Approach To Money In Relationships

Money Arguments In Relationships

Money is a major factor that plays a role in every relationship. When you are in love with someone, you might think that finances don’t matter. But in fact, your attitude towards money can be fundamental in determining the well-being of your relationship. If you want to build your future together with someone, finances are a significant part of it. Do you and your partner have a similar approach to money? Read further and find out what you should consider.

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1. Your Earnings

The amount of money you earn is always a factor when it comes to your attitude towards it. People with lower incomes mostly think more about planning their expenses. Also, your background can be a factor that determines your attitude.

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For example, people who come from wealthy families are less likely to worry about finances, and they are more likely to become wealthy. On the other hand, people who come from low-income families will be more cautious towards their expenses and tend to plan more, when it comes to their finances.

2. Your Day-To-Day Expenses

Before you were in a serious relationship, your expenses had never been questioned. Now, when you and your partner are getting serious, it is time to think about your daily expenses, especially if you are planning to live together. Living arrangements, expenses on food and transportation are the main ones in your daily lives.

You both have to consider what are your priorities- living in a beautiful home, but saving on everything else just to afford it. Or perhaps you want to buy your place and pay a mortgage. Or maybe you never cook and always eat out, but your partner cannot understand that. If you are planning to start a life together, all of these factors have to be discussed.

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3. Do You Want To Share Your Finances

Sharing finances can be a big issue in every relationship. Deciding on how to deal with day-to-day expenses can be very difficult. Do you want to share all of your earnings or none of them? This can be very tricky, especially if one of the partners earns significantly less than the other.

4. Your Credit History

You and your partner’s credit history can tell a lot about your attitude towards money. Perhaps you have a huge debt from your studies, or your partner has a mortgage. Also, child support can make up a lot, in case you or your partner has kids from previous relationships. Before starting to share your expenses, you need to be aware of possible problems that could cost you a lot.

5. Your Future Plans

Talking about your plans can reveal a lot about the attitude you both have towards money. Perhaps you are comfortable where you are- you have a good job and a nice home, but your partner has much higher expectations. Or maybe you wish to save up for a big trip, while your partner lives from salary to salary.

In some cases, finances can be a deal breaker in relationships, so it is important to talk about your plans before making serious arrangements.

6. Your Priorities

Your general priorities are as much of importance as your plans. Every person is different and can wish for different things. Perhaps you like to spend a lot on the newest technology or clothing, while your partner doesn’t care about how they look, as long as they can travel anywhere they want. Or you will rather save up money for something, while your partner doesn’t mind taking a loan.

In conclusion, these things will be a significant part of your future relationship. Dealing with finances is not always easy, especially if you and your partner have different attitudes towards it. You will both have to make compromises and decide on things that are important to you.

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Perhaps you don’t mind that your partner earns significantly less than you. But will you think the same way when they start to spend your money on things that are unnecessary (in your opinion)? Or maybe you are deep in debt, but your partner wants you both to leave your jobs and travel the world. Money plays a significant role in our daily lives, which is why it is so important that you share a similar attitude towards it.

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