Dating A Germaphobe – Have a Safe Relationship

Dating A Germaphobe – Do’s and Don’ts

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder of which germaphobe falls under is a mental disorder that affects many people across the globe. People suffering from such condition are extremely cautious and obsessed about their hygiene, which makes them look weird. Being cautious about germs is good, but when it goes to the extreme, people begin to ask questions. Here are some things you may go through when you are dating a germaphobe.

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This makes dating a germaphobe very challenging as they make you look inefficient and irresponsible when dealing with dirt and filth. You, therefore, need a thick skin and must be able to ignore their petty rhetoric about how you keep yourself.

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1. Their Actions Can Make You Look Unhygienic

Germaphobes are very critical about germs and hygiene in general. Even after cleaning a place, your partner may still see dirt around and would wish to clean it themselves. This will make you look inefficient or stupid, but they want things to be done in their way.

2. You Can’t Mingle With their Things

Germaphobes develop the mindset that everyone has germs on them except themselves. You need to be very careful when touching their things because they can embarrass you. He/she may use sanitizer to clean the things you touch before using them.

3. Touching Them Can be a Problem

You want to touch them, then be ready to wash your hands or use a sanitizer before doing that. You need to have a clean hand before you are allowed to touch them. They are scared that you may be having some germs on your hand. Remember they want nothing to do with germs.

4. Dating a Germaphobe Means No Handshake

Imagine coming home with your friends and your partner refusing to shake their hands. Even if they do, the next thing will be to wash or sanitize their hands after that. You already know his/her reasons. But, this can be very demeaning and may upset your friends.

5. Cleaning Becomes their Hobby

Your partner will clean and clean until every soap or detergent is finished in the house. They don’t mind cleaning the entire house when they see small dirt somewhere. It can be ten times a day. But, all they want is to see things cleaned. This can be an issue because your significant other will be messing with your things.

6. You Can’t Change Them

Trying to change a person with germaphobe so you shouldn’t try doing that. So, they have their reasons for doing what they do. They are scared of germs, but in the real sense, it is a disorder. So, when dating a germaphobe successfully, you have entertained whatever they do. You don’t have to stop your partner when they feel like cleaning.

7. You Will Have to Endure Series or Nagging

Your partner will always nag about how you keep your things, why you didn’t fold your cloth into the bag, why you left the bowls unwashed and the many other things. Germaphobes have a way they do their things and would want you to go by such methods. Thus, if anything contrary to it will cause nagging.

8. They May Look Inferior

You tend to look inferior compared to your partner because you begin to believe their ways are right. You believe they are cleaner and observe good hygiene practice. So, whenever it comes to such issues, you will think your germaphobe partner is the right person to deal with it.

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9. They are Cleaner than You

Unless, you are also a germaphobe, your partner may look cleaner than you in all things. They have their things well cleaned and organized as compared to you. They observe a high level of personal hygiene. Also, they have short nails, clean clothes, and look very organized. So, you  can’t beat his/her level and would have to play second fiddle.

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10. You Begin to Rely on Them

Thhus, you will gradually turn to rely on your partner for everything concerning cleaning. This is because they make you seem inefficient in that field. So, you wouldn’t want to waste your time on it. Even if you did it, they might redo it so why waste your time. But, when this continues for a long time, it will affect you when your partner is not around.

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