3 Things To Know When Dating A Socialite

Dating a Socialite

Building a successful and long-lasting relationship is like trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest. It comes with ups and downs, having to compromise and make some sacrifices on the way.

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But it seems that some relationships are more complicated than others. Such relationships include dating a socialite. Socialites want to be noticed wherever they go. They live a life full of fantasy seeking to please people and be pleased.

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So if you are going in for such a girl, you need to prepare very well. I want to give you some tips on how to succeed when dating a socialite.

1. You Need A Lot of Money

No broke ass can date a socialite. They live a classy and luxurious life, and there should be someone to foot that expenses. She needs to change her wardrobe as frequent as possible to suit her status.

She wants the new release by Gucci, a nice perfume, new shoes, and jewelry to match it and that money needs to come from you. Wait, she may also want to do a nose job, breast and butt enhancements to look good.

You have to support this luxurious lifestyle to keep her. If you can’t break the bank, dating a socialite will only happen in your dreams.

2. A Big Heart to Contain Jealousy

You need to shun any form of jealousy when dating a socialite. They are in for fun and try their best to entertain others. In this other men may show interest in her and that is very normal.

A friend once told me that if no other man proposes to your girlfriend, then she may be having a defect. It is up to her to say yes or no when such proposals are made. When you see other men trying to make advances towards your socialite girl, keep calm and swallow all the jealousy you feel.

You don’t have to create a scene by confronting such men. At least don’t spoil her business. She needs money, and that is one way they make money to support their lifestyle.

3. Have an Exit Plan

If you notice her lifestyle is having a drain on your purse, run before you go bankrupt. You can support such a luxurious lifestyle your entire life unless you are probably Bill Gates. No even Gates wouldn’t spend his money such a fruitless venture. Secondly, socialites have a lifeline. They expire like packaged food.

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The awful thing is that most of them invest in their body than in a business. They have no plan for the future. Would you still want to be with her during the expiration period? Can you still support her lifestyle? Be smart and leave even before such a time.

Dating a socialite


Let me give you a piece of advice. Run when you hear the word socialite. They are not good for you and can be dangerous to your pocket. There is no way she will be loyal to you, and you can’t have any long-term relationship with her. So why waste your time.

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