4 Ways To Let Go Of Others When You Really Want To Hold On Tighter

4 Ways To Let Go

As your friendly life coach, I understand it’s not easy to let go of past betrayal, hurt and abandonment. As a result lack of love and courage to move on bombards your existence. Your past will start to haunt you, therefore, clouding your future. Tons of unresponsive questions (What If?) and state of denial begins to gnaw your mind. When it’s hard for you to let go of someone, it’s crystal clear that you still play reliance on your past. Into the bargain, what happened has happened and there is no point of crying over spilled milk. Yes, it was real, and I believe that the other person disabled your heart.

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So, what next? It might hurt to say this, but it’s time to move on. Don’t be blinded by his or her smothering talk, if it’s something that you don’t want to keep, let it go. It can be daunting at first since you want to hold on like forever. To avoid further disappointments, you need to focus on the present. Read on.

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*I now understand why it’s difficult for you to let go. It’s because of empty space that is filled in your heart. It’s similar to that of a vacuum, and as beings, we aren’t good when it comes to filling open sets. We defined them as scary places where we don’t want to look back into.*

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1. Make Freedom Your Best Friend

Letting go of your partner, friend or colleague gives you ultimate freedom. In fact, it is the only situation that is destined to give you a happy soul. Above anything else, love yourself and accept that you make the best company. I know love and friendship are intended to beat all odds.

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However, we tend to assume everything in between and give up in the middle. It’s not that we don’t want to hold on, but that’s what made us to hurt others. When you let go of your friend, it doesn’t mean that you have given up. It only means that you want to be your true-self once more. If need be, go outside look up at the clouds and sky or even the stars. This is where you live; so, breathe and feel the world, then embrace your freedom to the core.

*Aside from anything else, love demands you to get rid of someone’s fears or doubts with an escort of unconditional love. However, disagreements are bound to occur, and it is here where partners need to know if you care for them. Underneath all the life quarrels, a partner or a friend needs to know if you aredesperatelythere for them.*

2. Break the Cycle

There comes a time where you look at your life and ask if it’s okay to change for the better. Stress and anxiety seem to have taken the toll in your life. When it’s daunting to change your current situation, you just accept the current state. This entails heart breaks, depression and much more. Honestly, you have to learn how to control the current situation. If you feel like someone is over your neck, break the cycle and move on.

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3. It’s Time to Surrender

I know you love him to the core, but he’s now getting on your nerves. All hell broke loose, and he’s not that into you. What next? If you don’t let go, you’ll go down in no time. Instead of ransacking your thoughts, it’s time to surrender. No, it’s not because you are weak; it’s a reminder that you are meant to be in a safe and peaceful place.

Remember that misfortune is the right and perfect walkway to nothing else but the truth. Don’t let your defeats to act as your losing end but as a victory lane. Be sure that you have let your spirit and glory out for the outside world.

4. Dare to Feel And Love

I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we are in this world. It can be a struggle if you live with someone who doubts you. But no one seems to care more than you do. If that is the case, learn to love yourself and feel it immensely. If you don’t take good care of your inner and outer part, no one will.

Even if you try to hide in a deep cave, you’ll be on your own. You aren’t here to risk your heart from all blame and heartaches. You should value your time by accepting those that love you and letting go of those that detriment you.

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In addition to the basics, we all love to be loved and vice versa. But when someone seems to control and take over our lives, it’s time to let go. There is far more way to do things rather than mourning for our lost souls.

You can’t lack a new career, an excellent relationship with someone else, a new hobby, a training program and so on. What I know is that there are tons of ways you can do to fill you past void with something compelling and action-packed.

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