7 Ways To Handle Parents Who Hate Your Boyfriend

7 Ways To Handle Parents Who Hate Your Boyfriend

Parents play a significant role in the lives of their children; not only are they their guardians but also their friends. The choices you make while still in their hands matters to them because they will want you to lead a better life than theirs.

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The adolescent stage is a terrifying stage for any parent; most parents can agree with me on that. This is the stage when kids make the most outrageous choices that can get them into juvenile, teenage pregnancies, doing drugs and some run away from home.

Handling adolescent boys is tougher compared to girls. Girls are soft and easy to talk to; which is not the case for males, they love action, and some experience may do them good.

Falling in love is part of human development and parents know that their kids will fall in love. Parents will make most of the decisions for you and may not approve of your boyfriend.

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Here are a few tips you can use to change your parents’ attitude towards your boyfriend:

1. Respect Your Parents

If there are people who have lived long enough, they are your parents. They have more experience and have tried things which might have had good or bad results. They probably know what is right for you. They are responsible for you, and whatever decisions you make, the consequences affect them.

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2. Weigh the Outcome Of Your Actions

You will not be doing the right thing if you fall on the wrong side with your parents. If they still don’t approve of your boyfriend the few times you have met; try and consider what you would lose from your parents.

Do you want their trust in you to crumble? What would happen to you if they stopped caring about your life? Do they seem like they can change their attitude towards your boyfriend or not? Weigh these factors and make appropriate decisions.

3. Give Each Other a Break

With all the tension built around you and your family; give yourself a break. Ask your boyfriend to give you some time to reconnect with your parents. In the case of any drifts made, you can take this time to close the gaps and get back to your normal lives.

The time you take will also help you realize whether he loves you or fooling with your mind. You can assess yourself and see whether you love the guy or it’s a mere crush.

4. Communicate With Your Parents

After having your normal relationship with your parents back; try and find out why they never approved of your relationship.

Try to introduce the talk when everyone is in a jovial mood; this makes them tell you exactly why they did not support the guy to be with you. If they give you reasons like, the age gap isn’t appropriate, he is a good guy, but you are too young to date; then this is a way to tell you to be patient with yourself.

Seeking clarification helps to clear the mind and will be good to share the reasons with your boyfriend, secretly of course.

5. Ask Your Boyfriend To Talk To His Parents

This might seem like a pretty sick idea, but trust me it will help. Depending on the kind of relationship your boyfriend has with their parents, ask him to ask them whether they approve of you being with him. If they agree that you can as well be with him; then you two can maintain a healthy friendship. You can be surprised that his parents may decide to talk to your parents.

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6. Open Up To Your Boyfriend

Talking to your boyfriend about what your parents said can open his mind. You can nicely tell him why your parents are uncomfortable about him; it may be matters concerning hygiene or how he dresses. Perhaps he can steadily make small steps until he becomes perfect.

7. Involve a Friend

A close friend will do you good in the relationship you are trying to build. Choose someone who understands what you are doing. Best friends are great choices, they can inform you of anything and can stand up for you at whatever costs.

Involve your friends to make the relationship worth; it will give your parents some peace of mind because they trust you two will behave yourselves in the presence of your friends.

8. Avoid Public Display of Affections

This comes only after your parents are cool with you hanging out together. You can do constructive activities that won’t make you hide, study together, watch a movie or share a meal at your place.

Avoid displaying your emotions such as kissing and cuddling when your parents are around; because that was the same thing that made them disapprove of your relationship earlier.Respect their presence.

9. Break Up

If you try all the steps and nothing works out; simply let him go. This is the last resort to relationships that do not work, and if parents do not approve, then all efforts will go to waste. If you were meant to be together, fate would draw you close and if not; then he probably wasn’t fit for you.

One day you the two of may meet, and if he still loves you, he will respect your parent’s decision and your decision and wait for you. People who are meant to be in your life will always revolve around you. Do not be in a hurry to make decisions that will cost you your future; best things come to those who wait.



All kids should keep in mind that their parents were not born adults; they underwent similar growth stages as them. Their parents had to make decisions for them; otherwise, they would have gone rogue and wasted their life. The best gift parents can give their child is care; which shows they love and respect you as their child.

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