15 Reasons a Sense of Humor Makes You Hot

15 Reasons Why Being Humorous Makes You Hot

As we all know, life is tough. It has its good times, and its bad times, and sometimes it seems as though the bad times are piling up. So, that’s why laughter is life’s best medicine. It can turn a day from really terrible to hilariously enjoyable! Putting a smile on someone’s face can feel truly fulfilling, and the one who’s smiling can attest to that! That’s why having a sense of humor can make one extremely attractive. It’s attractive on both sides because it shows a LOT of good things about a person. How can a sense of humor make someone super hot? It shows…

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Good Humor For A Happy Relationship

1. It Gives Off a Sense of Relaxation

This is one of the biggest reasons why funny people are so attractive. It shows that they’re a relaxed person and can “roll with the punches.” They don’t take life too seriously, and they can stop to enjoy life and find humor in the little things. They also will tend not to take offense too easily, so they can take as much as they dish out.

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2. It’s a Sign That The People are Happy

Many times, when someone is hilarious and tries to make other people laugh, it’s a sign that they’re happy as well. That’s the attractive part. Everyone wants to be around that smiling, laughing, and funny person because it brings in a vibe of happiness and enjoyment! And in today’s tough world, that’s incredibly refreshing.

3. It Reduces Tension

Laughter always helps lighten the mood whether it’s changing a sad or an angry vibe. It helps to cut the tension in half by easing the seriousness of the situations. This is always attractive because it reminds people, again, to not take life too seriously. If after years of a long relationship or a marriage, the couple can still make each other laugh, then that translates to an easier and more enjoyable life.

4. It Lasts

Six packs and great hair and bulging biceps don’t last, and if people base their relationship on physical aspects, then that relationship will eventually fade and fall to the wayside. But, a sense of humor can last forever. Even when two people are old and frail, their senses of humor can still be intact and can bring them endless joy together.

5. It Shows a Serious Side

The people with the best sense of humor tend to be those who have thought and analyzed life and have found funny and humorous ways to look at it. Often, for guys, they’ve spent a lot of time honing their comedic skills because they may have had other “deficiencies” that society shunned them for: being too short, being too little, being somewhat unattractive or awkward, etc. It’s the truly funny people that have been around and knew what’s up.

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6. It’s a Sign of Intelligence

It takes a lot of work to be able to make people laugh. Some people just have the gift, and others really struggle to do this. But, if someone can make other people laugh while at the same time being clever and witty, then that’s a true gift. A sense of humor is sexy because it shows a quick mind.

7. It Means Life Will Be a Lot Easier

People are attracted to the funny ones as potential partners because they know life will be a lot easier with them. It won’t necessarily be fraught with tension and arguments or depressing times because one or both of the people have the ability to make the other person laugh. And laughter makes the hard times just a bit easier.

8. It Shows That The Person Can Take a Joke

There’s enough tough stuff going on in the world as well as a lot of nasty people, so it just makes things a bit smoother if people can take a joke and not be too sensitive. That also means they can’t be bullied and aren’t a target for more dominant personalities to control them, which is incredibly sexy.

9. It Promotes Positivity

When people have a sense of humor, they can make people laugh as well as be able to see the sense of humor in others. They are focused on laughter, smiling, and being happy. So, they are straining towards the positive as opposed to tumbling towards the negative. They may be more able to see that silver lining and have a mental state of positivity, and that’s hot.

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10. It Helps Give Other People The Spotlight

A sense of humor isn’t just about taking over a group and making them all laugh loudly at all the jokes. But, it’s also about seeing the sense of humor in others and giving them their time to be funny. It’s not just about being funny. It’s also about allowing other people to be funny. And that’s so attractive when someone can enjoy a variety of different types of humor, and laughs at other people’s jokes.

11. It’s a Great Social Tool

A good sense of humor helps people to get along with a variety of different type of people. Because those with a good sense of humor are more relaxed and can see the humor in others, they’re more likely to be better socially and can handle themselves in all kinds of social groups. That’s what makes them so fun to be around.

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12. It Projects Confidence

Funny people appear more confident because they’re able to laugh things off and go boldly into a social situation. They’re not afraid to try to make people laugh and be the center of attention for a bit. They’re also confident enough to let other people have their moment and can laugh at other’s jokes. Confidence is probably one of the most attractive traits in another person.

13. It Makes Other People Feel Comfortable

This is one of the most significant skills people can have. It’s important to try and make others feel comfortable and worthy of time and attention. That’s what a sense of humor does. It puts a relaxed vibe in the air and releases a lot of tension and awkwardness so that each person feels more at ease.

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14. It’s a Great Way to Flirt

Who wants to go up to the bar and start talking to someone and have them stare blankly back? Or give one-word responses or awkward answers? It’s incredibly more attractive and sexy to engage in witty banter with the other person and see that they can handle this social situation with ease and humor. The better the sense humor a person has, the better they will do in the dating world.

15. Everyone Enjoys It

It would be a difficult thing to find someone who doesn’t want to smile, doesn’t want to laugh, and genuinely doesn’t enjoy a humorous person. That’s why the comedy industry is doing so well. (Think Saturday Night Live). A sense of humor is one of those qualities that everyone loves, appreciates, and enjoys. It’s a crowd-pleaser.

There are plenty of reasons why a sense of humor is an attractive, hot, and sexy quality to have. It makes situations more fun, it lightens the mood, it’s a great way to flirt, and it portrays a confident and relaxed vibe. A sense of humor is one of those things that transcends time, and it shows an incredibly sharp mind! So, when looking at good qualities for a potential romantic partner, looking for a good sense of humor is a great place to start.

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