Pros and Cons of Marrying Your High School Sweetheart

Pros and Cons of Marrying Your High School Sweetheart

Years have gone by, and you still think of the person you shared your bed with as being the cutest guy in school. You miss the rendezvous that you used to have right after that science class. Why? Because she was your high school sweetheart and now, he is your husband. What a love story! Well, you are not alone.

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Celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi and U.S Politician Sarah Palin have all married their high school sweethearts! Forget all about teens popping the question during graduation, in today’s world, reconnecting with our exes is something that is unavoidable. It does not matter if you are thinking about it or have already done it, being with someone that you love is the comfort that lets many people know that they will weather the storm no matter what comes their way.



Pros behind marrying your high school sweetheart

Getting married to your high school sweetheart means that you will only be a few years apart in age. The reality of it is that age is not just a number as it goes a long way in ensuring the success of a relationship. As age signifies your maturity and experience in life, it can also be deceptive. Older people can have childless tendencies. Therefore, you and your high school sweetheart need to be compatible regardless of age.

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According to statistics, 21% of unmarried couples would continue to live together after a 5-to-7 year period. Therefore, most teenagers opt to move in together right after high school, and it is not surprising that their relationship steadily progresses for a long time.

60% of high school girls have been in abusive relationships with their high school sweethearts, but most of them still end up getting married anyway.

High school sweethearts who get married as teenagers have a 54% chance of their marriage lasting for only ten years.
Only 19% of people who marry the high school sweetheart attend college.

Those individuals who do not end up marrying their high school sweethearts do it because of the need for freedom of exploration but not because they love the other person more.When high school sweethearts fall in love, their powerful connection does remain stable for years. The pros of marrying your high school sweetheart include:

1. You can be yourself at all times

Your high school sweetheart probably saw you when you had nerd glasses and braces. Well, how much worse can it get? However, when you have been around someone for a long time, you get a greater sense of confidence, and you can be yourself around them. This kind of self-acceptance is something that makes getting married to your high school sweetheart a life long commitment.

2. Your sex life will be exciting

When your high school sweetheart is the first person that you have slept with, you will inevitably base your sexual repertoire on what makes them get off. Therefore, this essentially means that you will not struggle in your sex life and that is one of the biggest advantages.

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3. Forgiveness and acceptance will be easy

Marrying your high school sweetheart means that you will always find it easy to forgive. Growing together means that you will essentially love to mature and evolve as a unit. This fact essentially means that should anything happen to cause a rift between the two of you, a greater sense of forgiveness will prevail.

4. Your first love is your deepest love

Your first love is real as it gets. So why not keep being in love until you grow old with that special someone? After all, you never forgot what you felt for your first love.

5. You will know your partner well

You and your high school sweetheart probably grew up as best friends; therefore, you know them well. As you have matured together and have gone through all relationship stages, you will already know each other inside and out.

6. You will have awesome anniversaries to look forward to

If you married your high school sweetheart when you were twenty, and now you are thirty-one, this means that you have already been together for over eleven years. Every anniversary that you celebrate from here on out will be one that you will always look forward to no matter the situation. In fact, you are not even close to your fiftieth birthday, imagine how fantastic it would be.

The Cons:

1. Co-dependence does not encourage independence

You probably have been living with your high school sweetheart for a very long time. As such, co-dependent dynamic living arrangements create co dependence and not enough independence.

2. You have to deal with a lot of massive responsibilities

High school sweethearts who choose to get married straight out of high school experience a great shift from being a kid to being an adult with huge responsibilities. If one of you was always left holding the ball most of the time, they might feel overwhelmed.

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3. The sex life

Although you and your partner will have an excellent sex life, if it does not meet your expectation as you grow and change your preferences in bed, then it never will. As you will only know what sex feels like with one person, you will not be able to use past sexual experiences to shape or spice your bedroom life. It is also important to be careful so that sex does not become too monotonous as it was in high school.

4. You will not evolve together

Take this scenario, for instance; you planned out what you want your life to be like in high school. However, after a few years, you apply for a job and become a doctor, and he becomes a local police officer. All of your decisions are made in consideration of one another, but you will not regard what you want individually. In the same token, who you were in high school may not be who you are today and often your partner does not usually evolve with you.



5. You will always have those unanswered questions

It is only human nature to wonder what you will have with someone else. Would you still have the same kind of intimacy? This fact makes you second guess your relationship in every way. You will always wonder whether you are missing out on other better experiences.

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6. At times, you may feel like you are forced to stay together

A relationship that seemed perfect in high school may not be that romantic in real life. While you may have second thoughts, you may feel forced to stay together with your partner simply because you have been together for years and have invested time in the relationship.

Will it last?

High school sweethearts know each other’s faults, and if they stick together for the long haul, it only means that they are truly in love despite other unfavorable factors.

The question on whether the relationship will last or it will not is something that will forever remain unanswered. When couples give each other time to grow, this benefits the relationship and high school sweethearts should do the same.


Relationships that blossom towards happy marriages usually takes work and commitment from both parties. If love matures and changes then it’s best to accept change and move on. Don’t listen to outsiders. If you are still as much in love with your man as the day when you first laid eyes on him, who is to say that it won’t last forever?

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