You Want

1. Confidence

Confidence is one of the top qualities men are attracted to in a woman. It is attractive in and of itself. Try to be more assertive and avoid indecisiveness.


2. Eye Contact

Eye contact helps to show confidence and assertiveness. It shows a man you are interested and available. By maintaining eye contact, you can show him you care for him and even get him to fall in love too. Gazing into each others’ eyes for long periods is a sign of attraction.

3. Avoid complaining

Avoid complaining too much or coming off as too insecure. Men like women who are flexible and adaptable to any situation. They don’t want to feel like they have to take care of a lady or constantly reassure her.

4. Cook for the man

It turns out that old saying is true – “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Men like women doting on them and making them dinner. If you don’t cook either try to learn a couple of his favorite recipes or learn his favorite take out!

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5. Be yourself

Men want to know the real you. Be confident and fun but be true to who you are. Smile and laugh (men love women who laugh at their jokes.) Show him your hobbies and passions. Find things you can share together.

6. Look Smart

Make sure you look nice and put together when you see him. Believe it or not, men care about our appearance as much as we do. Men also like to know that you take the time to look nice for him. It is a real turn-on!

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7. Talk to him

Ask him about himself. Get to know what he does and what he likes. Everyone likes someone showing an interest in them, and people like to talk about themselves. Then, smile and laugh at his jokes!

8. Be patient

He may need time to decide if he wants to be in a relationship.

9. Be a friend

The best relationships start out of friendships. Men love women they can hang out with, watch a game with or play a game with. Men like women they can talk to as much as women do.

10. Listen to him

Show him you are listening. Do little things like let him know about the latest video game or movie that he might like. Or bring over his favorite food or snack. He will love you for it!


11. Do not be controlling

Don’t be too controlling or possessive. He is not a possession or item to control or possess so be careful with his heart as well as yours.

12. Flirt with him

Now there are tricks too such as glancing at your man and glancing away or smiling and flirting but leave him wanting more. Whenever he looks at you, you make eye contact then look away. Never get caught staring!

13. Avoid sex

Do not sleep with him for the first 3 to 5 dates. You have to leave him wanting more and show him that you are classy and worth getting to know more.

Let him do some work to get you. You want him to chase you a little. Make him miss you and always leave him wanting more. Cut dates short – right when you are having fun – say you have to go you have an early day the next day, whatever it takes to make him wish you would stay. Flirt and tease him but don’t give it all up.

14. Do not give up

Don’t lose hope. If you have tried all these tips and tricks but he still not responding, give him time. He can always come around. Don’t give up. Be a friend and then wait for the right moment to try again.

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